Chapter 376 Golden Physique

 Chapter 376 Golden Physique

The moment Gao Ankang had just finished speaking, an old man wearing long grey robes, like an ascetic monk, walked slowly into the hall.

The Eldest Young Master Gao Anhe said, "Second Brother, to think that you've colluded with outsiders? Elders, please take this old man down. Otherwise, people would think that our Gao Clan is a place whom anyone can easily enter."

The three Elders, Tianhuo, Dihuo, and Renhuo nodded, as layers of flames started to burn on their bodies.

The red-haired Elder Tianhuo, who was in the lead, let out a low bellow, "Old man, are you going to submit quietly or are you going to let the three of us beat you up and get you to beg for your life?"

Mister Shen wore a grim expression as he shook his head, sighed, and said, "Misery, misery. When humans are foolish, all lives live in misery."

His strange behavior caused the three Elders to feel puzzled, but Second Young Master Gao Ankang appeared to be very much at ease. he seemed to be very confident in Mister Shen.

Elder Tianhuo squinted, sparks flickering in his eyes. "The two of you back me up. I'll go face him head-on."

With that, Elder Tian waved his hand, summoning 100 fire dragons by condensing the sun's heat. He set the dragons on Mister Shen.

Each of these fire dragons was enough to turn a person into charcoal. All 100 fire dragons pounced forth, rapidly raising the temperature in the hall. It was as if they were in a big steaming pot.

Mister Shen's expression got increasingly bitter, but a golden light emanated from all over his body as he walked toward the fire dragons.

"Courting death!"

Seeing that Mister Shen was simply walking over, Elder Tianhuo snorted coldly and activated his Killing technique. The 100 fire dragons turned into a scorching white color and the temperature rapidly rose once again.

Even without any direct contact, the entire hall was suddenly heated up to several hundred degrees celsius. Countless furniture pieces and accessories burned up, turning the entire room into a sea of flames.

The Eldest Young Master and the Second Young Master frowned and retreated. Even though they were also experts in the Fiery Martial Style, they were not willing to tolerate such temperature needlessly.

As he stood before the fire dragons, other than wearing an increasingly miserable expression, Mister Shen did not suffer from any injuries at all. While the faint golden light encompassed his entire body, he released a punch at the fire dragons.

Consecutive boom boom boom boom sounds rang out. Mister Shen released punches one after another, smashing all of the fire dragons one by one. The grey robe he was wearing burned into ashes, revealing his lean body.

Although his body was lean and thin, it was encompassed by a faint layer of a golden color, giving the impression of holiness.

Looking at this scene, Elder Tianhuo's expression turned increasingly grim. Between gushes of information currents, he had already called for his two Martial Brothers to join him in attacking.

The three of them surrounded Mister Shen, encompassed by the faint golden light. Scorching white flames gushed forth, turning into a fireball and completely surrounding Mister Shen.

The moment this Killing technique was used, the temperature in the hall plunged rapidly. All the heat was concentrated into the center of the fireball, revealing the three Elders' skillful control in this Killing technique.

"This Fire Deity Mantle would even be able to melt a Superior Divine Weapon if it was left in there long enough. I don't believe that this old man will be able to withstand this."

Just as the three Elders were thinking this, a sea of fire blasted out immediately, blowing the entire hall into smithereens. Sparks soared into the air, as if it were a large forest fire.

Amidst the sparks, Mister Shen, with his faint golden-colored skin, was standing upright while the three Elders retreated, spewing blood.

Just then, the Eldest Young Master let out a long whistle. The outburst of flames looked like fledgling swallows returning to their nests, attracted to his hands in order to prevent a great combustion.

Concurrently, Eldest Young Master Gao Anhe slightly clenched one of his palm together, condensing the white flames into a burning longsword made of flames. In a state of one with the sword, it was as if he had turned into a rainbow stretching out across the sky as he slashed at Mister Shen.

