Chapter 358 First Level of the Mystical Prints

 Chapter 358 First Level of the Mystical Prints

"99 pearls of the Deep Abyss.

"Bone powder of the Wilderness' Vehement Bird, 22 kilograms.

"Two eyes of the Southern Seas' Great Kun [1]."

The materials required for Fang Xingjian to cultivate the mystical prints were brought into his room in succession. Looking at the various mysterious treasures, even the eyes of Robert, who had purchased these items himself, filled with astonishment and envy.

These materials for cultivating the first level of the mystical prints cost Fang Xingjian 98,000 gold. Each of them was a rare and valuable heavenly and earthly treasure.

Even the food which Fang Xingjian ate daily in the Regional Academy could not be compared to these.

Fang Xingjian randomly picked up a box and saw that there was a pellet stored in it. The entire pellet was a translucent amber color with a wine-colored liquid swirling inside.

"Blood of Divinity, a medicinal pill concocted from a plant in the northernmost region. Taking it allows one's body to go through a complete transformation, and it can increase the human body's potential greatly. Just this one pill alone cost 12,000 gold. This amount is something which a Knight would need to take 40 to 50 years to save."

In the next moment, Fang Xingjian picked up another square box and opened it. In it was a jelly-like blue lump. "The Moonstone formed by gathering the moonlight's radiation from beyond 100,000 meters high up in the air. If used to forge weapons, it can create an extremely low temperature of negative 150 degrees celsius. Just this one small piece is sufficient to for forging two weapons. If it is consumed directly, it can also give an additional special ability of cold resistance. It cost 25,000 gold. "

Looking at the over ten boxes in the hall, Fang Xingjian once again felt the importance of money. Putting aside the fact that the mystical prints were very powerful, just these heavenly and earthly treasures alone would be sufficient to allow a Conferred Knight to become much stronger.

In cultivation, money was not the most important, but it was true that with money, one would be able to increase their advantages.

Robert asked, "Xingjian, everything's in order, right?"

Fang Xingjian nodded and took out another list, handing it to Robert. He said, "You can also start gathering these items. If there is not enough money, ask from Ferdinand." The items listed were naturally the materials required for the second level of the mystical prints.

After taking a look at the contents of the list, Robert's countenance changed into one of shock and said, "Xingjian, these things would take at least 300,000 gold, right? We don't have so much money right now."

Fang Xingjian's royalties did not belong to him alone. Ferdinand, Zhou Xingwen, and the Regional Academy would need to take about 10% of it. Although there was still a lot left, the money received so far was only just over 200,000 gold. Even with the money from selling the books, it was still far from enough.

Fang Xingjian shook his head. "You can keep this first. With there being so many academies in the entire Empire, if we were to charge each of them 10,000 gold, it would be enough. One more thing. Don't gather the materials from just one place. Spread out your sources and remember to keep it a secret. Don't let others know that I'm the one collecting these things."

Fang Xingjian did not wish for other people to know about the mystical prints.

As for the cost for the cultivation of the mystical prints, Fang Xingjian knew that this was just the beginning. As the cultivation for the mystical prints progressed, he would need to spend an increasing amount of money. It was definitely not something which his current income would be able to support. However, regardless of the cost, Fang Xingjian was planning to cultivate as much as his money could afford.

After sending Robert away, Fang Xingjian truly did not take a single step out of the house. Everyday, while he cultivated his sword techniques, he would slowly put together the materials for the mystical prints. He would either boil, mash, or brew them into one lump, turning them into the materials required for the application of the mystical prints.

After three days, the materials, which cost 100,000 gold, were all fused into one cauldron, transforming into a bucket of azure-colored translucent liquid which emitted a faint fluorescent glow. It looked like a flowing crystal.

Just by smelling the faint fragrance the liquid exuded, Fang Xingjian's potential points increased by 10.

