Chapter 367 Competition of Speed

 Chapter 367 Competition of Speed

Anderson frowned. The moment he emerged from his seclusion, Anderson had been extremely eager to look for Fang Xingjian. After all, the very reason he had gone through two consecutive months of hard work cultivating was so that he could defeat Fang Xingjian and clear himself of his past humiliation.

However, when he saw that Fang Xingjian did not care about him at all, Anderson was extremely infuriated.

Anderson shouted, "Fang Xingjian, stop pretending! I know you can hear me! Come and have a fight with me. I'm going to defeat you and erase my previous disgrace."

Then he touched his chin and said, "It can't be that you're afraid, are you?" He shrugged, "It's true that my second transition job, the Shadow of Death, is one of the top jobs amongst all second transition jobs, and it's also one with the prerequisite of having Shadow Death God as the first transition job. So, it's normal for you to be hesitant.

"But... you can't be thinking that I won't dare to make the first move just because you don't take any action, right?"

Anderson let out a hysterical laugh, and at the next moment, he positioned himself in a crawling position that a wild beast would take. His killing intent was sent out toward Fang Xingjian brazenly as if it was a blade.

On the ground below him, countless shadows seemed to come alive, twisting and jumping about while exuding a deathly aura.

"Fang Xingjian, I know that you're very fast. The biggest reason why I've chosen the Shadow of Death over other second transition jobs is because the Shadow of Death has a greater speed than that of the other jobs.

"You were the one who taught me that speed is power.

"You can experience my speed for yourself."

As he spoke, the floor of the entire library was already covered by shadows, and these shadows then slowly extended up to Anderson's legs.

A librarian shouted, "Stop it! Fighting in the library is forbidden!"

However, he had just finished his words when the space below his feet suddenly became empty, and he fell into the shadows.

Another two students who were level 23 Conferred Knights frowned and said, "Who are you? Fighting is not allowed here."

However, Anderson continued to stare at Fang Xingjian, ignoring everyone else. The shadows under his feet seemed to have merged into one with his body, pulling and pushing his body as if it was a Maglev [1].

At the next moment, with a flash, Anderson abruptly appeared one meter behind Fang Xingjian. Next, he appeared one meter diagonally to the left and rear of Fang Xingjian, and then one meter diagonally to the right and front of Fang Xingjian.

Within the area covered by the shadows, Anderson could perform high speed movements like teleportation.

The eyes of one of the level 23 Conferred Knights were filled with surprise. "That's fast! What technique is this? To think that I can't even see the traces of his movements!"

Anderson guffawed, "Fang Xingjian, are you able to react to this speed?

"Are you unable to grasp my movements anymore?

"Left? Right? Front? Back? Where should I start to attack from?"

As Anderson spoke, he appeared at Fang Xingjian's lower left side. The dagger he was holding seemed to be like a black lightning bolt, piercing toward Fang Xingjian's thigh mercilessly.

In this moment, the explosive speed he unleashed had an agility stat of over 150 points. Adding on the effects of his many other specialties, his speed had reached 12 times that of supersonic speed.

With a bang, Anderson's fist landed on Fang Xingjian's upper thigh, but it was easily fended off my the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor. Unknowingly, the dagger in his hand had disappeared.

Anderson's countenance changed to one of shock, and with a flash, he retreated 30 meters away. However, he felt his body tense up as he bumped into Fang Xingjian who had dashed over without him knowing.

Fang Xingjian put his hand before Anderson, and in it was Anderson's dagger.

Anderson looked at his own empty hand and then at the dagger in Fang Xingjian's. He did not know when Fang Xingjian had taken his dagger away from him.

Feeling a bit depressed and lost, Anderson took the dagger Fang Xingjian handed him. Then Fang Xingjian's voice rang out slowly.

"We're no longer in the same era as a few hundred years ago, so why did you seclude yourself completely for training? Going into seclusion for two months, cutting off all interactions with the world outside... This only shows that you're already two months behind this world's leading martial art techniques.

"Even when a Divine level expert goes into seclusion for training, they wouldn't cut off all interactions. They would still continue to receive new information."

Fang Xingjian gave Anderson a pat on the shoulder and headed for another row of bookshelves.

At this stage, Anderson knew that not only did the gap between Fang Xingjian and himself not reduce after his two months of training in seclusion, but it had, on the contrary, increased further.

Anderson could not help but lift his head and ask, "Fang Xingjian, what level are you at now?"

"Second transition level 23." Fang Xingjian turned to look at Anderson and said, "Your strength is quite good, but you still have a very long way to go before you can defeat me. However, I won't always accept your challenge every single time. If I were to keep sparring with people who are weak, it'll only weaken my senses for fighting."

Fang Xingjian looked at Anderson, thinking of how, other than Zhou Xingwen, he did not have any Conferred Knights under him. This was the reason why he had to head to Iron Ore Town personally and deal with the matter of the counterfeit.

If Anderson could help him, it would be good.

However, Anderson hated people who were more arrogant than him. Seeing Fang Xingjian's attitude, he was so angry that it was as if his lungs were going to explode. He said furiously, "Fang Xingjian! You've only gotten a short lead ahead me! With my ingenuity, I'll be able to surpass you in three months!"

"Three months is too long." Fang Xingjian looked at Anderson and said while smiling, "Didn't you say that your Shadow of Death is very fast? Hmmm, to be able to teleport through the shadows... it truly is very fast. Why don't we have a wager and compete in speed?"

Hearing the word wager, Anderson immediately went on guard. He still had a lingering fear toward the astounding speed Fang Xingjian had displayed earlier.

Fang Xingjian smiled. "It's just a competition in speed. I know of an eatery in the Great Western City that sells grilled meat. We'll both set off from here to the eatery, get a serving of grilled meat, and see who can get back first. What do you think?"

Anderson frowned and gave it some thought. The speed Fang Xingjian had displayed earlier was truly fast, but it was not as unbelievable as teleportation. Moreover, his Flash Move in the shadows was very similar to teleportation.

It was then that Anderson thought it through. He was no longer as astonished as he had been earlier when he discovered that his dagger had disappeared. Fang Xingjian's speed was not truly faster than teleportation. That was impossible. However, Fang Xingjian's reaction attribute should be above Anderson's for him to have been able to achieved that.

However, if they were moving across long distances, the advantage of teleportation was much clearer.

Having thought through all these, Anderson lifted his head once again and asked, "Then if I win, you must tell me how you were able to achieve second transition level 23 within two months."

Fang Xingjian nodded in agreement. "And if I win, you must run errands for me for half a year."

Anderson laughed, "You want me to run errands for you for half a year? Fang Xingjian, who do you think you are?"

"Are you scared?"

"You think I'll be scared? I'm only afraid that you'll go back on your words when you lose." Anderson once again showed his extremely arrogant character. He looked at Fang Xingjian and said, "How about it? Do you need me to give you a headstart of one minute?"

"It's better to be fair." Fang Xingjian told Anderson the address of the eatery, while Anderson shook the shadows, releasing the librarian who had been sucked into the shadows earlier.

At the next moment, strong gales started blowing, and their bodies disappeared at the same time.

[1] Maglev (derived from magnetic levitation) is a public transport technology that uses magnetic levitation to move vehicles without making contact with the ground or an electrical pickup.