Chapter 328 Flee

 Chapter 328 Flee

The woman was slashed and sent flying into the sky by the twenty streams of Ether Sword Ripples. The area where she was slashed released explosive booms, but there were no traces of blood at all. It was as if her body was not made of flesh but metal.

"Fang Xingjian, be careful. She is at level 25 with an ether synchronization rate of over 60%. Under the situation where she modifies her physical body, she can make her specialties more compact. Right now, her body is practically no different from a Superior Divine Weapon!"

Fang Xingjian frowned slightly. He could sense that there were streams of auras emerging from her body, one after another. Over 20 streams of aura emerged from her body, rising up like smoke signals soaring up into the sky.

In the surrounding space, about 30 waves were gushing toward her body.

As these auras creeped out, the aura Fang Xingjian felt from her suddenly increased by many times.

The female assassin even stopped in mid-air, stepping in the air as though it was as easy as on flat land. She smiled coldly and said, "Fang Xingjian, it's true that your abilities are slightly beyond my expectations. It seems like Conferred Knights who are below level 25 won't be able to deal with you anymore.

"However, you still don't understand how strong a level 25 Conferred Knight can be.

"When a Conferred Knight reaches level 21, they can see the emotions of others through brain waves.

"At level 22, the Conferred Knight can see sound waves and light waves, as well as possess their own powerful observational skills.

"At level 23, they can decipher the prowess of the heavenly thunders and that of the terrestrial magnetism. They can also borrow the power from thunderbolts to temper their physical body, greatly increasing their body's strength to the extent that they can even be able to float in the air.

"At level 24, they can see the radiation of all things as well as directly absorb the energy released by ether particles and store them. This would allow the prowess of one's Killing technique to be increased greatly.

"However, your talent is too outstanding, and it totally removes the gap that you should have compared to a level 24 Conferred Knight in terms of the body's strength and the prowess of Killing technique.

"However, level 25 is a completely different thing altogether. Conferred Knights at this stage would be able to control the finest detail in their bodies. It wouldn't just be a simple transformation of the body. We would also be capable of condensing our specialty seeds.

"In our consciousness, we can synthesize skill seeds, but the specialty seeds in our physical body can allow our body to continue to evolve.

"There are 1,440 internal specialties and 9,270 external specialties. Each specialty we condense will become a specialty seed which will develop one's new potential for the body. At this stage, from the point in which we became level 25 Conferred Knights, our bodies had already far surpassed yours. We're slowly moving from humans to becoming gods."

As she spoke, the lady tossed out her dagger and then pressed her five fingers together, as if her hand had already become the sharpest blade. At the next moment, a loud explosive sound rang out under her feet. She stomped into the air, causing an explosion, and charged out toward Fang Xingjian.

Fang Xingjian was very clear on the power of specialties. After all, he had over ten specialties, and they had greatly strengthened his body and sword arts.

There were various specialties which could greatly increase the human body's power, agility, reaction, flexibility, and endurance attributes.

However, the 50 streams of auras coming out from the lady's body contained over 50 specialty seeds. How terrifying would the body of a person like that be?

In this moment, both her displayed agility and strength had far exceeded 200 points.

Just in terms of her physical attributes, she was even stronger than Kirst's Headmaster whom Fang Xingjian had encountered in the past. This lady was a Conferred Knight who had focused fully on cultivating her own body and did not care about any other aspects.

The air within a hundred meter radius seemed to have been split into two with her dash.

Her palm seemed to have turned into a lance which could pierce through everything. It thrusted toward Fang Xingjian's chest. However, before it hit, her body was struck by another 50 streams of Ether Sword Ripples, and she was sent flying out with a loud bang.

Remaining in mid-air, the female assassin laughed out loud. "Fang Xingjian, it's useless. My body has been thoroughly trained and tempered. There's no way that you can win."

She lifted her leg up high and smashed it down as if it was a battle axe. Layers of air exploded, sending ripples and air currents splattering. Amidst the tremendous gales, even rows of trees in the surroundings were sent flying. Over ten horse carriages along the streets were blasted off as well.

The Killing technique, Comet Descent, unleashed a kick with a strength which was more than ten times of what the user had. It was a kick which was said to be capable of kicking down even meteors.

