Chapter 346 Synthesis and Beginning

 Chapter 346 Synthesis and Beginning

After three consecutive days of full focus in his cultivation, Fang Xingjian finally once again cultivated the Aquatic Sword Formation to the maximum level of 40, and his ether synchronization rate also reached 31%.

With the success rate of 31% in synthesis, Fang Xingjian was quite lucky this time around, and he finally managed to synthesize the Aquatic Sword Formation to the Thunder Immuring Earth Sword.

In his consciousness, the two skill seeds clashed furiously. A tremendous amount of information continued to merge and exchange, then the skill seeds eventually turned into a brand new skill seed.

Level 40 Phenomena Sword Formation: Every phenomena of nature were related to sword arts, changing the entire world, and causing the universe to be merged into the sword formation.

This sword formation could merge one's sword intent into one's vital energy and blood, using swords made of blood to set up the sword formation. One would be able to freely control lightning, mountains, and lakes which were within the perimeters of the sword formation. It could almost create most of the natural phenomenon in the world. This sword formation was also a protean sword technique which combined both attack and defence into one.

Looking at the Phenomena Sword Formation, Fang Xingjian nodded to himself. He now only needed to synthesize one more Lightless Sword to be able to complete the highest level of achievement in the Great Western Region Regional Academy's Sword Arts Department, the Prodigious Demolition Sword. Usually, Conferred Knights who could attain the Prodigious Demolition Sword already had the rights to apply for graduation. Fang Xingjian would probably be able to complete the mastery of this sword technique in just over two months.

In fact, if it was not because no one had managed to come up with a cultivation method for the Prodigious Demolition Sword, which would then allow Fang Xingjian to cultivate it directly, he would have progressed even faster.

Although Fang Xingjian had still thought of making good use of time to cultivate and synthesize the Lightless Sword, it was the day of the arbitration. Fang Xingjian let out a sigh and headed out of the Sacred Land.

The moment he left the Sacred Land, he saw Zhou Xingwen looking at him anxiously, shouting, "What took you so long? It's soon going to be an hour since the arbitration started. If you don't go soon, you will be considered as having given up."

Fang Xingjian said nonchalantly, "There's no hurry. Even if they were to end it earlier, they would still have to come back to continue the trial. There's no way that I'll lose this arbitration."

With the Holy Orison's letter and testimonial, Fang Xingjian knew there was no way that he could lose.

Sally looked at the group of people from the Great Western Region Regional Academy, and her eyebrows furrowed even more.

The arbitration was being conducted at the office of the Great Western City's municipal government.

In the large hall, people from varying backgrounds were seated to observe the arbitration. There were aristocrats from the Great Western Region, experts from various factions, and many others. Of course, there were also over 100 commoners whom Sally had specially invited to bear witness to the result of this arbitration.

This time around, majority of the commoners, apprentices, and Knights, might not have known about the incident regarding the Rebirth Sword Technique due to the playing down of the incident by the government. The most that they could get out of this was the end result of whether the Rebirth Sword Technique could be cultivated.

However, the people with true strength and the ability to influence were all able to sense the storm occurring under the cover of the calm appearance.

Right now, Governor Devitt and the Great Western Region's Regional Chief were both seated in the first row of the spectator stands. Arbitrator Sally and the new officer sent by the Knight Association to provide support were seated on the platform.

Beside them, there were also six sword arts masters who had been invited by the association. Their six votes and Sally's single vote would determine the result of this arbitration.

Currently, there was an intense debate in the arbitration.

"Based on what was mentioned, there are no problems with the Rebirth Sword Technique. All nine of us from the Sword Arts Department have cultivated the technique, and other than the progressions of the physical body, there aren't any signs of deterioration to our internal organs. I personally have cultivated the Rebirth Sword Technique to level 5. There are no side effects at all."

The head of the Sword Arts Team then clapped his hands, and his disciple, Leon, delivered copies of the report. "These are the various data we recorded after cultivating the Rebirth Sword Technique. There are no abnormalities, and it can even be said that we experienced improvements in various aspects."

When she saw the teachers from the Sword Arts Department testify that there were no problems with the Rebirth Sword Technique, Sally's frown continued to deepen.

It was not because she felt that there were no flaws with the opposition's side but rather because she felt a tremendous pressure. There were a total of nine Conferred Knights on the opposition's side, including Hoppes who was the head of the Sword Arts Team, and Head of Department James who was a level 29 old man. They could easily kill her several hundred times over, and such tremendous pressure was not something which ordinary people could ever understand.

Each gaze and movement they displayed, as well as each word they said, was like a huge mountain crashing down on her. They were creating a feeling of suppression purely with their aura. Even if they did not really attack Sally, they still caused her face to turn pale and made her feel faint.

Hoppes was a tier two level 29 expert, while James, as the Governor from two generations back, was one of the top experts on the second tier. Additionally, he was extremely close to being in the top tier.

These two would usually keep their aura and information flows in check when they were within the school grounds, and before Fang Xingjian, they would appear as harmless as ordinary old men.

However, right now, they displayed their aura fully, and just the exchange of information between their bodies and the external ether particles was sufficient to strike terror in one's heart.

However, Sally continued to hang on. Although she looked pale and her fists were clenched so tightly that they too had turned pale, there was still no fear reflected in her eyes. She knew of the situation before she had arrived in the Great Western Region, and she knew that Fang Xingjian, whom she was going against, represented the strongest influence in Great Western Region. However, Sally had insisted on coming.

She watched as the Conferred Knights took turns to give their testimonials and then said calmly, "I've heard about the sword theories you have mentioned. However, even though there are no problems with the technique in terms of sword theory, it doesn't mean that the Rebirth Sword Technique itself has no problems.

"You are neither Divine level experts nor true gods. As long as you are human, there will definitely be mistakes and weaknesses. If there really are no problems with the Rebirth Sword Technique, then why would Mike and the others start suffering from a deterioration of their internal organs right after picking up the sword technique?"

One of the teachers could not help but stand up and say, "There's a problem with the three of them."

"Oh? What's the problem? Mike and the others have already iterated what had happened to them. In which part do you think is there a problem?" Sally asked.

"We'll need to further observe and study their conditions before we can answer that. Moreover, the Rebirth Sword Technique has been released for such a long period of time and yet only the three of them have met with a mishap. Doesn't this prove that there's a problem with them?"

Sally laughed as if she had long anticipated them to pose this question. She ordered someone to pass out the documents she had readied earlier. "According to the latest information from the association, aside from Mike and the other two, there are five from the Northern Ice Region, seven from the Southern Flame Region, 12 from the Eastern Sand Region... There are a total of 40 Knights and 64 apprentices whose internal organs have suffered from varying degrees of deterioration after they picked up the Rebirth Sword Technique.

"Do you have an explanation for this?" With that, she waved her hand and let her subordinate hand out the collated materials.


"There's a total of 104 people?"

"There really is a problem with this Rebirth Sword Technique. Thank goodness I told my son to refuse when his school asked him to pick it up."

After Sally announced this astonishing news, a commotion broke out amongst the spectators. Everyone was astonished by the number of casualties Sally had brought up.