Chapter 354 Comes To A Conclusion

 Chapter 354 Comes To A Conclusion

"Commoners are foolish. If they were to gain power which they can't control, they'll have their heads in the clouds and become conceited. It's only by letting them maintain the current status quo that they behave themselves and not step out of line."

Just then, an official walked in and presented a document.

"Your Majesty, this is the report for the arbitration in the Great Western Region regarding the Rebirth Sword Technique."

The figure in the light received the document. Not long later, his voice rang out, "Alright, I think this Rebirth Sword Technique is quite good. Let it be approved."

Hearing the King's words, the First Prince's eyes opened wide, and he immediately wanted to persuade the King otherwise. "Your Majesty!"

"Alright, George. The one who reigns must have a broadminded heard. How can you not even be able to accept a mere sword technique? So what even if they were to cultivate the Rebirth Sword Technique? Is the Ancient Path of Hell not sufficient for you?

"Men from our Krieg Clan can still suppress and lead over the rest. If you don't even have such boldness, how can you possibly become a King?"

The First Prince could only nod slightly, not refuting the King's words. However, the viciousness in his eyes continued to surge. He clearly did not agree with what the King had said.

The Second Prince heaved a sigh of relief. With the King's orders, this matter had finally came to a conclusion.

With that, most Knights and Knight apprentices would have the chance to cultivate the Rebirth Sword Technique, and all citizens would stand to gain from this.


A few days later, the moment Ferdinand opened the door, groups of people were waiting outside for him, smiling and greeting him.

"Lord Ferdinand."

"Sir, you've woken up. This is the Seven Flames Grass I've specially bought."

"Lord Ferdinand, what do you think of giving the rights to the sword technique to our Eastern Illumination Dojo..."

Ferdinand smiled with great satisfaction when he saw how the crowd was coming after him and trying to get into his good books, all in order to get the authorizations at a good price for the Rebirth Sword Technique.

Controlling money and influence, with countless Knights lying in prostrate before him... Was this not his dream? Although he was a still a little bit away from his goal, he was starting to get closer to it.

Just then, Anthony ran over while panting, his face full of elation. "Ferdinand, they're sold out! They're all sold out again! All 100,000 copies of the 《The Secrets to Swords Training》! We've contacted quite a few printing houses, but there isn't enough time."

Ferdinand smiled. He could foresee that as the Rebirth Sword Technique was picked up by most of the Empire's or even the northern academies and factions, Fang Xingjian's 《The Secrets to Swords Training》 would become more and more popular.

However, thinking of this, Ferdinand shook his head in pity. "It's a pity that pirated copies can only be forbidden within the Great Western Region."

As if hearing his words, a representative from the Eastern Illumination Dojo smiled and said, "Sir, our Eastern Illumination Dojo can order 500 copies of it every year. We'll make it a compulsory reading for everyone in our dojo."

The others reacted very quickly as well, "Our Olivier Academy can order 1,000 copies."

"Our Keta War Academy will order 1,500 copies."

Ferdinand smiled and waved his hand. "Alright, alright. Everyone, please remain calm. We'll take records of your interest one by one." This feeling of having power, where any simple word of his could bring in countless gold. This feeling of being able to earn over 10,000 gold everyday... Ferdinand could not get enough of it.


In another place, deep under the Great Western Region Regional Academy, there was a cell which was pitch-black, humid, and filled with feelings of vengeance.

Sword Saint Sasa opened his eyes slowly. He struggled a little bit to discover that something had suppressed his body, preventing him from moving at all.

The density of the ether particles in the cell was only 0.01% of usual circumstances. Sasa himself was also soaked in a cement-like substance, and every single inch of his skin seemed to be pressed down by rocks and metals weighing several hundred tonnes.

He had no food to eat, no water to drink, and could not even breathe. It was extremely hard for him to just sustain his life by absorbing the ether particles with 0.01% density.

It would really drive one crazy to be unable to move and placed in such a pitch black environment. Endless feelings of vengeance continued to gather in Sasa's mind, but there was nothing he could do about it.

