Chapter 300 Popularizing

 Chapter 300 Popularizing

Just then, she saw a few other kids along the streets playing around while holding wooden sabers and swords. A person holding a wooden sword said, "I am Fang Xingjian."

Another thin and weak looking kid as well as a fatty both quickly said at the same time, "I am Fang Xingjian. No, I am Fang Xingjian."

"You're Kaunitz!" The kid holding a sword said as he pointed to the skinny kid. Then he pointed to the fat kid, saying, "You're Rebecca!"

"Beat them up!"

"Kill Kaunitz! Kill Rebecca!"

Looking at this scene, Rebecca was so angry that she almost fainted. As a fugitive, there was no way that Rebecca could stand up for herself, and as Fang Xingjian's books were being sold, more and more people would get to read the book.

And it was foreseeable that as Fang Xingjian's reputation rose, the book would become increasingly famous and a growing number of people would read the book. Rebecca and Kaunitz might even earn themselves eternal infamy and everlasting shame.

"Fang! Xing! Jian!"

Everlasting shame... This was something that Rebecca had never ever thought of. Yet, right now, Fang Xingjian could really leave her name in the records of history.

However, it was infamy.

"It can't be like this. It must not be like this." Rebecca gritted her teeth. She was a person who had one foot in her coffin, but it made her even more unable to accept this.

She put aside the matter of taking revenge on Fang Xingjian. Right now, her mind was filled with thoughts of how to stop the further distribution of the books.

Therefore, she no longer tried to escape, but took the risk and stayed behind.

That night, a book merchant's cart gradually headed across from Ferdinand's house.

A middle-aged man with a weather-beaten face was trembling all over. He spoke in an almost crying tone, "Madam, we've arrived. It's here."

"Ferdinand stays here?" Rebecca was covered by a black robe, and she spoke in an extremely cold voice, "He's the supplier?"

"Yes... yes..." Feeling the pressure on him growing stronger, the guy's heartbeat grew faster as well. "Madam, I'm only someone who sells books. Please let me off. I don't know anything."

"Someone who sells books?" Rebecca's expression turned twisted as she said, "You guys are helping the wicked perpetuate wicked deeds! You're falsifying history!"

Under the pressure of the Reduced Force Field, the middle-aged man's eyes started to roll back, and many strangle marks appeared on his neck. Then, his head bent to the side. He was strangled to death by Rebecca.

Rebecca squinted her eyes slightly, looking at the small villa before her. She had to kidnap a few book merchants before she could find this place. Her greatest goal was to coerce Ferdinand into submission and to get him to recover all the remaining books which had yet to be sold.

To her, Ferdinand and the others were at most level 19 Knights. There was no way they would be able to resist her battle prowess of an extremely senior level 19 Knight.

Moreover, the fact that she had attacked should already have been exposed, and she had no idea of whether or not the authorities had discovered that she was the one who had done it. She did not have much time left to waste.

'Get him to call back as many as he can. This needs to be done quickly, before the books completely disseminate.'

Just as Rebecca was thinking this, she had already stepped into the darkness and slowly made her way toward the back door of Ferdinand's small building.

'Ferdinand, don't blame me. If you want to blame, then blame yourself for choosing the wrong side to stand on.

'You guys have gone overboard, wanting me to bear eternal infamy.'

Rebecca placed her hand on the doorknob and covered it gradually with her Reduced Force Field. Then, with a slight force, the lock was broken.

She slowly and carefully opened the door, not daring to make a single sound. Her Reduced Force Field had encompassed an area of a ten meter radius around her. She froze everything she noticed in order to not make a single sound.

She knew that she was stronger than Ferdinand, but he was not alone. Since they were both level 19 Knights, once Ferdinand were to start escaping at his full power, it would be too disadvantageous to her if they started a chase within the Great Western City.

Therefore, she was extremely carefully, taking one step at a time toward the building. Hearing faint sounds coming from the hall, she gradually closed in toward its direction.

Five meters...

Four meters...

Three meters...

Two meters...

After making the last turn, Rebecca dashed in, churning out sword Qis of thunder and fire together with her Reduced Force Field. She had no intention of holding back. Other than Ferdinand, she also planned on killing everyone else.

However, the moment she dashed out, she saw Fang Xingjian, Ferdinand, Anthony, and Robert sitting in the hall. There was also an extremely old man whose face was covered with wrinkles and looked like ancient tree bark.

Stunned, the old man threw a glance toward her. As he lightly pressed down his palm, Rebecca was slapped down to the ground like flatbread. She felt excruciating pain all over, as if she was a mosquito frozen in amber, rendered immobile.

Head of Department James who had easily pressed Rebecca down to the ground, asked, "Who is this old hag? She's quite fierce."

Rebecca was trying to summon all her strength to struggle, and her face was twisted as if she was a violent ghost. She really did look very, very fierce.

Fang Xingjian threw a glance at her and said casually, "She's just a fugitive. Just hand her over to the City Guards Institution later."

James did not pay any heed to a woman who was only at Knight level. He then continued their earlier discussion, "Hehe, it's no wonder that you wanted to clear the Killing Techniques Palace. With your reputation raised, you book will sell well.

"But I looked at the contents of this book..."

"This book isn't intended for experts." Ferdinand said apologetically, "We're selling to ordinary people for the sake of earning money.

"We'll publish books targeted at Knights in the future."

James grinned and said, "It won't still be a storybook, right?"

Ferdinand smiled as well, "It'll be a book that provides guidance on sword arts. However, we'll also continue releasing storybooks. They are selling quite well."

James said, unconcerned, "How much have you guys earned?" He had read the book. It was filled with boring stories and was of no interest to him. However, some of the things that Fang Xingjian had learned about sword arts were still quite interesting.

Moreover, with each book being sold at fifty copper coins, he felt that such a cheap item would not be able to bring in much money.

Ferdinand shook his head and said, "We started promoting the book one week before and till now, we've sold a total of 30,000 books. That is 150 coins. It's only been how many days?

"But it's a pity that there are already pirated copies. People have been making copies of the book and selling them at the outskirts of the city. Head of Department James, can you do something about this?"

"Copying the books for selling?"

"That's right. These people used the worst quality paper to make copies of our book. They are selling their copies at twenty-five copper coins while we are selling ours at fifty copper coins. Half the market has been snatched by them.

"Sir, think about it. There are so many villages near Great Western City as well as tens of towns too. There are a few million people out there. Even if only 10% of the people buy our book, it'll still be a few thousand gold coins. If we were to sell it across the country, it would be at least hundreds of thousands or even millions..."

James' eyes wavered a little before he said, "I'm only able to control the area within the Great Western Region at most."

Ferdinand smiled, "That's enough."