Chapter 339 Meeting

 Chapter 339 [1] Meeting

In a pitch-black mountain cave on the outskirts of Great Western City, about 30 kilometers away, over a hundred fire torches were lit up.

A level 29 Conferred Knight who was on the third tier amongst level 29 Conferred Knights, the man with the reputation of Sword Saint, was standing in the cave with a cold expression, looking at another three second transition Conferred Knights.

"Speak up. Why have you asked to meet me here for?" Sasa looked coldly at a fatty who had a height of over two meters, but whose weight was definitely over 500 jin. "Gargantuan God Gao Tu, you should have long died in jail."

Gao Tu, who was being addressed as Gargantuan God, laughed and spoke as he gnawed on a chicken drumstick, "Hehe, Sasa, don't you understand? A second transition character is still considered a treasure after all. So how could the people above let us die so easily? They can't help but want to squeeze us completely dry."

Sasa looked at him coldly and said, "Gargantuan God Gao Tu, Westerner, the number one expert in Gargantuan Spirit Sect. However, ten years ago, you rebelled against Gargantuan Spirit Sect and killed all 1,200 members of Gargantuan Spirit Sect. From then on, you became a murderer, killing over 10,000 people and having even killed three Conferred Knights. You were eventually arrested by the Knight Association and given a death penalty.

"However, there were also rumors that you had been bought over by The School of Sword Arts. It turns out to be the truth."

"As expected of the Sword Saint." Gao Tu clapped his oily hands and said, "Since you know that I have been sent by The School of Sword Arts, then there shouldn't be a need for me to explain too much, right? Since you were the one who had started this, then you'll need to be the one to end this."

Sasa's eyes narrowed as if streams of sword light were gleaming in them. The other party clearly knew that he was the one who had sent someone to report to the association that the Rebirth Sword Technique had caused internal injuries to its practitioners. This meant that he was the one who had taken the first step, giving everyone else an excuse to set things in motion.

Sasa coldly replied, "I don't understand what you mean." He was, of course, willing to be the one to start the ball rolling, since it would help prevent Fang Xingjian from deciphering the dragon's scale, thus allowing him to beat Fang Xingjian to solving the profound mysteries behind the dragon's scale.

However, letting him be the one to bring closure to the case would mean that he would be going up against Great Western Region's Governor Devitt, against Head of Department James, and against Sword Tower's Hoppes all by himself. How could he be foolish enough to let himself end up as cannon fodder?

Right now, the people from the upper echelon had yet to send any powerful characters for this case. This were showing how sneaky they were. No one wanted to openly go against the three local influences.

After three whole generations of management by Governor Devitt and James who was the Governor from two terms back, the entire Great Western Region was built as strong as steel. Who would be willing to take them head-on?

Naturally, Sword Saint Sasa was unwilling as well.

However, Gao Tu let out a maniacal laugh and said, "Who do you think sent me? This order came from the Supreme Chief. If you were to refuse, then we'll first leak the news that you were the one who submitted the report to the association. You'll also become the enemy of The School of Sword Arts. Think through this carefully, Sword Saint."

Gao Tu placed additional emphasis on the words 'Sword Saint', as if full of sarcasm and provocation.

Sasa looked at the fat pig before him, while doing his best to suppress his fury. Gao Tu was but a level 25 Conferred Knight and, theoretically, Sasa would be able to kill him with just a few slashes of his sword. However, he did not dare to do so. It was because of The School of Sword Arts, and because of the words 'Supreme Chief'.

The second transition experts in The School of Sword Arts were split into several posts, starting with the lowest level Elder, then the Envoy, the Adviser, and ending with the Supreme Chief, who sat at the very top.

The School of Sword Arts' Supreme Chief was the strongest swordsman in the entire school, and was also the one who held the greatest power over the school.

The current Supreme Chief of The School of Sword Arts was called Heng Tianxiao and was an individual at the pinnacle of the Empire in terms of sword arts. Although he was not at the Divine level, he was in the first tier amongst those of level 29. He was said to have somehow been able to manage to spar with the First Prince and he was known as the God of Sword Arts by the disciples of The School of Sword Arts.

