Chapter 363 Bleed

 Chapter 363 Bleed

Deputy Chief Daniel's countenance changed repetitively. He had attended the arbitration, and knew what Fang Xingjian looked like.

He recalled the various rumors concerning Fang Xingjian, how even the First Prince and Sword Saint Sasa had not been able to deal with him, and how so many amazing people were supporting him.

Putting aside the incredible Holy Orison, just James or the Great Western Region's Governor Deputy Governor alone would be sufficient to do him in, a mere Deputy Chief of the Bureau of Mines.

Thinking of this, he glared furiously at Gus, making the latter shudder in fear. The fats on her face trembled, unaware what the problem was.

Deputy Chief Daniel was just about to let Duolun, Roeslim, and the others know. However, he changed his mind and decided against it.

This time around, Gus was the one who had deceived Fang Xingjian. Rather than persuading them to back off, it might be better to let them receive part of his fury first.

Moreover, the Duolun and Duolong brothers had committed all kinds of atrocities, even raping and killing ladies. They had even wiped out entire families several times, and due to their level of cultivation, they had even dared to go against Daniel's words. This was a good chance to teach them a lesson.

Fang Xingjian threw the Duolun and Duolong brothers a glance and said, "The two of you aren't the Empire's Conferred Knights, right? What faction are you from?"

Both Duolun and Duolong were very muscular, but not too bright. The impression they gave was of people who were all brawn and no brain.

The two of them had been wholeheartedly practicing martial arts since young. Due to the fact that they had outstanding talents and were simple-minded, they managed to improve progressively. The Flowing Water Dojo had invested all their resources into them. This allowed them to attain a breakthrough to Heaven's Perception, to successfully undergo their job transitions in the Flowing Water Dojo's Sacred Land, and to become the only two Conferred Knights in the Flowing Water Dojo.

However, considering their temperaments, talents, and the Flowing Water Dojo's resources, reaching their current level at second transition level 22 was already their limit. However, despite that, second transition and level 22 was already very hard to come by. Even in Great Western City they were capable enough to act in a tyrannous manner,bullying and killing countless commoners.

The Flowing Water Dojo they belonged to had also nurtured Conferred Knights in the past, but they had gone into decline later on, and their rights to the Knight's handbook had also been removed. It had not been easy for them to nurture two geniuses, and thus they had made use of this opportunity to expand their territories and influence. After they accomplished that, they wished to once again get the rights to have the Knight's handbook, increase their reputation, and expand their dojo.

The techniques written on the Knight's handbook were the newest, topnotch information regarding the Empire's martial arts. Therefore, it was not something which every faction, dojo, and academy would be privileged enough to have access to.

Not only was there a need to make annual payments, the association also had to give them the access rights.

This had thus became a benchmark set by the Knight Association. It had become the deciding factor of who was considered to be part of the Empire's leading academies and factions.

For many years, Flowing Water Dojo had not gotten the Knight's handbook. This meant that both in terms of skills and martial techniques, they had lagged behind other influential powers by a lot. Right now, they had gotten themselves two geniuses who had become Conferred Knights, so they were trying to think of all means to obtain the rights once again. One of their ways of doing so was to appeal through the Governor's assistant.

Hearing Fang Xingjian's question, Duolun shouted, "That's right! We're Flowing Water Dojo's Duolun and Duolong."

Roeslim no longer felt any impatience. He said, "Stop all the long-winded talk. Get my finger back and break his four limbs. I want him to be in a stateworse than death for three days and three nights."

Fang Xingjian threw a calm glance at Duolun and Duolong, then said, "The two of you want to assault an Empire's Knight?"

Duolun and Duolong exchanged glances. Usually, killing a commoner was as simple as killing a chicken for them. There was no difficulty in wiping out even a small family.

When they were out of money, they would just cover their faces and become bandits. They had assaulted even aristocrats before.

However, if this lad was really a Knight, then it was quite troublesome for them to assault him in public.

Duolun tweaked his neck a little, sending out killing intent from all over his body and taking three light steps forward. Next, the earth trembled, causing the houses in the surroundings to shake furiously as powdery flakes were falling off them.

Duolun put on a savage smile and said, "Lad, it's better for you to surrender voluntarily. If we were to take action, it would be a painful experience for you." His series of actions had made it clear that he was planning to use the impressive aura of a second transition expert to force Fang Xingjian to compel.

Fang Xingjian looked at them coldly and said, "I'll kill whoever dares to move."

Looking at Fang Xingjian's dauntless expression, even Duolun and Duolong hesitated a little. However, Roeslim's mind was already overwhelmed by fury. He stared at his missing finger and shouted, "Why are the two of you hesitating?! Move it! Take action quickly! If anything happens, I'll back you up! I'll promise you all the things the two of you previously mentioned as well!"

Duolun and Duolong nodded, thinking that if they had the backing of Roeslim's father, they ought to be fine.

