Chapter 375 Internal Conflict

 Chapter 375 Internal Conflict

Level 25 Conferred Knights could sense cells, undergo modifications of their bodies, condense specialty seeds, and gradually bring their bodies into the realm of gods.

Level 26 Conferred Knights were able to bring the cultivation of heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces a step further. Their Killing techniques could target the particles of material substances directly, destroying the structure between the opponent's particles, and submitting them to physical destruction.

Level 27 Conferred Knight took things things even further. They were able to sense the changes between physical particles. Their area of effect was like a small world in itself. They could refine the powers in this small world and call forth tremendous explosive powers, greatly increasing the prowess of their Killing techniques.

However, Fang Xingjian had Terra Ingurgitation, Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor, and the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent. Furthermore, with his current cultivation acting as a drive, he even had the confidence in defeating a level 27 Conferred Knight.

However, his greatest current flaw was that there were great restrictions for these powers.

The explosive powers of the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent could even make him a match against level 28 or level 29 experts. However, this would require him to expend 100,000 potential points each second. Since Fang Xingjian needed to temper his attributes, he could not save that many points, thus only being able to unleash it for one or two seconds at most.

He could use Terra Ingurgitation once every hour. The level 5 Terra Ingurgitation could absorb the gravity within a five kilometer radius and destroy the world with one sword attack. This would allow him to suppress most level 27 experts.

Through the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor he could currently unleash 20% of Domirov's powers, allowing him to crush a level 26 expert.

Of course, in a situation where he could not unleash all these powers, Fang Xingjian's own attributes, specialties, and Killing techniques could make him just barely hold up against a level 26 Conferred Knight, when he was only at level 24 himself.

Currently, Fang Xingjian had a clear understanding of his battle prowess. Which was why he had the confidence to head for the Gao Clan all by himself.

After getting accustomed to the powers he had at level 24, Fang Xingjian returned to the Sacred Land and flipped through the information regarding the Gao Clan.

Gao Clan was a top notch faction in Beize Continent, the ones who held the reins of the Fiery Martial Style. The influence of their clan and faction was deeply rooted in Beize Continent. Not only did they have control over a large number of trading stores, mines, and businesses dealing with medicinal herbs, but they also set up many academies and were nurturing successors for their clan.

However, in this generation, both the Eldest and Second Young Master each led a faction. The Eldest Young Master wanted the Fiery Martial Style to continue to be independent from the Empire, passing down the legacy of their martial techniques and clan.

However, the Second Young Master wanted to get closer to the Empire. He took the tests to become a Conferred Knight in Beize Continent, hoping to lead their clan into joining the Empire.

The differences in their ideals and the fight for the position of the clan's head had brought countless contradictions between them.

Early next morning, when the sun had just started to rise, Fang Xingjian dashed up over 1,000 meters into the air and created many explosions in the air currents under his feet. He shot out like a rocket, bringing a long train of white steam along with him as he dashed into the clouds.

Strong gales chased after Fang Xingjian, pushing back layers of clouds and making a large hole in their midst. 10,000 meters high in the sky, looking down on the many layers under his feet and at the boundless cloud seas, Fang Xingjian broke into a slight smile and dashed ahead in large steps.

With each step he took, strong gales blew, and explosions broke out in the atmosphere. They propelled his body forward at a rapid speed. The shock waves formed by his body breaking through the air, accompanied by bang bang bang bang explosive sounds like rolling thunders, soon caused the cloud layers to twist.

After travelling for some time, Fang Xingjian arrived above Beize Continent's Pearl City.

He came to a pause, losing the counteracting force the air explosions had provided him. He then fell to the ground like a cannonball.

As he was landing, Fang Xingjian would occasionally strike the air to change the direction where he was landing so that he was heading toward the address written in the records. He was thinking of landing straight in Gao Clan's courtyard.

At the same time, in the Gao Clan's hall, an extremely intense meeting was going on.

Gao Clan's Eldest Young Master, Gao Anhe, sat on the main seat, looking down with a slightly grim expression. His younger half-brother, Gao Clan's Second Young Master, Gao Ankang, was standing there upright, with his chest pushed forward. He looked back at Gao Anhe, showing no signs of inferiority.

Gao Anhe let out a sigh and said, "Second Brother, you know well that Anderson was sent by Fang Xingjian. Why did you still injure him? Fang Xingjian's talent is outstanding and he has gained fame across the world due to the Rebirth Sword Technique. He has the Great Western Region and the Second Prince backing him up. They are powerful influences. Are you trying to get the Gao Clan into trouble?"