Even Sasa did not dare to easily offend someone like that. Moreover, Heng Tianxiao was just a representative. Who knew who exactly Heng Tianxiao's supporter was, and how many people were backing him up?

Sasa said calmly, "Devitt, James, and Hoppes. If the three of them attack together, it would be impossible for me to suppress Fang Xingjian and the Rebirth Sword Technique."

"Don't worry, you'll just have to appear." Gao Tu laughed and handed Sasa a letter. "This is Supreme Chief's assessment of the Rebirth Sword Technique. You'll need to bring it out during the arbitration.

"When the time comes, the people from the Myriad Star Palace will also take action. Fang Xingjian has no hope.

"On the government's side, the First Prince has already done the necessary preparations."

Myriad Star Palace? When Sasa heard these three words, his heart leaped. If 'The School of Sword Arts' was the peak in the sword arts domain, then Myriad Star Palace was an even scarier influence with the existence of the Divine level expert, Astral Ancestor.

With The School of Sword Arts, Myriad Star Palace, and the First Prince wanting to suppress Fang Xingjian, then even Devitt, James, and Hoppes would be unable to do anything.

Gao Tu continued, "You're still hesitating? Hehe, after we've banned the Rebirth Sword Technique, the Myriad Star Palace, The School of Sword Arts and the Ancient Path of Hell (Royal Sect) will work together to invent a new sword technique, specially provided for the three sects to cultivate. Do you wish to be one of the creators of this sword technique and to leave your name behind in history?"

When Sasa heard this, he was slightly taken aback. He felt disappointed in the plan the three major sects were plotting.

'They are planning to first attack Fang Xingjian and the Rebirth Sword Technique, banning everyone from cultivating it, and then change the appearance of the Rebirth Sword Technique to be disseminated within their sects?

'With that, not only would their businesses in imparting martial techniques not be affected, their sects would also be greatly powered up.

'The gap in strength between those in the upper echelon and those in the lower echelon would increase, and the Royal family's control over the lower echelon would be more stable as well.

'As expected... They are more than ten times more cunning than me. They are truly very vicious.'

However, Sasa then immediately thought of how each sect would definitely send a representative to be one of those who had invented this 'new sword technique'. If he could be included, with the effect of the Rebirth Sword Technique, he would be able to make a name for himself in history.

'They are really keeping all the benefits for themselves. But... I like their way of doing things.'

Gao Tu impatiently asked, "So how is it? You can agree to it now, right?"

Sasa shrugged, "I don't seem to have a choice, do I?" With the three great factions joining forces, Sasa really had no option to reject.

After handing the letter to Sasa and watching as the Sword Saint left, a thin man next to Gao Tu spoke up, "Boss Gao, this guy won't try to go back on his word and give us the slip, right?"

"Do you think he would dare to do so?" Gao Tu laughed coldly and said, "The School of Sword Arts, Myriad Star Palace, and the First Prince. If any of these influential people wished to crush him, it wouldn't be any harder than killing a dog.

"With him taking the lead, if anything were to happen in the future, there'll be someone who can act as the scapegoat."

Not long after their discussion, the female assassin dashed into the cave, covered in blood, collapsing to the ground.

"What's wrong, Rakshasi [2]? Why have you been inflicted with such serious injuries?"

The female assassin called Rakshasi still had her mind filled by Fang Xingjian's last sword attack on replay. "It's impossible to fend off... There's no way to fend off at all."

[1] Translator's note: No, I did not make a mistake with the numbering of the chapter. There are NO chapters 329-338. The author must have made a mistake with the numbering of the chapters (or so I assume. I didn't ask). And since the numbers flow properly from chapter 339 onward, we shall keep to what the author has them as.

[2] Nickname of the female assassin. A Rakshasa (Sanskrit: rākṣasa) is a mythological being in Hindu mythology, and a female rakshasa is known as a rakshasi.