Chapter 301 Copyright

 Chapter 301 Copyright

Currently, the control over the management of all the books in the Empire was very strict, especially for Nurturing techniques, Training techniques, Amassing techniques, and Killing techniques. Aside from the academies and factions, people who distributed the books without permission would receive heavy punishments.

However, books like Fang Xingjian's biography and novels would not have any relevant legal regulations, nor would there be any concept of copyright. Basically, no one would care if a person were to buy a copy of the book, duplicate its contents, and then sell them.

Even the Head of Department, James, was not able to start the concept of piracy by setting up a regulation about copyrights. There were far too many obstacles in order for one to obtain this. Even with his background and reputation, he would not be able to accomplish it, nor was there a need for him to do so.

What he needed to do was submit Fang Xingjian's 《The Secrets to Sword Training》 and have it categorized as a sword arts secret manual. This would make it easier to manage, and it would receive the same protection as other secret manuals. With that, no one would be able to casually pirate and distribute it.

Of course, with James' reputation, he would only be able to submit this to the Great Western Region's Regional Office. It would be too tough and too costly for it to be approved by the central government.

That was why James had said that he would only be able to control the books within the Great Western Region.

After saying that, James then smiled and said, "If I were to submit the 《The Secrets to Sword Training》to the authorities, then as private representatives, you would not be able to sell it as you wish."

Ferdinand had been prepared for this. So, he continued to smile and then said, "Isn't this what Lord James is here to discuss with me?"

After knowing that Fang Xingjian would look for James to help out, Ferdinand had expected this to happen. He continued speaking, "If you can let us sell the books under the name of the Regional Academy's Sword Arts Department, I can give you a 5% share of the profits."

James' expression did not change as he said, "20%."

Ferdinand smiled and leaned back against the sofa. He then looked toward Fang Xingjian who was cultivating with his eyes closed and asked, "Xingjian, how much do you think it should be?"

Instantly, James lost his vigor. He had no other choice. Fang Xingjian was too important to him right now. There were only two ways James could keep a genius with Fang Xingjian's talent and character.

The first method was to be like the First Prince and use force. The other method was to be like how Ferdinand was now, trying his best to let things go as Fang Xingjian wished. Ferdinand was very confident about this.

James, the Head of Department, glared at Ferdinand. Then he let out a long breath and said, "Alright, give me another offer. It can't be 5%. I'll have to report this bonus to the department. Everyone would gossip about it."

Ferdinand nodded and offered, "Then let's each take a step back and make it 10%."

James still wanted to haggle further, but he gave it some thought and decided that as the Governor from two generations ago, he could not lose his pride here.

Therefore, the matter was finalised as such. Ferdinand, Robert, and Anthony as well as the 《The Secrets to Sword Training》 would have their names registered under the Regional Academy. The book would be sold as the Regional Academy's sword arts manual, and a 10% share of the profit would be paid to the Regional Academy.

With the Regional Office as their support, at least 99% of the pirated copies would disappear.

James shook his head and said to Fang Xingjian, "Xingjian, in the future, publish fewer of these books. If you want money, you can write some sword arts teaching materials. With your level of cultivation, coming up with teaching materials for Knights would be an easy feat."

On the ground, Rebecca eventually stopped struggling. It was because she had just realized James' identity from the conversation earlier.

He was the Regional Academy's Headmaster and Great Western Region's Governor from two generations ago. James was a Conferred Knight at the peak of level 29 and was not an existence she could win against.

However, the cause of her greater desperation and fury was the other content in their conversation.

《The Secrets to Sword Training》 would be registered under the Regional Academy. It would now be treated as an official book and would be just like the academy's teaching materials.

With this, how many private Knight Academies, various factions, as well as aristocrats and commoners would buy this book then? People would see that this book was published by the Regional Academy and would have even fewer doubts about its veracity.

Everything written in it would be taken as fact, and Rebecca's name was doomed to be left behind in history. Moreover, it would be an eternal infamy.

Thinking this, Rebecca's eyes turned blood red. The rate of her heartbeat and blood flow increased tremendously, and she opened her mouth, wanting to shout out loud. However, James had her locked down to the ground, and she was unable to say a single word. Her action had only once again reminded James of her existence.

"Oh, there's still this one person." With a loud snap of his fingers, the sound passed out through his Reduced Force Field, and two Knights came in soon after. "Take this... er..."

Anthony spoke up, "Rebecca, Tresia Clan's Rebecca." The gaze in which he used to look at Rebecca was filled with great pity.

Back in the day, when he had still been in Kirst Academy, he'd had be to extremely respectful toward this Tresia Clan's Elder, not daring to defy her words in the least.

However, right now, she was lying prostrate before him. Although it was not because of him, it still made him very emotional.

Then when James heard Rebecca's name, he grabbed Rebecca across the space with a wave of his hand. His strength attribute was more than ten times stronger than Rebecca's, and even though he was grabbing her with his Reduced Force Field across the space, Rebecca was not able to move a single inch.

She wanted to shout, but her throat was damaged by James just using a slight force, causing her to be capable of only making a hoarse cry.

It was clear James had wanted to deal with Rebecca thoroughly. Although no one would believe Rebecca even if she were to shout out loud, but clearly, James wanted to deal with this matter simply.

He threw Rebecca a contemptuous gaze and said with indifference, "So, you are that Rebecca... Take her away."

That contemptuous gaze caused great fury to surge through Rebecca's heart.

The two Knights took Rebecca away, and when they heard her name, their gazes toward this old grandmother also unknowingly carried hints of contempt.

With that, the matter of the book was settled.

Tens of millions formed the population of the entire Great Western Region, and with the Regional Academy's exposure, they would be able to sell a tremendous quantity of books and thus bring great wealth to Fang Xingjian.

However, all this still required time.

Fang Xingjian left the place together with James and headed back to the academy.

James said, "The matter of the book will be settled very soon. After it's registered under the Regional Academy, there won't be many people who will dare to do anything to them. What are your plans after this?"

"I want to cultivate the sword techniques from the Killing Techniques Palace and the Ninety Thousand Godly Demon Flash to the maximum level first."


"I wonder if you or Lord Hoppes will be able to find time to spar with me?"

Compared to training alone, it was clear that sparring with an expert in Sacred Land with one hundred times the density was a much faster way to improve.

Hearing Fang Xingjian's question, a strange expression appeared on James' face. "To be wanting two level 29 experts to have spar with you... You really are broadminded."