Chapter 385 Fight to the Death

 Chapter 385 Fight to the Death

'A warrior made from modifying ferocious beasts?'

Fang Xingjian observed it for a while and thought to himself, 'To think that the Mages' black magic can reach to this extent? It's really unbelievable. Even though a level 25 Conferred Knight can reach deep into the cells into their bodies, they aren't able to go through a modification of their bodies to such a degree. Moreover, they're doing it on another target besides themselves.

'Their abilities seem interesting as well.

'Terrene Shrine, was it? It's really getting more and more interesting.'

Without paying too much heed to the gorilla's corpse, Fang Xingjian sensed the tremors in the ground, which were slowly calming down as he accelerated and headed deeper into the cave.

Although he had only accelerated slightly, Fang Xingjian's current speed would seem to be very astonishing from another's perspective. Most of the time, the six streams of light would just sweep by, and all the monsters he encountered would instantly be cut up into pieces by his Zenith Light Sword Formation.

After Fang Xingjian advanced two to three kilometers, a man with a dog's head suddenly jumped out. The man had a height of over three meters, and there were eight arms growing out from his back. His palms were pitch-black, as if countless metals were mixed in.

Furthermore, each of his eight hands held onto a Divine Weapon and exuded different waves.

Venom was dripping out from the corner of the man's lips, falling onto the ground and creating hissing sounds as it corroded a large part of the ground.

With a loud bellow, the entire tunnel seemed to tremble. All eight weapons drew out beautiful trails as they thrust toward Fang Xingjian with eight different types of power.

Powerful martial will gushed toward Fang Xingjian, and he felt as if there was a pack of wolves biting toward him as they came imbued with the message from the man with a dog's head.

"Lad, with me, Brother Dao, protecting this place, nobody can think of..."

With a light swoosh followed by rustling sounds ringing out in the air, it sounded as if the wind was brushing past tree leaves.

After Fang Xingjian crossed the 100-meter distance, the man with a dog's head split into two and dropped to the ground. Fresh blood splurted out ceaselessly from the wound, and all eight Divine Weapon were shattered.

Then after moving another few hundred meters away, Fang Xingjian's body came to a stop. He noticed that he was surrounded by white spider silk which was hard to seen by the naked eye.

A spider with a human head laughed out loud and landed before him. "My spider silk is 50 times tougher than steel bars. Even a Conferred Knight would definitely not be able to break through when entangled by so many of them."

With a swoosh, ten streams of Ether Sword Ripples burst out in all directions from Fang Xingjian's body. The white spider silk turned into fragments, and the sword ripples slashed into the ground and walls, leaving behind ten deep marks.

The spider with a human head let out an exclamation and was about to retreat, only to discover that his head had already been slashed off and was dropping to the ground.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh. The sound of a sword's blade slicing through the air rang out continuously, and Fang Xingjian advanced at rapid speed. On the way, regardless of whether it was a monster made from a bear, gorilla, elephant, or some other ferocious beast... None of them could take a single sword blow from Fang Xingjian.

However, more and more of those monstrous warriors surged toward Fang Xingjian's location, and no matter how many he killed, there was no end to them. So, they managed to slow him down by a little.

Elsewhere, in the underground hall of flesh and blood...

Three Gray Knights had already arrived with the three Conferred Knights, Plaits, Smiling Face, and Old Man right in front of them.

Plaits and Old Man had each been dealt with by a monster. The level 26 Smiling Face had started off gaining the upper hand, but after the other two monsters arrived as reinforcements, he was eventually defeated and held captive.

Aside from their heads, the remaining parts of the three Conferred Knights' bodies were encompassed by a layer of gray-colored flesh. They knelt down respectfully before the throne, but their expressions were that of fury and malevolence.

Smiling Face was no longer wearing a smile. When a person realized that he was unable to control his own body, there was no way that he would be able to smile.

He threw a look at the informant beside him who was left only with a head. The informant was already completely dead.

Smiling Face then turned to look at the bishop who was seated on the throne, saying, "What have you done? Based on what I know, Terrene Shrine shouldn't have such abilities."

"It didn't exist in the past, since this is my latest creation." The bishop stroked the tentacles on his chin and said nonchalantly, "But do you think that I'd explain it to you? Haha, does a god need to explain his intentions to insignificant nobodies?"

Plaits bellowed out furiously, "The Empire won't let you off! Even if we die, there will be other Conferred Knights coming. There will be Conferred Knights who are at level 27, 28, or even 29. I'll be waiting for you in hell!"

Right now, her body, which had been cut apart, had returned to normal. However, even the regeneration ability of a level 25 Conferred Knight was unable to stop the monsters from corroding her body.

The bishop on the throne shook his head. "Ignorance is really scary. By the time they get here, it'll be too late. They'll only become my materials." He then turned and looked at the level 26 Smiling Face, the one with the highest level amongst the people who had taken part in this operation.

'Excellent. A level 26 Conferred Knight. This is really a rare material. With this, my black magic research will be brought to a new level.

'Those fools from the Mage Association gave up the pursuit for the truth all because of what they call ethics and morals.

'What they don't know is that in this world, only truth is everlasting and absolute. Ethics and morals, society and country... all these are just the false impressions that humans created themselves.

'How can they be compared with the everlasting world, with the universal truth?'

The bishop slowly walked down from the throne, reaching out his gray palm. His fingers, palm, and arms, were filled with tiny tentacles which continued to tremble non-stop, as if they were laughing and playing around.

Seeing that the bishop was reaching his palm over, Smiling Face's eyes suddenly lit up. A piercing glow emanated from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

Violent martial will swept out and surged into everyone's brains in that instant, "Do you really think you can win?"

When Smiling Face had been up against the man with lion's head, the boar-bear man, and the man with snake heads, he had known that it would be very hard for him to win just by relying on his physical body alone. So, he had let himself be captured in order to not waste energy needlessly. Smiling Face had followed them here, to the lowest level of the cave, while enduring silently, all for the sake of pulling out this unexpected attack right at this moment.

The reason he was so confident was because of the Killing technique he had cultivated-Soul and Body Disassociation. It was a terrifying Killing technique which could allow one's consciousness to break free from the body and work independently.

To him, physical combat had never been his forte. The way he truly battled was through his consciousness and will.

In that instant, streams of milk-white light shot out from Smiling Face's eyes, ears, mouth, and nose, taking on a human shape in midair. A martial will, which was so powerful it seemed like it was a physical substance, shot out from the human silhouette formed from light and swept out in all directions.

"I'll be accepting the results of your research."