Chapter 321 Investigate

 Chapter 321 Investigate

In another place, at Yalan Sacred Mountain.

On the snow peaks, a figure was swinging a longsword in the snow. Wherever the longsword passed by, the air would tremble and the snowflakes would scatter around. Then as the person performed different sword moves, trembling sounds emitted from his body.

It was as if there was thunder both inside and outside his body. This was the circulation of the vital energy and blood of a cultivator as the sword moves changed.

Yuelun walked up and looked at the scene where sword Qis were flying around. He stroked his beard and sighed, "This set of Rebirth Sword Technique really lives up to its name. The movements of the sword not only cultivates the muscles and internal organs, it even reaches deep into the bone marrow. It can also completely change one's physique and stimulate the potential of the human body from the very roots.

"Brother Huang Lin, your sword art has shown great improvement again in this one month."

The cultivator stopped his practice, and in that instant, a huge amount of heat was emitted from his body as if he had become like a huge stove. This was because all parts of his body had been in cultivation, and a large amount of heat had been amassed in his body and needed to be released.

In just an instant, a large part of the surrounding snow was melted. Huang Lin laughed out loud and said, "This Rebirth Sword Technique is just too complicated. With my level of cultivation, even though I continue to practice endlessly day and night, I've only managed to reach the first level. It's hard to imagine how long it would take for ordinary people."

"It's worth it even if it takes a few years to learn. The effects of the Rebirth Sword Technique are incomparable with the effects of existing Nurturing sword techniques" Yuelun said as he looked at Huang Lin.

Huang Lin walked out from the puddle of melted snow, looked at Yuelun energetically, and said, "Has the Guardian King made his decision? I can go to the Great Western City, right?"

"Haha, are you still in a hurry to head over to testify for your disciple?" Yuelun laughed. "Actually, even if you don't go, the more they dispute, the more the truth will come to light. In the end, they will also end up proving that the Rebirth Sword Technique has no problems."

"But the process of proving this won't be easy, right? There is too much pressure coming in from various sources. It's better to let me make a trip and cut it to the chase. This will save them from wasting too much time and resources."

Yuelun let out a sigh. He thought of Fang Xingjian's face and still had a rather indescribable feeling.

He put out his hand and handed a letter to Huang Lin.

"This is the letter Master took time off to write. He has already cultivated to level 10 in the Rebirth Sword Technique and can receive about 8,000 potential points everyday. Of course, this is also partially due to Master's level of cultivation, but it would at least prove how powerful the Rebirth Sword Technique is. You can bring this letter with you to the Great Western City."

Surprise flashed past Huang Lin's eyes. "The Guardian King is willing to testify for Xingjian?"

"It's more than just testifying." Yuelun's gaze held a complicated expression. "Master has submitted Fang Xingjian's records to the north and hopes to invite him to take part in the Martial Techniques Grading Plan."

The Martial Techniques Grading Plan was a great plan which the Church of Universal Truth had been preparing for the past few years.

This plan aimed to classify all the martial techniques in the world into categories and grades.

For example, amongst Nurturing sword techniques, the Rebirth Sword Technique should be considered a sword technique with a high grade, while the Grizzly Bear Sword Technique and the Eagle Sword Technique would probably be considered as sword techniques with low grades.

However, how high or how low would they be? There had never been any standardized system.

Thus, the Martial Techniques Grading Plan aimed to test out all the martial techniques' effects and growth possibilities, eventually segregating all the martial techniques' effects and prowess.

How many martial techniques were there in the world? How many people in the Miracle World practiced martial arts?

Once this plan was started, it would deplete a tremendous amount of resources, and once this plan succeeded, it would change and bring great benefit to the entire world.

Only the Church of Universal Truth, an organization which had once unified the entire north and still remained the world's most powerful organization, would be able to accomplish something like this.

When Huang Lin heard this, he was stunned for a moment before he asked, "The Guardian King wishes to let Xingjian participate in this plan as well?"

Yuelun smiled and said, "That's right. The Martial Techniques Grading Plan... Even if one were to take charge of only a small portion of sword techniques, the number of secret manuals and cultivating resources he could gain access to would be a tremendous number. This is a wonderful thing."

In Yuelun's mind, he could not help but recall Fang Xingjian's face and thought to himself, 'Master, for you to be bringing him into sights of those influential people in the north this early on... What on earth are you planning?

'And is it really good for us to be getting ourselves involved in this vortex that is happening in the Empire?'


In the commoner district of the Great Western City.

Sally, the arbitrator who had come from the central government, walked slowly into a small alley. However, before she even got close, she was already covering her nose.

A great stench gushed forth. It was obvious that the hygiene in the commoner district was too horrible, and it made Sally extremely uncomfortable.

One of her subordinates came up and said, "Madam, it'll be fine if we go in alone. You can wait outside."

"No need to say anymore. I can hang on." Sally lightly took in a few breaths to get accustomed to the stench, then she headed deeper into the commoner district.

"But why are they still staying in such a place? Haven't our people already found them and started to protect them?"

"They... aren't being very co-operative. They aren't very willing to leave with us, thus we're letting them go into hiding and then sending people to protect them."

On the way, Sally saw people with numb and greedy gazes, as well as terrified emotions.

'The commoners in the Empire are leading truly difficult lives. The country still has a very long way to go.' Sally suddenly thought of Fang Xingjian, and clenched her fist, 'B*stards like him won't care how the commoners live. He'll only care about his own glory.'

The group walked up to a small house and knocked on the door. Then they opened it and entered.

They saw a skinny young man lying on the bed. A little girl walked out and looked at them with a wary and terrified gaze. She asked, "Who are you people?"

Sally smiled and looked at the little girl, saying, "Hello. Don't be scared. We're the arbitrators from the central government. We're here to look for Mike. Is he in?"

The little girl turned subconsciously and looked toward the young man on the bed.

That lean young man sat up. His bloodshot eyes were sunken in, and his face was pale, obviously a sign of malnutrition. He looked at Sally warily and asked, "You're arbitrators?"

"That's right. We're the arbitrators from the Knight Association." Sally walked over and said gently, "We're here with regards to the Rebirth Sword Technique. You're the one who had cultivated the Rebirth Sword Technique and ended up suffering from deterioration of your internal organs?"

Mike was stunned for a moment before he plunged his head down and mumbled, "What's the point of investigating? I'm already a cripple."

"Of course, there's a point." Sally said righteously, "If you don't step forward now, there will be even more victims in the future. If we can't prove that there's a problem with the Rebirth Sword Technique this time around, there will be even more people suffering from the same condition as you and their organs will deteriorate. Therefore, we need your help."

Seeing that Mike was not showing any reactions, Sally gradually started to sense the condition of his body.

As a level 25 Conferred Knight with a ether synchronization rate of 60%, Sally's synchronization rate was already capable of sensing the existence of cells and bacteria. She also had a more accurate grasp of the human body.

So, the moment she tried to sense Mike's condition, her eyes opened wide and fury started to burn in her heart.