However, Second Young Master Gao Ankang laughed coldly and said, "Eldest Brother, you're wrong. Do you think that Gao Clan will be fine as long as we are polite to everyone we see? Our eyes are black, our skin is yellow. In this world, we're still considered foreigners. It is because we're slightly stronger that those pig-skinned [1] people are wary of us and do not dare to act recklessly against us.

"However, as Gao Clan's influence and wealth continue to expand, one day, they'll still strike to kill."

"That's why you've sold yourself out?" Gao Anhe said furiously. "Have you forgotten our clan's discipline? Gao Clan and the Fiery Martial Style will forever remain on a neutral stand, not to get involved in the Empire's conflicts."

"No one can remain neutral forever." Gao Ankang let out a cold snort, showing no signs of backing off as he said, "The same goes for Gao Clan and the Fiery Martial Style. If we wish for our legacy to continue, we must join the side of the strongest person.

"In the current world, the First Prince has great ambitions and he is the strongest in the royal family. It won't be long before he's attained the Divine level and will reign over the Empire.

"Especially since His Highness is a person of great courage and spirit, and extremely broadminded to be able to accept us Westerners.

"Coming under the First Prince is a rare opportunity we must take advantage of. When His Highness inherits the throne, we'll be considered to have rendered outstanding services. How could these small shops and assets that we have compare to that?"

"Shut up!" The Eldest Young Master Gao Anhe stood up in great fury. "In the battle for the throne, one wrong step will make one pulverized and the clan eradicated. How dare you place the entire Gao Clan as a wager?!"

"If you don't even have the courage to do this, how are you going to lead Gao Clan to prosperity?" Second Young Master Gao Ankang spoke in disdain. "In the current Empire, the Second Prince is extremely weak and his cultivation is ranked last among the five Princes.

"The Third Prince is unfathomable, a person of great schemes. Furthermore, he hasn't inherited the legacy of the Ancient Path of Hell and isn't meant to be a dignified ruler.

"Although the Fourth Prince has a noble disposition and is supported by the Church, as long as he is a believer of the Church of Universal Truth, His Majesty will definitely not pass the throne to him.

"It's true that the Fifth Prince is extremely talented and has great strength. He's said to be the one with the highest chance of attaining the Divine level other than the First Prince. However, he's just a person who is solely focused on martial arts, not someone to be feared.

"Only the First Prince is blessed to be a person with great achievements. Not only will he be able to inherit the throne in the future, he also has the great ambition to bring great prosperity to the Empire, as well as to invade the Sand Country in the east, the Church in the North, and the Mage King in the west. He's truly the reincarnation of a celestial being, a god who has descended on earth, a person of great importance."

The Eldest Young Master Gao Anhe smiled coldly and said, "Therefore, you've joined forces with others to hurt Anderson?"

"Anderson and Fang Xingjian are but insignificant fellows. When the First Prince comes out from seclusion, they will either be killed or or demoted. They are of no concern," the Second Young Master Gao Ankang said with great confidence. "Moreover, the azure dragon's scale is something the First Prince himself has set his eyes on. The azure dragon's will within it will be able to accelerate the First Prince's path to attain the Divine level. If I were to present this to him, I'd have contributed greatly and this merit would bring Gao Clan many years of peace.

"That Anderson is impervious to reasoning, thus I had to teach him a small lesson."

"Excellent, excellent, excellent. As expected of my great Second Brother. Seems like you're bent on joining the First Prince." With that, the Eldest Young Master clapped his hands. Three second transition great experts of the Fiery Martial Style, Elders Tianhuo, Dihuo, and Renhuo [2] gradually walked out.

These three Elders had cultivated the Fiery Martial Style for many years and were all level 25 experts who had started condensing their specialty seeds.

"Since that's the case, you must already be prepared for a fall out. You can bring out all your cards now."

As the Eldest Young Master spoke, a total of 120 streams of mysterious aura rose both from in and out of his body. Clearly, he had also stepped into level 25 and had condensed 120 specialty seeds.

Seeing their actions, Gao Ankang laughed and said, "As expected, Eldest Brother knows me well. Of course I wouldn't do something I had no confidence in."

"Mister Shen, I'll have to trouble you to take action."

[1] Derogatory word for a white person or Caucasian.


[2] As these are names, they have been left as pinyin, but their names represent the Heavenly Fire, Earthly Fire and Human Fire respectively.