Chapter 370 Fierce

 Chapter 370 Fierce

When Louis heard Fang Xingjian's reply, he was immediately relieved of the threat he had felt. He broke into a faint smile and said a little proudly, "Lad, you can't not practice martial arts. I'm a teacher in the Great Western City Prefectural Academy. If you're interested in learning, I can give you a recommendation to join our Knight apprentice class."

Since the Great Western City was the central of the Great Western Region, the Prefectural Academy which Louis belonged to was naturally the best in the entire Great Western Region. Additionally, with the support of the Great Western Region's aristocrats, they had even started a Knight apprentice class to accommodate Knight apprentices.

Since Louis could be a teacher in this academy, his abilities and talent were naturally not bad. His position was also a representation of his status and future.

Therefore, when he said these, Louis had his chest puffed up slightly with pride.

Diana's mother also said, "That's right, that's right. All men need to pick up some martial arts for self-defence." Diana's mother was trying to let Fang Xingjian know that he should be backing off from her daughter.

However, Fang Xingjian paid them no heed. He finished up the plate of grilled meat which had a serving of about five jin, raised the plate, and said, "Another five jin."

Louis frowned as he looked at Fang Xingjian, feeling that the latter was a little stubborn. However, Louis did not say much and merely continued to eat his grilled meat, thinking of where he should invite Diana to later.

Diana's mother threw out a few casual lines and then went over to talk to Diana who was at the grill.

"Diana, I'm telling you, you're definitely not allowed to get together with that Young Master Fang."

"What are you talking about?" As Diana controlled the fire on the grill, she broke into a faint smile. "I don't even know his name."

All the male customers looked at Diana's smile without blinking. Even Louis was staring at Diana with eyes filled with strong feelings of love.

"It's better that you don't know it." Diana's mother spoke in a soft voice, "Don't just look at how rich he is. We're from a poor, humble family, so you'll be the one to lose out if you were to get together with an aristocrat.

"Moreover, he doesn't even practice martial arts and won't be able to become a Knight. No matter how rich is family is, he won't be able to protect the fortune he inherits."

Diana said helplessly, "Mother, what on earth are you talking about? Go away, don't disturb me from grilling meat."

"I'm not spouting rubbish. This is all for your own good. Are you really going to grill meat for your whole life?" Exasperated that Diana's actions were not meeting her expectations, Diana's mother said, "I don't understand what's so bad about Louis. He's a level 19 Knight and a teacher from the Great Western City Prefectural Academy. I heard that he has a monthly income of over 50 gold.

"And he's only 20 years old. He has lots more time to cultivate. In another 10 to 20 years, he may just become a Conferred Knight. When that happens, you'll become the wife of a Conferred Knight."

Diana rolled her eyes at her mother and said, "Alright, Mother. If you keep talking like this, I'm running away from home. Louis and I aren't suitable for each other. I only see him as an elder brother."

The mother and daughter continued to whisper softly between themselves at the grill. Meanwhile, Fang Xingjian ate the meat silently, and since Louis did not have anything to talk to him about, he ate his grilled meat as well.

From Louis' perspective, other than the fact that Fang Xingjian might be richer than him, he was confident he would surpass Fang Xingjian in all other areas.

Moreover, although Diana and her mother were speaking softly, how could the hearing of a Knight not be able to overhear their conversation? Therefore, he did not have much to say. He believed that Fang Xingjian would naturally have to fall back in the time to come.

The two men ate the grilled meat as if only the grilled meat before them could attract their attention.

However, Diana and her mother continued to talk by the grill. Diana wore a look of impatience, while her mother persisted in her attempt to persuade Diana.

Just then, the door to the eatery was pushed opened once again. A bald middle-aged man in ragged clothes walked in slowly. He found a seat, sat down, and then shouted impatiently, "Where's the food! Serve the food quickly!"

The man appeared very malicious, causing the ordinary waitresses to be afraid of approaching him.

Diana frowned and said, "Mary, go attend to the customer."

Thankfully, the man only had a slightly fierce tone. After ordering 20 jin of Vulcan Grilled Meat, he just focused on eating. He had no table manners and appeared very uncivilized, as if he had not eaten meat for several decades. Each time, he would stuff two to three pieces of meat into his mouth, chew a few times, and then swallow.

The young Prefectural Academy teacher, Louis, looked at the fierce-looking man, his gaze filled with wariness. He glanced at muscle lines of the man's lower thigh, upper thigh, waist, and back, and his countenance turned increasingly grim.

From his perspective, the movement of the man's muscles seemed to be like the rise and fall of mountains. Surging power was circulating non-stop in the man's body like a huge dragon.

'This man is an expert.'

Suddenly, he looked toward the man's clothes and faintly saw a blue label, which was the mark of a prisoner.

Louis stood up slowly and sent a message to Diana with his Reduced Force Field, "This man is an escaped convict. He may be a Knight-level expert. Leave quickly with Aunty."

Diana's countenance turned grim, and she said to her mother, "Mother, go outside for a while."

"Go outside? Why are you asking me to go outside? I said that this is all for your own good."

"Go outside for for a moment. I'll be there shortly."

"Why do we have to go outside to talk? You can just talk to me here."

Their dispute seemed to have attracted the fierce-looking man's attention. Looking at the man's gaze, Louis clenched his hand tightly onto the sword at his waist.

Diana held her breath. Thankfully, the fierce-looking man only threw the two of them a glance before he continued to lower his head and eat the meat.

Diana looked solemnly at her mother and said, "Mother, go outside for a while. I'll go look for you right away."

As if struck by Diana's solemn tone, her mother walked out slowly.

Then, Diana started to slowly inform the waiters, waitresses, and the customers to get them to leave. Louis kept on sending her messages, "Diana, what are you doing? Go first, leave them be."

Diana bit on her lips stubbornly, not saying a word.

However, just as everyone was slowly headed toward the direction of the door, the fierce-looking man slapped down on the table and said impatiently, "Damn it! With so many of you leaving at once, do you think that I'm an idiot?"

He pointed to Diana's mother who was almost stepping out of the door and said, "Get back here."

Diana's mother looked at this scene with slight hesitation. Just then, the air let out a piercing scream as Louis' longsword slashed out toward the fierce-looking man's neck with a sharp sword light.

This sword attack was not considered weak amongst those of the Knight level. This was especially so when the burning aura on Louis' body seemed like it could slash a mountain into two.

However, when faced with Louis' all-out attack, the fierce-looking man only threw out a piece of grilled meat, smashing it into Louis' chest. With a bang, Louis was smashed onto the floor, rolling in pain. The tremendous pain in his chest prevented him from getting back his breath for quite a while.

Seeing that even Louis, a level 19 Knight, was so easily defeated, everyone drew in a cold gasp. Diana's mother was so frightened that her feet turned to jelly, and she fell down on the ground.

"Everyone stay where you are!" The fierce-looking man ate the grilled meat in big bites and shouted, "If anyone moves, don't blame me for not going easy on you."