Chapter 384 Monster

 Chapter 384 Monster

The lady in plaits looked coldly at the boar-bear guy. She stretched out her palm and streams of air currents started to condense, eventually turning into an air spear which continued to spin at rapid speed.

From afar, it looked as if the lady in plaits was holding a tornado in her hand. The air currents which spun continuously at high speed brought up strong gales, causing the sounds of typhoon to ring out ceaselessly through the tunnel.

It was the Killing technique of the lady in plaits-Dragon's Breath.

However, this was just the beginning. The muscles throughout the body of the lady in plaits continued to swell up. She laughed coldly and said, "Monster, do you know why the Terrene Shrine was annihilated by us?

"It's because when compared to the power of a Conferred Knight, trash like you are f*cking weak.

"Wind God!"

Boom! Numerous mouths instantly opened up on the lady's body. Each mouth continued to frantically swallow and exhale air. In that instant, it was as if she had turned into a jet aircraft, floating up as she held the typhoon longspear in her hand.

This was the transformation Killing technique the lady in plaits had put hard work into cultivating-Wind God.

An extremely high flexibility attribute was required for one to undergo a human body transformation. All transformation-type Killing techniques would have an extremely high requirement for one's flexibility attribute.

However, it was still very worth it to devote most of one's attention to the flexibility attribute. This was because Conferred Knights who cultivated transformation Killing techniques would tend to be capable of unleashing astonishing battle prowess after the transformation.

The mouths all over her body continued to swallow and exhale air. As she broke into a twisted laugh, the lady in plaits was like a supersonic aircraft, shooting out a shock wave-like air current behind her. Simultaneously, she brought along a series of afterimages and passed by the boar-bear man's body.

Explosive booms rang out, and the boar-bear man's body exploded in midair as he was sent flying at supersonic speed by the typhoon longspear. Flesh and blood splattered all over.

However, just as the lady in plaits was about to turn and leave, her expression froze. She stared at the splattered flesh and blood as if she had just seen something unbelievable.

The flesh and blood on the ground swelled up, changed in shape, and jumped about. Then in the blink of an eye, they had once again combined together and taken on the appearance of the boar-bear man once again.

He even looked as if... he hadn't been hurt in the slightest.

"You monster..."

If the body of a level 25 Conferred Knight was said to be capable of regeneration, then this monster before her had already surpassed the regeneration phase. It could be called the process of reassembly. It was just like how building blocks would be reassembled together over and over again.

In that instant, the lady in plaits became like a tempest goddess, piercing and charging to and fro. Amidst the terrifying whistling sounds, strong gales continued to clash against the ground, releasing a jumble of booms.

The lady in plaits had used her typhoon longspear to beat the boar-bear man into a lump of minced meat.

However, it remained useless. As she looked at the boar-bear man's restored form, the lady in plaits said coldly, "What on earth are you? This is definitely not something which can be accomplished by extremely high speed regeneration."

She exclaimed to herself, 'This is no longer regeneration but a reassembly of the body! Isn't this something that only a level 29 Conferred Knight would be able to accomplish?'

The most powerful ability of a level 29 Conferred Knight was that they could reassemble their body as they wished, right down to the finest detail. Aside from the brain, they would have no other weaknesses. There were even some top notch experts who were able to reassemble their brains. It could be said that they were close to indestructible, other than when their life span reached its end.

"Are you astonished, Female Knight of the Empire?" The boar-bear man laughed, "It's because it isn't just me. Every single part of my body, right down to the simplest unit, has their own consciousness."

At the next moment, a myriad of voices rang out from the boar-bear man's body, "What you call destruction, to us is merely reassembly.

"You attacks have no effects on us!

"Right now, let us show you our attacks."

With a soft pffft sound, the lady in plaits looked toward her chest and saw that her own right hand had unknowingly pierced through it, grabbing firmly onto her heart.

