Chapter 317 Absorbing

 Chapter 317 Absorbing

"Is there really a need to prove whether ]the Rebirth Sword Technique is harmful?" Hoppes shook his head. "This is just an excuse. Since someone started the first step, there would naturally be people who are driving the rest of the events.

"Do you know that when I first saw the Rebirth Sword Technique, what I felt wasn't just excitement but more so of terror?

"If the Rebirth Sword Technique is really able to increase one's potential by ten times or more, then how much more powerful would all the Knights, Conferred Knights, and Knight apprentices become?

"If it is real, then what is going to happen to the Nurturing sword techniques from the other factions? What would the other factions do? Would they give up on their own Nurturing sword techniques? Then would they still have any apprentices? What if they don't give up on their own Nurturing sword techniques? Then would their apprentices be gradually surpassed by the others in the Empire?

"And from the point of the government, what would they think when they look at the people from the middle and lower levels and when they think about all the Knights and Knight apprentices who would go through great improvements in their abilities? Would they really hope to see that the other factions would also be able to get their hands on this sword technique? Will it be to the extent that even the Church of Universal Truth is going to get their hands on this sword technique? Would they really wish to see their subordinates suddenly becoming stronger and see even apprentices, who were not previously in the system, also become stronger?"

When Hoppes said till this point, Leon's back was already completely drenched in sweat. "You're saying that this time around, we're going up against..."

Hoppes simply stood up, looked out of the window to see the people passing by, and said, "Five hundred years ago, in order to forbid commoners from picking up martial arts, the Khstan Empire had even disseminated a theory that if commoners were to practice martial arts, they would experience signs of premature aging.

"Two hundred years ago, in order to allow the tobacco trade to flourish, the Northern Trade Association had propagated to the Empire the absurd theory that the consumption of tobacco can increase one's attributes.

"In this world, the right to speak has always been in the hands of the strong. That is, unless there's someone even stronger who breaks their control."

"But if that was the case, why would the association publish the Rebirth Sword Technique in the Knight's handbook?"

Hoppes laughed out loud, "It's because they don't believe in it. They knew how amazing the Rebirth Sword Technique was, but they didn't believe at all in the ten times efficiency of the Rebirth Sword Technique. With 5,000 points potential points... who would believe that it's real?

"And right now, the reason they have gone so far only proves that someone from the central governance has succeeded in learning the Rebirth Sword Technique.

"But, Teacher, why are you doing this? If His Majesty and the heads of those factions don't prepare to accept the Rebirth Sword Technique..."

"They should accept it." Hoppes said calmly, "I only hope that all of the Empire's younger generation can get to cultivate the most outstanding sword techniques. I hope that all powerful martial techniques can be disseminated and not just be in the control of a small group of people.

"I wish that when I had started picking up sword arts at the age of five, I was able to learn a sword technique like this."

"Does Xingjian knows?"

"He doesn't have to."

In another place, Fang Xingjian opened the door to the research room and walked in. He saw that majority of Sasa's subordinates had already fallen asleep. They were really too tired, having slept for only one to two hours a day. Working endlessly on deciphering the Ancient Era's language for Sasa had caused their brains to be overworked, sapping them fully of their energy.

When Sasa saw Fang Xingjian come in, he put up a forced smile. "You're here? Then we'll leave. You can continue."

When Sasa passed by Fang Xingjian, he heard Fang Xingjian say softly, "If I tell you the secret to the dragon's scale, will you stop?"

Sasa stopped in his tracks, and at the next moment, he asked puzzledly, "What secret? What stop?"

Fang Xingjian smiled slightly and said, "It's nothing. I've also reached a bottleneck in my research. I reckon that in the end, you'll be the one to successfully resolve the mystery to the dragon's scale."

Sasa left the research room with his subordinates, but when he was walking along the corridor, the expression in his gaze changed. 'This guy already suspects me? But it's useless now. I only helped to push for the first step. Right now, even if I want to stop it, I won't be able to.

'The Rebirth Sword Technique's problems? Its biggest problem is that it's too outstanding. Something which will give one a lead of ten years will receive great praises, but one that gives a person a lead of a hundred years will only be beaten down by the current influences.

'They won't allow such power to be made available to apprentices and various factions.

'Moreover, the factions... If it's said that the apprentices are the foundations, then the Rebirth Sword Technique is something which will unearth them right from the roots.'

In the research room, Fang Xingjian watched as Sasa left. He thought coldly to himself, 'Could it be him?'

Fang Xingjian had originally thought that the person threatening him was from the Sand Country and that their target was the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor he wore. However, when he saw Sasa, he suddenly recalled that this person had stayed at the borders of the Sand Country for many years and fought many of the Sand Country's experts.

There was no way that Fang Xingjian could see through a person's heart. However, a level 21 Conferred Knight was able to see the brainwaves and emotions in the human body.

People who did not know the inside story would definitely not understand the meanings of the secret and request to stop which Fang Xingjian mentioned earlier. The 'threat for him to head to the Sand Country' was something which Fang Xingjian had not even told the Head of Department and Hoppes. He had only mentioned the thing about the internal injuries.

However, when Fang Xingjian mentioned the secret and request to stop to Sasa, he could clearly see ravishing joy, greed, and anxiety in Sasa. Although these emotions had completely disappeared very quickly, and Sasa had also replied that he did not know anything, based on the leads which Fang Xingjian had, he suddenly had a very great suspicion of Sasa as the one driving the whole case.

'He has to go to such great lengths just for a set of Ancient Era sword technique?

'However, with him disguising it as an act of someone from the Sand Country, there's no way I can prove it even if I suspect that it is him.

'Moreover, this is only a suspicion. It might not necessarily be him.'

Fang Xingjian did not have to think hard to know that even though Sasa had the status of a level 29 Conferred Knight, he would have to pay a huge price in order to push for and accelerate the progress of something like this. Moreover, this would at most only delay Fang Xingjian and would not actually be of any help to Sasa's own research.

'Interesting. Could it be that the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent still holds a secret which I am not aware of?'

After all, Fang Xingjian was not a local in the Empire. He had not expected how much of an impact the Rebirth Sword Technique would bring to the entire Empire.

He reached out his hand to touch the dragon's scale and could sense a very sharp aura gushing forth.

The sword intent had neither form nor substance, and there was an indescribable feeling when it entered his body. The feeling could only be described as a series of piercing and seizing pain. It made Fang Xingjian sure that something had come into contact into his body... something which even the level 29 Superior Diving Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor was unable to fend off.

Fang Xingjian could sense that it seemed as if there was something flowing within his consciousness.

'Do you want these sword techniques?

'If you do, then come over and get it.

'As long as you lend me your powers, you're free to have any sword techniques you want.'

Fang Xingjian slowly sent over the information about the Rebirth Sword Technique, continuing to lure out the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent from the dragon's scale.

A few hours passed by, and the sword intent was getting increasingly tempted. It was like a snake, tangling incessantly around Fang Xingjian but hanging on tightly at the last line, not willing to enter Fang Xingjian's body completely.

Then Fang Xingjian finally strengthened his determination and sent all the information about the Rebirth Sword Technique at one go. He then sent out a stream of Ether Sword Ripple, slashing out on the surface of the dragon's scale.

"I have the world's best sword talent. If it's sword techniques that you're looking for, I'm your best choice."

Sensing the endless greed, craving, and other desires coming from the dragon's scale, Fang Xingjian let out a loud laugh and said, "Come. As long as you lend me your powers, I can lend you any kind of sword technique you want. As long as I'm alive, I'll definitely become the world's strongest swordsman and create the world's strongest sword technique. If you want it, then come over."