Chapter 383 Chat

 Chapter 383 Chat

"Who are you?!" The person on the throne pointed with his finger, and four tentacles, which were like four big trees, immediately grew out from the flesh and blood hall. However, the lady with green hair and eyes was like an illusion that could be seen but could not be harmed. The tentacles swept by but did not come into contact with her.

"An existence that cannot be touched. The witch who stays concealed in the darkness, changing history, witnessing history, and guiding history?" The silhouette on the throne said slowly, "Why have you come here?"

"Hehehehe, it has been very long since I've seen someone in this world who is able to complete it to this degree. Level 7 black magic, Possession of Life from Alternate World. To think that there is still someone in this generation who is able to successfully perform and solidify it. What a genius."

The green-haired lady chuckled and said, "If you carry on with the research, you may even be able to create something impressive which might change the entire world."

The man was covered in tentacles of varying sizes, with the smallest ones to be as fine as hair while the biggest ones to be as thick as a finger. They continued to curl and seethe around on the surface of his body, with a very disgusting appearance.

"Why? Does the Chaos Witch wish to save the world as well?"

The green-haired witch laughed, "Hehehehe, the world doesn't need saving. I'm only here to see the main character of the new generation."

"Main character of the new generation?" Terrene Shrine's bishop laughed out loud. "So that's how it is. Even the representative of chaos regards me as the main character of the new generation?

"Hahaha, our decision wasn't wrong. Compared to cooping up in a small country, we're only able to continue developing by leaving it.

"Black Mage King, did you ever think we would get the achievements we have today?"

As he laughed hysterically, the countless tentacles all over his body trembled non-stop. There seemed to be several tens of voices, of the old and young, of men and women, coming out from his body.

30 years ago, in the Kingdom of Mages, Uranlis, a bunch of Gray Robed Mages had left their hometown and moved the Empire for the sake of their ambitions, research, and freedom.

They kept themselves under covers, hid their identities, and set up a religious organization known as the Terrene Shrine.

With the black magic the Gray Robed Mages had, the number of followers of the Terrene Shrine snowballed. In just a few years, they had spread out over the entire country.

However, just as the Gray Robed Mages thought that they could run their own country and safely study black magic to obtain the powers of the evil god, the Empire had discovered their base where they were conducting human experiments.

It was a sanguinary base, where they had conducted cruel experiments with various twisted and powerful monsters.

Then the war started, and Terrene Shrine had been forced to rebel. However, it was at that time that they realized the Empire's concealed prowess was far beyond their imagination. So, they had to pay a terrible price.

The even more terrifying thing was that the Church of Universal Truth had intervened as well.

From then on, the Gray Robed Mages almost went into extinction amongst the many mages.

The bishop laughed increasingly louder, and his entire body seemed to tremble. "Alexander (name of the Empire's King), just you wait. It won't be long before the entire world is encompassed by a gray layer of terror."


Fang Xingjian and the other two had not gone very far in when they came to a three-way intersection.

Smiling Face put his hand to his mouth and said, "What if we end up being surrounded and attacked if we each go a separate way?"

The lady in plaits spoke with an arrogant look, "They're just rats hiding all over the place. 25 years ago, it was already proven that their battle prowess is not a match for the Empire's Conferred Knights. What's there to be afraid of?"

Seeing that the lady in plaits headed to the path on the right directly, Smiling Face said helplessly, "Then let's split up. Remember, if you encounter danger which you cannot handle, immediately head back the same way to look for assistance."

With that, he and Fang Xingjian respectively took the paths in the middle and on the left.

The lady in plaits had only walked for a few tens of meters when she saw over ten howling wild beasts charging toward her. She let out a cold laugh, put her five fingers together, and thrusted her hand out like a great spear. The lady caused the over ten wild beasts to explode across space, and the entire tunnel became like a slaughterhouse.

"They couldn't even stand a single blow."

As she continued to venture deeper, there were a few more waves of wild beasts charging out. All these wild beasts had red eyes and were extremely maniacal. Moreover, they did not fear death.

However, they were at most at the level of a first transition Knight. Compared to the lady in plaits, they were nothing. The lady in plaits casually attacked across space and crushed all the wild beasts.

After walking for another 100 over meters, a huge bear that was covered in seemingly metallic hair dashed toward her while bellowing loudly. With its tremendous weight, each step it took seemed to cause a tremor in the ground, as if a tank was charging over.

A monstrous bear like this could almost bring down a city wall by itself.

However, the lady in plaits only twitched her lips. Using her hand in place of a spear while summoning the powers of over 100 specialty seeds, she launched her attacks at the next moment and went crashing toward the monstrous bear.

With a loud boom, the lady's right arm struck the monstrous bear's head like a super big drill. Then, as swoosh swoosh swoosh sounds rang out continuously, flesh and blood went flying around. The hand of the lady in plaits penetrated through the monstrous bear's body, leaving the fallen monstrous bear on the ground, covered in a splatter of flesh and blood.


Throwing a cold glance toward the corpse on the ground, the lady in plaits then continued to advance forward. However, she discovered a figure appearing before her.

That was the boar-bear guy who the bishop had called Number 13.

Looking at the chimera before her who was like human, bear, and boar in one, the lady in plaits showed a look of disgust. "You dregs from the Terrene Shrine are still as disgusting as you were 25 years ago."

"Concern about appearances, baffled by looks. This is the folly of you heresies." The boar-bear man spoke in a low and muffled voice, "Female Knight of the Empire, are you prepared to receive the fury of the evil god?"

As he spoke, he broke into a rabid expression and seemed to start trembling in excitement.

"Hmph, resorting to tricks." The lady in plaits let out a cold snort and took a step forward, thrusting out like a drill. Her right hand went through the boar-bear man's chest, leaving behind a huge wound.

"Trash." The lady in plaits threw a glance over and continued on. However, she suddenly turned and put up her arms before her to block.

With an explosive bang, she crashed against the wall. The walls cracked outward from where she hit it, like a meteorite crater.

At the same time, she spewed out a mouthful of fresh blood and looked at the boar-bear guy in disbelief. 'What monstrous strength is this? And there's that wound...'

The wound on the boar-bear man's chest slowly closed up, as if he had never gotten injured in the first place.

'This regeneration ability...? No, that's not right. It isn't regeneration. This guy's body...'

The boar-bear man wore an expression of bliss and serenity. Looking at the astonished female Knight, he spoke zealously, "Do you see that? Do you understand now? This is the power god has given to us. The entire world will be astonished by the powers we have."