Chapter 343 Horror

 Chapter 343 Horror

Gao Tu also bellowed, "Suppress him! His level is too low, so he won't be able to activate the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor for long!"

As Gao Tu spoke, the hands of the molten lava giant reached out and slapped Fang Xingjian fiercely from the left and right sides. The scorching currents, which were like puffs of high temperature steam, reached Fang Xingjian before the hands did, burning the places they passed by.

Rakshasi exploded as well, and her leg, which had once again regenerated, swelled up. In the next moment, she kicked continuously to move the atmosphere, just striking the air. The extremely condensed power compressed the atmosphere, forming many atmospheric dragons which then turned into an air cannon. The air cannon launched toward Fang Xingjian with an impact which could blast over ten streets into the air.

The two twins, Zhang Zuo and Zhang You, who had been on standby, also attacked. Chaos, death, desperation... The information currents, which seemed as if they were from a lunatic's diary, lunged out with an attack. Ignoring everything else, the information currents headed for where Fang Xingjian was standing.

Ordinary people would probably turn into lunatics if they were to receive the impacts from such information currents.

Even those at the Knight level might be unable to recover from the setback of such a mental impact. If the willpower of the Conferred Knights was not strong enough, their mental state could also collapse.

The series of horrifying attacks swept around, like over a hundred bombers were launching their attacks consecutively.

The floating island, which Fang Xingjian had just been standing on, was vaporized in an instant. Light and heat encompassed everything, and the movements of the ether particles also became extremely hectic, causing everyone to feel at a loss over what was happening.

"Even I would get hurt if I were to receive such attacks." The molten lava giant Gao Tu had turned into was now quietly assessing the situation, "It should be over for him, right?"

Sally frowned, feeling extremely perturbed like never before. To think that she had felt a little bit of panic!

"What's that? Something's coming out."

"This feeling is as if several hundred snakes are slithering on my body."

'What on earth is happening?'

The light and heat gradually extinguished and Fang Xingjian's voice rang out. Although it was still his original voice, his tone had more than ten times its usual coldness and ruthlessness.

"One second.

"You guys now have one second to think about your last words."

Potential points started to deplete, and Boundaries Negation was activated.

100,000 potential points were depleted, and Heaven's Volition Sword Intent was activated.

The Heaven's Volition Sword Intent turned into an overwhelming aura, soaring into the sky. In an instant, it encompassed Fang Xingjian's entire consciousness and then slowly extended outward while it filled up Fang Xingjian's body.

Countless information, sword techniques, and experiences started to swell up within Fang Xingjian's mind, accompanied with endless agony which caused his eyes to turn bloodshot.

Concurrently, a terrifying energy exploded within his body as if a balloon had inflated inside him. Heat, light, electricity, magnetism, and even ether particles were all robbed of their freedom and sapped of their energy by an absolute willpower.


A black silhouette appeared before Gao Tu, then the world reflected in Gao Tu's eyes seemed to suddenly shatter.

An information current gushed into Gao Tu's brain, and he could even see the hint of disdain in Fang Xingjian's eyes within this information flow. Fang Xingjian's voice was also ringing out in his consciousness.

"Take this attack from me. If you survive, I'll spare your life."

Terra Ingurgitation finally exploded with an overwhelming prowess. Countless violent energies plunged down with Fang Xingjian's sword. Molten lava exploded, and over 10,000 tons of it splattered across the sky like a fireworks display.

The blood from Gao Tu's body burst out, then he plunged down, colliding into the ground like a meteor.

Simultaneously, an electromagnetic wave, so brutal it could be seen by the naked eye, swept out. The level 30 Thunder Immuring Earth Sword was activated. Gao Tu felt as if the ground under his feet was suddenly pushing him up, while the floating islands in the sky plunged down due to having regained their gravitational forces. The floating islands formed a huge sword which was like a small mountain in mid-air, slashing down onto Gao Tu's head.

With a mountain descending down on him while a grade 7 to 9 earthquake pushing him up from below, Gao Tu let out a loud bellow and sent fire out in all directions which exploded like fuel-air explosives. It was only with this that he barely managed to fend off the mountain plunging down onto him.

In that instant that he fended off the mountain, over half of the bones in his body cracked, and blood splattered out like a fountain. It was as if he was clamped down by two blocks of mountains, one on top and the other at the bottom, preventing him from budging.

As Fang Xingjian sent out this attack, Terra Ingurgitation was completed. Countless trees and mounds of varying sizes, as well as rocks and boulders, came crashing down.

Fang Xingjian merely spent 0.2 seconds to do all of this.

At 15 times that of supersonic speed of, all the rocks raining down seemed as if they were at a standstill. Taking a few steps forward, Fang Xingjian appeared behind Rakshasi in an instant, and his sword was as quick as lightning as it pierced toward the back of her waist.

However, in this world which was seemingly motionless, Rakshasi turned her head abruptly and swept out with her long leg, bringing about fierce rippling air currents.

Although her greatest speed might not be comparable to Fang Xingjian's, it did not mean that she was unable to retaliate at all.

However, when Rakshasi turned back, she only managed to kick an afterimage.

Simultaneously, a stream of message flowed into her brain.

"Do you know how fast light is?"

In that instant, Rakshasi could only see six light spots magnify rapidly in her eyes, filling up her vision as if they were six suns.

The prowess of the level 40 Zenith Light Sword Formation was fully unleashed. With the additional enhancement from the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent, its prowess was more than ten times stronger than when Fang Xingjian had performed it himself.

Countless light swords swept past Rakshasi's body. They did not slash her but merely heated up, causing the water in Rakshasi's body to vaporize instantly.

"Ahh!" A terrified cry escaped from Rakshasi's throat. As she regenerated, she tried to dash over 100 meters away. However, no matter how much she tried to dash to escape and no matter how much she accelerated, she was unable to dodge the attacks from the light swords.

Her body continued to heat up; the water from her eyes broke down, and her blood turned into scorching steam. Her lungs and heart were all charred.

Amidst Rakshasi's struggling and terrified cries, she gradually came to a stop. Only the slight fluctuation of her brain waves showed that she was still considered to be alive.

During this period when she was struggling, there was a flash, and Fang Xingjian once again appeared before Zhang Zuo and Zhang You. The twins grabbed onto Fang Xingjian, sending the garbage in their brains incessantly into Fang Xingjian's consciousness like they were viruses.

Amidst the information flow, there were also their bellows, "Feel our agony!"

However, at the next moment, the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent, which was located at the center of his consciousness, thumped like a heart. Then it suddenly unleashed a huge force, and it was like there were countless sharp swords slashing the information current into dust.

A stronger and more brutal martial will swept out, "Heresy, not worth a mention."

Soft swoosh swoosh swoosh sounds radiated outward in the air. Over 100 streams of Ether Sword Ripples swept out, slashing the twins into big chunks in accordance to the flaws pointed out by the level 1 Unparalleled Sword Intent.

After seriously injuring Gao Tu and Rakshasi as well as instantly killing Zhang Zuo and Zhang You, only 0.7 seconds had passed by.

Fang Xingjian turned to look toward Sally only to realize that she was charging toward him in infuriation. The pure golden light wings on her back were flaring up, bringing about hints of pale white flames.

Fang Xingjian only had the opportunity to sense his current situation in the time it took for Sally to charge toward him.

'100% ether synchronization rate?

'Such a strong ability to sense information...

'There's so much information.

'I can see the gaps between spaces.

'I can see the future changes of skills.

'I can sense... the flow of time.'