This fluorescent paint-like substance had cost Fang Xingjian close to 100,000 gold. This was also the most crucial factor in cultivating the mystical prints.

Fang Xingjian dabbed some of the pigment with his finger and drew many graceful lines on his arms in accordance to the instructions for the mystical prints. The lines eventually formed special figures.

These figures continued to stack and group together, forming many formations.

Although it was just the first level of the mystical prints, it was already extremely complicated. Fang Xingjian continued to draw on his arms carefully, filling them up with densely packed images and incantations which no one could understand.

Even for someone of Fang Xingjian's cultivation, it took him a whole three hours before he completed the drawings on his arms with the fluorescent liquid.

At the next moment, Fang Xingjian closed his eyes, bringing the Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves to a stop. He then adjusted the fluctuations in his body, changing into the unique fluctuations depicted on the records for the mystical prints.

The ether particles in the surroundings seemed to be seething with excitement in just a short moment, and their fluctuations got increasingly stronger. The mystical prints on Fang Xingjian's arms emitted an increasingly bright fluorescent glow, and after becoming as bright as possible, they disappeared.

'Is it ready?'

Fang Xingjian opened his eyes and took a look. The mystical prints he had drawn on his arms had already disappeared. It was as if the liquid had permeated deep into his body.

'It's this simple?' However, Fang Xingjian suspected if he had done something wrongly. He shook his head and started circulating his Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves once again, as well as activating his Heaven's Perception, to check out the effects.

After re-activating the Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves and the Heaven's Perception, Fang Xingjian's body trembled, and his bones let out loud explosive sounds. He felt as if the blood throughout his body was flowing crazily. The ether particles in his body and outside his body continued to have exchanges, and the efficiency of his cultivation increased to become over twice as much as before.

Previously, after attaining level 22, the progress of his ether synchronization rate, which had been at 30%, had started to slow down. However, the mystical prints used a special method to allow the special materials to seep into the body, changing the quality of Fang Xingjian's body and his vital signs. This allowed his comprehension of ether particles to advance at a tremendous pace after circulating his Waves.

Although there were no longer the benefits which the materials themselves could provide, such effects of changing one's aptitude were clearly more heaven-defying.

'This feeling... It's as if my aptitude has changed. My body is now better able to accept and control the energy and information exchanged between ether particles.'

Ether particles formed everything in the universe. With Fang Xingjian's changed aptitude and improved level of appreciating ether particles, his level of comprehension toward all areas had also gotten stronger. It seemed that the effects of changing one's aptitude for the better could be said to be heaven-defying.

Sensing his body's condition, Fang Xingjian was confident that in at most another half a month, his synchronization rate would increase from 34% to 40%. He would then be able to advance another level and become a level 23 Conferred Knight.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian immersed himself in tough training, without meeting anyone at all. He continued to cultivate and synthesize his Lightless Sword while tempering his attributes. When he was free, he would eat the delicacies Zhou Xingwen sent him.

Fang Xingjian felt that the strength of his body and the cultivation of his sword arts were both progressing rapidly. He had also gotten an increasingly deeper appreciation of the ether particles.

Half a month passed by. In the middle of September, he successfully synthesized the Lightless Sword into the Phenomena Sword Formation and attained the Prodigious Demolition Sword. Additionally, his ether synchronization rate also reached 40%. He could now advance to level 23.

Fang Xingjian opened his eyes, and in that instant, his pupils turned pitch black. Through his Heaven's Perception, the entire world became extremely agitated.

He could sense that regardless of whether it was his body, each inch of his skin and flesh, or even every part of all the material substances in the world... They all seemed to be seething with excitement and fury while releasing their fluctuations.

'Is this how it feels like to be able to sense the prowess of the heavenly thunders and that of the terrestrial magnetism after reaching a 40% synchronization rate? So, this is the power of the heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism which form the most basic powers of all material substances.'

[1] A legendary giant fish from the Chinese mythology which was said to be able to transform into a roc.