However, although Fang Xingjian was confronted with this kick coming down toward him, his expression remained the same. With a tap of his finger, this time around, 100 streams of Ether Sword Ripples soared up simultaneously, colliding again the female assassin's Comet Descent.

There was an explosive boom, like 10,000 kilograms worth of gunpowder had exploded, and the female assassin felt as if her body had collided against a speeding aircraft carrier. The agility and strength she had always been proud of were of no use at all in this instant.

"How can this be possible? What kind of power is this?"

Fresh blood spurted out from all over her body, and she landed on the ground with a loud bang.

The lady looked at Fang Xingjian in disbelief. "What skill was that? Why did it have such a tremendous prowess?"

Fang Xingjian walked up slowly and said, "If not for the fact that I wanted to capture you alive, you would have been dead a long time ago. Compared to the level 25 Conferred Knights I had encountered in the past, you're far too weak.

"If it's as you said, that those who are strong represent the country's will, then if I'm stronger than you, would that mean that I'll be more capable of representing this country?"

Aside from the fact that this female assassin had a stronger physical body, in comparison to Huang Lin and the level 26 Kirst Academy's Headmaster whom Fang Xingjian had sparred with in the past, she was weaker in all other aspects.

Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, the lady understood it immediately. The reason Fang Xingjian had increased the prowess of his attacks gradually was because he had been testing her limits so as to capture her alive.

Of course, it was also because Fang Xingjian was currently far too powerful. He had a strength attribute of 123 points and Ether Sword Ripples which had the effect of 2.5 times his strength. With each additional Ether Sword Ripple he released, it was an additional slash which was 2.5 times that of his strength.

The 100 streams of Ether Sword Ripples from earlier was an attack which was the equivalent of 250 times that of Fang Xingjian's strength. This was why he could defeat the female assassin easily.

The female assassin looked at Fang Xingjian with a complicated expression. "To think that I'd actually lose to you..."

At the next moment, she leaped up, and with a slight movement, she escaped up to 100 meters away. At level 25, her vitality and recovery abilities were far too powerful. After taking a slight rest within the time of a few breaths, she had already recovered 80% of her battle prowess and once again unleashed her full prowess in a bid to escape.

The lady dashed out like that, and after a few consecutive bang bang bang bang, she had knocked through over ten layers of walls, bringing up dust and sand. Then in the blink of an eye, she reappeared on the streets several hundreds of meters away.

A Conferred Knight's movement speed was much too fast. It was not something which Knights could compare with. A single dash tended to bring them several hundred or even several thousand meters away.

However, in the next moment, a sword plunged down from the sky, slashing toward her head.

That was fast! Fang Xingjian had already caught up! How could he be so fast?! However, the female assassin did not have the time to think about these. She let out a loud bellow, and her body seemed to inflate with air as it swelled up. Then her right leg raised up high and clashed against the sword's edge, creating a perception as if it was going to hold up the world.

This was the kickboxing style Killing technique, Heaven's Support. It tapped into the spinning force of the world to fight off opponents attacking down. Heaven's Support was said to be a kickboxing art which would be able to support the skies even if it were to come crashing down.

However, the moment the sword's blade and the bottom of her foot came into contact, the female assassin felt as if this sword was even heavier than the sky.

This was the explosive force from 150 streams of Ether Sword Ripples which was 375 times that of Fang Xingjian's strength.

The female assassin let out a blood-curdling cry as one of her feet was chopped off.

Then as her blood splattered out, the lady's face was filled with astonishment and terror. However, she still managed to dash a few kilometers away in the blink of an eye at the supersonic speed of over 3,000 meters per second.

Heaven-Shaking Sword Potter saw this scene the moment he came out to chase them. He then heard Fang Xingjian saying in a soft voice, "You stay here. If other Conferred Knights were to come, tell them what happened."

As Fang Xingjian spoke, he brought a gush of white-colored air currents and dashed out, sweeping across the Great Western City like a supersonic combat aircraft.

Not long after Fang Xingjian left, a few other silhouettes came down. Their auras were like the deep abyss in the sea, causing Heaven-Shaking Sword to almost want to prostrate himself before them.