Chapter 360 Checking and Accepting the Materials

 Chapter 360 Checking and Accepting the Materials

Fang Xingjian returned to the Sacred Land, looked at the few boxes of materials he had gotten his hands on, and broke into a satisfied smile.

"Ancient Astral Metal. Legend has it that back when there were still stars in the sky, meteors landed on the ground and this is the metal from there. It's extraordinarily sturdy, and after it takes shape, it's hard to destroy. This small amount is already worth over 50,000 gold.

"The venom of the Nine-Colored Spider Queen, a level 29 ferocious beast. It can directly corrode a Conferred Knight's body. It can be used to refine into poison resistance medicine, giving the one consumes it a powerful specialty that provides poison-resistance. It's worth 20,000 gold."

As Fang Xingjian checked through the goods one by one, he asked, "You purchased these in secret and did not reveal my name, right?" He had not planned on exposing the existence of the mystical prints as well as the list of materials required.

"Don't worry, Xingjian. I purchased them from different locations in different amounts. I definitely didn't revealed your identity."

"And there's this." Fang Xingjian took out a box, revealing a mysterious stone which exuded white prints continuously.

"This is the geomagnetic essence. It has been buried deep underground for over 1,000 years, and contains countless forces of geomagnetism. After consuming it, even ordinary blade and spears won't be able to hurt you. It will be as if you've refined your body with heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism in advance.

"It's also the most expensive thing this time around, costing 90,000 gold?"

"That's right." Robert looked at this item enviously. If he could take this geomagnetic essence, he would be able to become a top notch expert amongst Knights. Even ordinary Inferior Divine Weapons would be able to pierce through his skin but not his flesh.

Fang Xingjian checked through the items with satisfaction. However, at the next moment, he frowned. The hand he had used to grab the geomagnetic essence clenched together slightly, and the essence shattered into over ten shards.

Robert was shocked. "Xingjian, what's wrong?"

"It's fake." A hint of killing intent flashed in Fang Xingjian's eyes. "Someone just channeled geomagnetic forces into this. Only a Conferred Knight level expert would be able to do something like them. Hmph, 90,000 gold was swallowed up just like that."

90,000 gold... This was how much a Prefectural Academy spent in a year. This amount of money would allow a person to purchase a few hundred houses. If used on a Knight, it could nurture the individual until they reached the peaks of a Knight, by which time they would have attributes of over 100 points.

However, someone had use a fake good to cheat Fang Xingjian of this amount of money. How could he not be angry?

Robert was also shocked. Afraid that Fang Xingjian would misunderstand him, he said, "I'll head to the seller's place immediately. They're situated in the ore market to the east of the Great Western City."

"Wait," Fang Xingjian stopped Robert and said, "This is a Conferred Knight's trick. What's the use of you going?"

Robert lowered his head in shame. Fang Xingjian continued, "You concealed your identity. They must have seen that your cultivation isn't high and that you don't have strong backings. Thus, they decided to cheat you. If you were to go there directly, you might end up being accused instead."

Fang Xingjian could not help but frown. He did not have any strong subordinates under him. The only one who was a Conferred Knight was Zhou Xingwen, who had gone to the north to discuss the authorizations for the Rebirth Sword Technique. Right now, aside from Fang Xingjian himself, there were no other Conferred Knights.

Shaking his head, Fang Xingjian said calmly, "I'll go with you."

With that, he grabbed Robert's neck and lifted the nine-feet-tall man like a chicken. With a few flashes, they left the Sacred Land and appeared outside the academy.

Robert only saw lights flashing before his eyes, and when they came to a stop, he was seeing stars. His heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was going to jump out any moment.

Fang Xingjian said nonchalantly, "Point the way."

Robert pointed out with his trembling finger. Then at the next moment, his body trembled furiously again as Fang Xingjian grabbed him by the neck and dashed out.

Not long later, a lively town appeared before Fang Xingjian.

The town was about over ten kilometers away from the Great Western City and was called the Iron Ore Town. In the past, it had been known for producing iron ores. Therefore, the mines had been exhausted, but the town had not fallen into ruins. On the contrary, they became a well-known market for ores near the Great Western City.

With Robert's lead, Fang Xingjian arrived at the biggest shop in the town. A shop assistant smiled and walked over, asking, "What are you looking for? Our shop, The Golden Corner, is the greatest material merchant in Iron Ore Town. From high quality meteorite irons and heavenly dew to ordinary copper and silver ores, we have everything here."

Robert said angrily, "I came here to purchase your geomagnetic essence two days ago. The one given to me was a fake. Have you forgotten it already? Geomagnetic essence... It cost a whole 90,000 gold, and you guys just cheated me like that. This shop is really black-hearted."

Hearing Robert's words, the shop assistant's countenance changed. The few men who were happily chatting in the distance also looked in their direction with warning gazes.

Robert was wearing his Knight attire, while Fang Xingjian was still wearing his white training clothes since he had come out directly after training at the Killing Techniques Palace earlier.

Moreover, Fang Xingjian appeared too young, so everyone thought he was just Robert's follower.

Then as Robert shouted, more and more people crowded over.

When an elder saw the scene of Robert shouting, he walked over and advised, "Young man, don't be so anxious. If there's anything, just talk it over. The Golden Corner isn't a place where you create trouble."

Robert said furiously, "They cheated me of 90,000 gold! I'm not even allowed to bellow?"

The elder shook his head and sighed, "Sigh, youngsters these days can't even put up with small matters."

"Small matters?" Robert pointed to the elder and shouted, "It's not your money. Of course, you can pretend to be generous. If you were the one to lose the 90,000 gold, you'd probably be so angry that you'd die!"

The elder was so angry that he trembled. He stared at Robert viciously for a while. Then he turned and left, wearing an expression which said Robert was a young man who was not worth teaching.

Seeing that more and more people had gathered around, the few men as well as the shop assistant walked over. They surrounded Robert and Fang Xingjian, saying, "The two of you better stop spouting rubbish. All the things our shop sells are authentic, and we've never sold you something like that. The two of you must be here to swindle us.

"If you have any issues, go in and wait for our boss to come before we talk. Don't stay in the shop and affect our business."

Despite the fierce glares of the shop staff, e Robert did not fear them since he himself was a Knight. However, he recalled Fang Xingjian had said, about how the other party had Conferred Knights backing them up. This caused Robert to look at Fang Xingjian with some hesitation.

Fang Xingjian, however, had found a chair, and he sat down while saying coldly, "We can talk right here. Get your boss over here in five minutes. If he doesn't, he can forget about keeping this shop."

"Ha, lad, you're sounding really arrogant." One of the shop assistants looked at Fang Xingjian and then at Robert, and said, "You really don't know what's good for you. I advise you to leave quickly. Otherwise, when our boss arrives, things won't be so simple."

They were just shop assistants, and their strength was at the level of Knight apprentices. There was no way for them to dare to raise their hands against a Knight like Robert. However, seeing that Fang Xingjian was about their age and yet acting so arrogant, the two strong men walked over and tried to push Fang Xingjian.

However, they had only just stretched out their hands when two loud bangs rang out. The two strong men were sent flying, then they rolled on the ground, letting out terrible cries.