Chapter 371 Terrene Shrine

 Chapter 371 Terrene Shrine

Louis wanted to stand up, but just moving a little caused him to spew up a mouthful of blood. Diana let out a shout and went over to support him. "Alright, Louis. Just stand here and don't move."

Louis looked at the fierce-looking guy with a grim countenance. "You... You've completed your second transition?"

"Oh? Your judgement is quick good. I'm a member of the Terrene Shrine, and I'm at the second transition and level 20. If it wasn't because you dogs of the Empire kept me locked up, I would have become level 29 a long time ago.

"I finally managed to find a gap and made my escape today. All you of better stay still and don't think of things like escaping or reporting this matter."

Hearing the words 'Terrene Shrine,' everyone was slightly taken aback.

25 years ago, the Terrene Shrine was almost everywhere across the entire Empire, with over ten million believers. Back then, aside from the Church of Universal Truth, they were the greatest religious influence in the Empire.

Later on, Terrene Shrine took over control of Beize Continent, aiming to set up the Terrene Divine Kingdom. However, they were eradicated by the troops of the Empire. A period of blood and massacre followed as countless believers of the Terrene Shrine lost their lives.

To think that one of them had managed to escape from prison today...

When the people present heard that the man had completed the second transition and was from the Terrene Shrine, everyone wore an expression of desperation and fear. One of the reasons was that a second transition expert was not one they could go against. Another reason was that it was rumored the members of the Terrene Shrine were extremely savage. The fact that the fierce-looking man had divulged his background to them made his killing intent very clear.

Amidst everyone's feelings of desperation, terror, and extreme fear, Fang Xingjian finally finished eating his grilled meat and stood up.

Seeing that Fang Xingjian stand up, Diana shouted anxiously, "What are you doing?! Sit down quickly!"

Fang Xingjian smiled and said, "Take this as payment for the meal." With that, he headed toward the fierce-looking man.

The fierce-looking man's eyes narrowed. Seeing that Fang Xingjian was walking toward him like this, he also stopped eating. However, when he saw Fang Xingjian's young appearance, he laughed.

How powerful could someone this young be?

Thinking this, he grabbed a cup and threw it in Fang Xingjian's direction.

Everyone stared at this scene with wide-open eyes. Diana was angered by Fang Xingjian's action, but when she saw what the fierce-looking man had done, her mouth opened to scream. She had seen it for herself how Louis had been dealt with a serious injury from this attack.

However, her mouth had just opened a little when both her expression and mouth froze in place, as if she had just witnessed something unbelievable.

Fang Xingjian raised his right hand and casually caught the metal wine cup. Under the powerful impact and counteracting force, the wine cup was crushed by Fang Xingjian and tossed onto the ground.

The fierce-looking man's expression changed to a more serious one. Exerting force into his legs, he stood up and was about to make a second move.

However, Fang Xingjian had already stepped right before the fierce-looking man and landed a kick into his face.

With a strength attribute of 158 points, just a casual step from Fang Xingjian could cause a small-scale earthquake.

After he started cultivating the heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces from level 23, each inch of his skin and each piece of his bone had become as hard as titanium alloy.

With the effects of his sword bones, the gushing and wildly raging forces were converted into a sword force and unleashed from the bottom of his foot.

With a terrified arghh, the fierce-looking man fell onto the ground, his face covered in blood. However, Fang Xingjian did not go easy on him at all and followed up with another stomp down on the man's chest.

Deploying the use of blatant violence, the bottom of Fang Xingjian's foot and lower leg were like a sharp sword piercing through cream. As his stomped down, the fierce-looking man's chest bones and lungs were destroyed completely.

The man shuddered for a few times, looking at Fang Xingjian with a hideous expression which eventually turned into that non-acceptance. Then the man completely lost any signs of life.

Fang Xingjian lifted his foot up slowly and shook it slightly, shaking off all the blood on it.

He then headed out of the eatery.

Louis lifted his head with great difficulty and then pieces of information suddenly flashed past successively in his mind.

'Young Master Fang? Appearing to be about 17 to 18 years old? Capable of defeating a second transition level 20 expert?' Louis suddenly looked at Fang Xingjian's back and shouted agitatedly, "Are you... Are you Lord Fang Xingjian?"

Fang Xingjian did not reply. With a flash, he completely disappeared out of their sights.

Not long later, more Conferred Knights appeared and brought the corpse of the fierce-looking man away with them. They also questioned Louis, Diana, and the others.

After Diana came out from the City Guards Institution, she was still feeling a little faint. She threw a glance toward her mother. Ever since the latter had seen the bloodied corpse earlier, she had not spoken a single word. Diana pat her mother on the shoulder and asked, worried, "Mother, are you alright?"

"Am I alright? What problem could I have?" Diana's mother suddenly seemed to have regained her senses immediately. She looked at Diana and said fervently, "Fang Xingjian, that really is Fang Xingjian. He's that Fang Xingjian who invented the Rebirth Sword Technique and came first in this year's Regional Selection."

"Yes, I heard from the people from the City Guards Institution and from Louis that it's him."

"Fang Xingjian..." Diana's mother's eyes seemed to light up. She turned and stared at Diana, saying, "He has been frequenting the eatery to visit you. He must be interested in you."

"He just likes the food."

"Rubbish. I heard that just the royalties he gets from the Rebirth Sword Technique would get him several hundreds of thousands annually. What kind of food won't he be able to get that he would come to your rundown eatery daily?" The more Diana's mother analyzed, the more she felt that it made sense. "He must like you a lot. Otherwise, why would he even invite you to be his chef?

"Diana, I'm tell you, Fang Xingjian is really quite good. You can't just let your bad temper run wild again."

Diana smiled and said, "Weren't you just telling me this morning to not be fooled by ruffians and to not just value a person by their wealth?"

"Hmph, I'm telling you not to value those who have thousands or tens of thousands. Fang Xingjian gets hundreds of thousands gold every year." With that, Diana's mother glared at Diana and said, "I'm telling you, Fang Xingjian is now the only one whom I will accept as my son-in-law. Tomorrow, you'll go look for him at the Regional Academy."

"Mother, how can you be like this?"

"What do you understand? Even though you look quite pretty now, in a few years time when you're older, who would still care about you? Fang Xingjian is different. He's a Conferred Knight now and may even become a Royal Knight next year. In another few years time, he may even be able to attain the Divine level."

Diana found it very funny. "How is that possible?"

"How is that impossible? I'm telling you, Fang Xingjian is a big, fat piece of meat, and many pretty and coquettish b*tches already have their eyes on him. You can't just be waiting here and not doing anything!" Diana's mother said anxiously, "You have to go tomorrow! Remember!"

"Then wouldn't I become one of those coquettish b*tches as well?"

"All you know how to do is talk back to your mother. If you don't, I'll go home, eat shit, and commit suicide. I'll burden you with the stench even if I die."

Diana slapped her forehead and said, "I still have to go back to the eatery tomorrow. All the things have toppled over."

"You don't have to go. I'll help you with the cleaning up."

"Then what about Louis? He's seriously injured. I was thinking of visiting him tomorrow."

"I'll visit him on your behalf."