'Fang Xingjian!

'James! And Hoppes, Devitt!

'Just you wait! Just all of you wait! If you ever let me out of here, I'll make all of you pay!'

However, very quickly, he no longer had the additional energy to think about all these. The absolute darkness and solitude caused his mental state to suffer incessantly.

If an ordinary person were to be put into such a situation, it would only take a few days for the person to go crazy. Sasa also started to panic.


Meanwhile, Hoult was cultivating the Mountain Shifting Sword at the second stage of the Killing Techniques Palace. Under the influence of Fang Xingjian, Hoult broke through his limits time and time again, finally clearing the first stage and arrived at the second stage, which was for the Mountain Shifting Sword.

Right now, the person guarding the second stage was still that fatty, Ronan, whom Fang Xingjian had defeated in the past.

During this period of time, Hoult had already gotten very close to Ronan. The fat Ronan knew Hoult's identity and did not assume great airs before him.

Right now, lifting his head, Hoult saw that Ronan was practicing a sword technique which he had never seen before. He asked curiously, "Haven't you been practicing to clear the Aquatic Sword Formation all this time? Why have you started cultivating some other sword technique? What sword technique is this? Why haven't I seen you practicing this before?"

Ronan replied, "This is the Rebirth Sword Technique. The academy has already purchased the rights to the Rebirth Sword Technique. I heard that the academy was given a special rate and it only cost 5,000 gold a year. I'll need to hurry to cultivate this sword technique as well. In the future, everyone will be learning the Rebirth Sword Technique. Those who don't will end up lagging behind."

As Ronan said this, he threw a glance at Hoult and said, "How about it, Hoult? Why don't you come and learn it as well? Potential points and attributes are Knights' foundations, and the Rebirth Sword Technique's effects are over ten times stronger than other Nurturing sword techniques. In the future, it'll definitely be such that everyone knows it."

Hoult smiled awkwardly, "Let me think about it."

However, later that afternoon, Hoult appeared to have lost all motivation in his cultivation of the Mountain Shifting Sword. He began to ponder continuously about whether he should also be learning the Rebirth Sword Technique. However, upon thinking of how this sword technique had been created by Fang Xingjian, an uncomfortable feeling grew in his heart.

However, that day, after coming out from the Killing Techniques Palace, Hoult unconsciously found his way to the library and walked up to the section for Nurturing sword techniques. The moment he arrived, he was stunned, "Miss Ada, why have you come to the library?"

The person he addressed as Ada was the level 24 female Conferred Knight, Ada, who had sparred with Fang Xingjian in the Aquatic Sword Formation. She was also an admirer of the Fifth Prince.

As Hoult had been spending the past half month or more in the Killing Techniques Palace, they had gotten to know each other as well.

When Ada saw Hoult's sudden appearance, she was stunned for a short moment before she said somewhat awkwardly, "Ah, it's just that... I've encountered some problems and am here to look for some materials."

Both of them appeared a little awkward. Their gaze met for a moment, then they continued to look for something on the bookshelves.

The two of them went through one round around the Nurturing techniques area. When they encountered each other once again, their gazes met, and Ada asked, "You haven't found the materials you want either?"

"Mmm," Hoult smiled helplessly, "I'll try looking for it a bit more."

Just then, a clerk who was at the side, spoke out, "I'm guessing the two of you are looking for the Rebirth Sword Technique's secret manual? They've all been loaned out this morning. There are a total of 20,000 words in the Rebirth Sword Technique's secret manual, so they will probably take a very long time with the books. If you wish to borrow it, you should com back in a few days' time."

There were only a total of 56 students in the entire academy, and usually, the books in the library were definitely sufficient. However, everyone wished to learn the Rebirth Sword Technique, and the books were naturally all loaned out in a short while.

Hearing this, Hoult and Ada exchanged a glance, and their eyes filled with awkwardness and fury.

'Damn it, why does this sword technique have to be created by Fang Xingjian?!'