Therefore, Duolun broke into a hideous smile and said, "Lad, it's too late even if you surrender now. You can only blame yourself for offending someone you shouldn't have offended."

Deputy Chief Daniel frowned slightly, grabbing onto Gus, who had wanted to prevent the situation from aggravating.

Gus looked at Daniel, puzzled. Daniel shook his head slightly and sent her a message, "Let them bear more of his fury head-on." Thinking of this, he was secretly rejoicing. Thankfully, he knew of Fang Xingjian's identity and had seen him before. Right now, by letting the Duolun and Dulong brothers, as well as Roeslim dash forth and be the focus of Fang Xingjian's bulk fury, his younger sister, the shop owner, Gus, would be able to save herself a lot of trouble.

As Duolun spoke, he punched out with one of his fists, sending layers of power through his Reduced Force Field at Fang Xingjian. Duolun felt that he would definitely be able to suppress his opponent with his powers as a Conferred Knight.

However, the moment he took action,with a flash, Fang Xingjian made a stream of electricity in the air, similar to a sword made of electricity. The sword that looked like light and electricity disappeared with a flash. Everyone present could only see a bright light and then darkness. Then Fang Xingjian had already appeared behind Duolun. The latter stiffened up, unmoving, his head already in Fang Xingjian's hand.

"Elder Brother!" Duolong bellowed furiously and all the muscles throughout his body swelled up rapidly as he performed his job technique-Berserk War Deity. This was a body transformation technique which could only be performed when one's flexibility attribute had reached 150 points. A short moment after, all of his five attributes soared above 160 points.

Although Fang Xingjian had shown the capability of dealing his brother an instant kill, how could Duolong still think clearly after seeing his own brother killed before his very eyes? In the following instance after becoming a small giant, he made a tearing motion with his hands, activating his Killing technique-Vacuum Blade-sending out over 1,000 slashes through vacuum.

The air currents in the surroundings started to fluctuate and everyone seemed to feel that blades were brushing past their faces.

The moment he used this attack, the area within a hundred meter radius would all be covered with corpses and soaked with blood.

In his state of frenzy, Duolong did not care about anything.

Meanwhile, Fang Xingjian's body flashed and flashed again, slashing off Duolong's four limbs. Since the speed of Fang Xingjian's slashes were really too fast, Duolong's body even seemed to have stopped in midair for a moment, before fresh blood spurted out from his wounds and then fell into the blood puddle on the ground. Duolong struggled in a frenzy, crying, terrified. After a while, the signs of life faded from him. With his profuse bleeding, even if his vitality was very strong, he would not be able to hold on for long.

The abrupt sanguinary conflict caused the crowd to draw in cold gasps as they quickly backed off. Roeslim only felt a cold shudder, as if he had entered an icehouse.

To be able to instantly kill two level 22 Conferred Knights... How terrifying did his prowess have to be?

Roeslim immediately wanted to make his escape, but he had only retreated a few steps when he realized that he seemed to have bumped into a mountain. He turned to have a look, only to discover that Gus' brother, Daniel, had grabbed him by the neck as if he was grabbing onto a chicken.

Roeslim shouted, "Dan... Daniel? Why are you grabbing me? Quick... Kill that guy quickly! He killed Duolun and Duolong!"

"For a commoner to be assaulting the Empire's Conferred Knight... They deserved to die," Daniel said coldly.

Roeslim looked at the cold Daniel in a daze. This was the first time he had seen Daniel looking at him like this.

Gus looked at this scene in astonishment. Her brother Daniel also knew Roeslim, and had even encouraged her to interact more and to get into a good relationship with the person who was the son of the Governor's assistant.

However, right now, Daniel was wearing a very cold expression. There was no sign of the usual kindness she had seen in the past.

Fang Xingjian looked over and said, "You recognize me?"

Daniel nodded and said, "I've seen Mister Fang at the arbitration previously. I had always admired you, but hadn't expect to meet you in such a situation. With regard to the compensation, I'll have it readied. 'll also provide you with an explanation regarding the offenders."

'Mister Fang?' The shop owner, Gus, looked at Fang Xingjian. She thought of his age and recalled his display of skills, his ability to defeat Conferred Knights, and how he was addressed as Mister Fang... Gus' mind felt as if it had been struck by a lightning bolt.

'17-year-old Conferred Knight, Fang Xingjian?' Gus felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over her head. Recalling Daniel's earlier actions, she now understood, 'My brother... turned his back on Roeslim?'

Although Roeslim was a profligate son, he was still her friend and her classmate. Seeing how her brother had done this to Roeslim made her feel extremely dismal.

Fang Xingjian snorted coldly. Since the other party knew his identity and had humbled himself, and since Fang Xingjian had already killed two second transition experts, he could not be bothered to pursue this case. He simply turned to leave, saying, "Send 30,000 gold directly into my account. As for the remaining 90,000 gold, just find a geomagnetic essence and give it to me."