The boar-bear man's body was clearly not just able to reassemble itself at the cellular level. He could even use it to infect other people's cells and control their bodies.

The lady in plaits felt an increasing pressure on her heart. Then as she let out a fierce bellow, a pffft sound rang out, and blood splurted upward. The arm she had lost control over was slashed off by her typhoon longspear.

"It's useless." The boar-bear man broke into a twisted grin. "We have already reached all parts of your body through your bloodstream. Don't you understand it yet? From the very start, at that first moment when my body came into contact with yours, my cells had already infiltrated your body."

"Ahhh!" The lady in plaits stiffened up as she realized that she was no longer able to control her limbs.

"B*stard!" The lady in plaits gritted her teeth and looked toward the boar-bear guy. She discovered that she had lost control over more and more parts of her body. They extended out rapidly, all the way toward her brain.


Elsewhere, Fang Xingjian continued to head deep into the tunnel. There would occasionally be hideous looking monsters dashing out into the pitch-black passageway, but he easily grilled them into meat jerky with the Zenith Light Sword Formation on his back.

Hearing the continuous booms reverberating under his feet and sensing the ceaselessly trembling walls, Fang Xingjian thought to himself, 'All of the others are having very intense battles. But there doesn't seem to be anyone coming to deal with me?'

Just then, another huge gorilla-like monster bellowed as it charged over. Looking at how young Fang Xingjian was, the monster stopped in his tracks and laughed out loud.

"After being cooped up here for so long, I finally have a chance to unleash my powers.

"Lad, don't think that I'm at the same level as the trash you dealt with earlier."

The gorilla beat against his own chest, creating a loud stifling sound. "My ability is that I can make use of someone else's speed." A hint of brutality appeared on his face as the gorilla looked at Fang Xingjian like a cat trying to catch a mouse.

"Are you scared now?" The gorilla laughed. "My Repulsion Domain can overlay another person's speed onto my own. This means that no matter how fast my opponent is, it's impossible for them to be faster than me."

Fang Xingjian was stunned for a moment. Then he said, "Isn't this ability overly heaven-defying? Then doesn't that mean you're faster than everyone in the world?"

"You finally understand how terrifying I am?" The gorilla laughed coldly, "Therefore, I'm the fastest person in the world. You understand this, right? It's useless for a person to just be fast.

"True speed is to be just a little faster than everyone else."

As he said that, he pointed to Fang Xingjian and said, "And right now, I've already set the target of my Repulsion Domain on you. I'm already faster than you."

"Faster than me?" Fang Xingjian's head inclined to the side and said, "I keep having the feeling that your ability is a little unbelievable. Can you show it to me?"

"Hehehehe. There's no other way around it. How can ordinary people like you know how amazing the evil god is? The prowess of black magic is something that far surpasses what you can comprehend. It's a power that surpasses general knowledge and rationale." The gorilla folded his arms across his chest and laughed. "Then let me show you what true extreme speed is. It's a speed which makes you realize that no matter how much you accelerate, your opponent is still a little bit faster than you."

With that, the gorilla took one step forward and dashed toward Fang Xingjian.

However, on his first step, he realized that something was wrong.

Upon taking the first step, he felt that everything seemed to go out of control.

Everything he saw became distorted and variegated, and he could not see anything clearly at all.

He felt an immense pressure throughout his body. There was even such strong friction that it felt as if his body was going to be cooked.

In particular, his internal organs seemed like they had begun to erupt and disintegrate.


"What on earth...

"What on earth is this speed?"

Amidst the loud noise, the gorilla who could not react in time slammed its head onto the wall. The wall seemed to tremble furiously, and the gorilla's body scattered into pieces on the walls. Some parts of his body even embedded into the walls, making it hard to see them.

Under the unprecedentedly high speed, the gorilla's body had exploded and disintegrated from the collision.

Fang Xingjian took a few looks at the minced flesh on the walls and thought to himself, 'Black magic? Is the Terrene Shrine also related to the Mages?'