Fiery Martial Style Killing technique-Blazing Divine Sword. Given the push from the Eldest Young Master's 62% ether synchronization rate, the slash he made came down with a temperature over 10,000 degrees celsius high, destroying the heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces within material substances by wrecking their structures from within.

When Gao Anhe saw the powers Mister Shen had displayed, he did not dare to hold back, but unleashed the maximum of his powers as a level 26 expert.

However, when faced with Gao Anhe's astonishing sword attack, Mister Shen only shook his head slightly, tapping a single finger that made a trail of golden light to clash against Gao Anhe's Blazing Divine Sword.

A explosive pipa sound rang out and an expression of disbelief appeared on Gao Anhe's face. A violent surge of power gushed from the tip of Mister Shen's finger as boundless power burst forth from the molecules in his body.

Gao Anhe seemed to see countless worlds destroyed and exploding in Mister Shen's body.

The explosive power surged toward Gao Anhe in the most primitive way. Because of Mister Shen's absolute advantage in power, even Gao Anhe's tempered body was badly bruised and covered in blood as he landed on the ground.

Spewing out a large mouthful of fresh blood, Gao Anhe started working on regenerating his body while he glared at Mister Shen and said, "That burst of power from before was one that's produced when the small world within one's body explodes. You're a second transition level 27 expert."

"Misery, misery." Mister Shen shook his head and smiled bitterly, "It's god's will for the First Prince to reign over the world in the future. Helping him is equal to bringing great fortune to the people in the world. Lad, why do you insist on persisting in the wrong course?"

"Hmph, obtaining by force and deception, threatening and controlling subordinates with violence... This is what god's will is supposed to be ?"

The Second Young Master laughed out loud and said, "The winner holds the power, while the loser has no say. Elder Brother, you don't even understand such a simple reasoning."

The Eldest Young Master spewed another mouthful of blood. He had been badly injured by Mister Shen's earlier attack and even if he only focused on regenerating his body, it was hard for him to recover so quickly.

He glared at the Second Young Master and said, "Second Brother. In the battle for the throne, one wrong step will bring death to yourself and the eradication of the clan. You're bringing disaster to the entire clan!"

"Haha, Eldest Brother! You must be jealous; jealous of the fact that the First Prince shows favor to me, and jealous of the fact that I'll be replacing you as the head of Gao Clan." Second Young Master Gao Ankang laughed and said, "But there's no use to be jealous. Before absolute power, what you think isn't important."

"Father will not agree to this," warned Eldest Young Master Gao Anhe. "Are you prepared to face father's wrath? He detests people who go against the clan's regulations the most."

Hearing the mention of their father, Second Young Master Gao Ankang subconsciously fell silent for a moment. It was as if he was facing an instinctive fear.

It was only after a while that he exhaled, smiled, looked at Mister Shen and said, "Mister Shen is a valiant subordinate under the First Prince, a great expert at level 27. He has even cultivated the great art of the Ancient Path of Hell-Indestructible Golden Physique. His body is so strong that it could compare with a level 27 Superior Divine Weapon. Although Father is also a level 27 expert, there's no way he will be able to stand against Mister Shen.

"If Father can't even win against one of his Highness' subordinates, how could he possibly go against the First Prince's wishes?"

"You b*stard! Are you thinking of evening assaulting Father?!"

Second Young Master laughed out loud, "That'll depend on whether Father will heed what I say." With that, he cupped his hands together toward Mister Shen and politely said, "Mister Shen, please seize them. This will save us any additional accidents when we speak to my father later on."

"Misery, misery." The golden light on Mister Shen's body glowed even brighter "If the First Prince is unable to reign over the world, all lives in the world will be in misery."

Just then, with a loud bang, the ground tremored, as if something had landed on the floor. It was followed by two even louder booms as a building collapsed. Everyone looked over there and saw an explosive force pushing away the ruins as Fang Xingjian slowly walked over.

Second Young Master Gao Ankang frowned and asked, "Who are you?"