Chapter 361 Counterfeit

 Chapter 361 Counterfeit

"Bones... My bones are crushed!"

The moment Fang Xingjian took action, everyone there was immediately taken aback.

"He has guts for daring to raise his hands here."

"This is bound to be a good show."

Seeing that Fang Xingjian had managed to cripple the two strong men with only two kicks, none of the shop assistants dared to do anything. However, they were looking at Fang Xingjian and Robert as if they were dead men walking.

The old man who had stepped up to persuade them shook his head and said, "Sigh, youngsters these days are really aggressive and don't even know how to show sympathy. Making trouble at the entrance of someone's shop... Aren't you just trying to wreck business?"

Robert saw Fang Xingjian's slight frown and immediately stood out and scolded,

"Hmph, you shameless old fool! Who are you to be so generous with our money? I've asked you to scram but you aren't going to do that, right?"

With that, he activated his Reduced Force Field, slapping the old man through the air. The latter's mouth was filled with blood, so he quickly hid behind the crowd, as if waiting to see Fang Xingjian and Robert be taught a lesson later.

One of the shop assistants left the shop, obviously to inform their boss.

More and more people joined the crowd around them, talking amongst themselves and waiting to watch a good show.

"The Golden Corner belongs to Gus. I heard that her elder brother is a Conferred Knight."

"Sigh, the two of you better leave quickly. Even the owner, Gus herself, has reached the pinnacle among Knights. When she comes, the two of you won't be able to escape."

"How can money be more important than your lives? The two of you are at fault as well. Why didn't you check on the shop's history before you made your purchase?"

It was clear that it was not the first time The Golden Corner had acted like a tyrant in the Iron Ore Town. The shop's owner, Gus, had frequently relied on her brother's power and influence to bully some customers and to swindle them.

However, Gus also had a discerning eye and would not attempt to offend people who had powerful backing. This time around, she had found Robert unfamiliar, as he did not seem to be a local. After chatting with him, she thought that Robert did not seem have any sort of influential backing, and decided to do this.

Moreover, this was not the first time she had made counterfeits. If the other party had not gotten a Conferred Knight to check it with their Heaven's Perception, then it would be impossible for them to detect it. She had done something similar to swindle people of their money several times. Even if trouble did come up, her elder brother would help her and sort it out. Gradually, she had become increasingly outrageous.

Not long after, a total of five Knights brought along their staffs, leading 40 to 50 Knight apprentices over to the scene. They scared off many of the crowd members as they surrounded Fang Xingjian and Robert.

The person in the lead was the shop owner, Gus. She was a strong and beefy girl with a height of over 1.9 meters, her face round and fat. When she saw Fang Xingjian and Robert, she glared at them viciously.

However, having made a living in the Iron Ore Town for so many years, she did have a fairly discerning gaze. Although Fang Xingjian appeared to be outrageously young, his calm was definitely not a facade.

Therefore, she attempted to probe a little, "Sirs, there must be a misunderstanding in what regards the geomagnetic essence. If there's any problems, let us go inside and have a talk."

Fang Xingjian threw a cold glance at the Knights behind shop owner Gus and calmly said, "We'll talk here. Since you've swindled me of 90,000 gold, you can just pay me back with 120,000 gold."

It was true that the Great Western City was now more prosperous than Kirst. There was a Conferred Knight in a mere hub for trading ores and materials, and one who could easily call out five Knights just like that.

When Gus heard Fang Xingjian's relentless tone, her brows twitched a little, as if killing intent was surging in the depths of her eyes. However, she held it back and first brought up her background. "This geomagnetic stone was something my brother brought from the Great Western Region's Bureau of Mines. He's the Deputy Chief there and he couldn't have made a mistake.

"May I ask where you're from? There must have been a problem with the appraisal. This geomagnetic essence can only be verified by a Conferred Knight." While she declared her background, she was also trying to probe theirs.

However, Fang Xingjian did not pay her probings any heed. He just replied directly, "I'll be waiting here and will give you half an hour. If I still don't see the money when the time's up, I'll tear down your shop and take the things inside as compensation."

Sensing that the other party was not willing to share his identity while also speaking with a harsh and relentless tone, shop owner Gus did not dare to do anything. Her impression of people who would dare to speak like this was equivalent to the second generations of great aristocrats in Great Western City. Only those people would be so arrogant and domineering.

Just then, another young man behind shop owner Gus walked out. This young man had curly brown hair and the gaze he threw Fang Xingjian was extremely uncomfortable.

He said, "Friend, let's not overdo things. Don't go overboard."

This young man was called Roeslim and his father was the assistant of the Great Western Region's Governor, a Conferred Knight, as well as a close subordinate of Governor Devitt's. His rank was not too high, but he was still someone whom no one in Great Western Region would dare to look down on.

After all, this person was able to speak to the top person in Great Western Region. Who would dare offend him? This was also why Roeslim thought very highly of himself. Today, he had been invited by his ex-classmate to Iron Ore Town because Gus wanted to get him to join her business in dealing with ores.

Right now, Gus had also gotten him to help to back her up.

"I'm Roeslim, Gus' friend. It's too much to ask her to get the money ready within half an hour. I think it's better for us to go in and have a good talk. The geomagnetic essence is good stuff, but if one can't appraise it, it's still possible to see it as a counterfeit. Why don't you bring them here and we'll take a look at them?"

Roeslim wanted to seemingly bring fairness into the picture while also discreetly mentioning his own identity. However, Fang Xingjian threw him a glance and calmly replied, "You're going to pay the 120,000 gold for her? If not, then you don't get to say anything."

Roeslim had been put into a bad spot. As the son of the Great Western Region's assistant, other than the top notch characters in Great Western Region, when had he ever been put in such a bad spot?

His profligate son character shone through. He ignored Gus' signals and spoke after l snorting coldly, "Lad, do you really think you're something just because we've shown you some courtesy? Have you checked the background of the Iron Ore Town? How dare you create trouble here?"

Fang Xingjian could not be bothered with him, and with a slap from above, he swatted Roeslim like a fly.

Roeslim dropped flat to the ground, his limbs stretched out. He was about to lift his head when Fang Xingjian stomped down on him, pushing the young man's entire head into the cement.

Looking at Roeslim's red eyes and cheeks, Gus sighed to herself. This was a great humiliation and Roeslim would definitely go all out to seek revenge.

She felt that Roeslim was too reckless, and that the young man they were facing was even more vicious than he seemed. At that moment, she slightly regretted bringing Roeslim along for additional support.

Roeslim struggled crazily, consecutively punching the leg that was stepping down on his head. However, he felt that Fang Xingjian's leg was like a heavenly pillar, showing no reaction at all. On the contrary, as loud bangs kept ringing out, it was his fists that started to hurt.

The other party was powerful enough to make his head unable to budge.

He bellowed furiously, "Gus! You're just going to watch, just like that?"

A hint of hesitation flashed on the face of The Golden Corner's Gus. Her two small eyes squinted like that of a crocodile's. She knew that it was time for her to choose her side.

She gave it some thought. She had met all the top notch second generation individuals in Great Western City. Fang Xingjian was definitely not amongst them.

And Roeslim's father was the Governor's assistant, and someone who could be defined as a person who served one, but who was lord over many.

Moreover, if she did not save Roeslim, not only would Fang Xingjian not thank her, Roeslim would also hate her.

There seemed to be nothing more to say.

Gus waved her hand and said, "Everyone, attack! To think that they dared to look for trouble at The Golden Corner! Break their legs!"