Chapter 299 Infamy

 Chapter 299 Infamy

"On the training grounds of The School of Sword Arts, Fang Xingjian sent Kaunitz flying with one sword attack. The latter's eyes rolled back and he was so angry that he spurted out three mouthful of blood before falling to the ground and fainting."

'Slander, that's all blatant slandering!' When Rebecca read to this point, her hands were trembling from fury. The more she read, the angrier she felt.

However, the group of kids all became very excited.

"Good one! He deserved it!"

"Kill that Kaunitz!"

"If I were Fang Xingjian, I'd just chop off his head."

"You idiot! Kaunitz is an aristocrat. If Fang Xingjian were to kill him, he wouldn't be able to take part in the Prefectural Selection."

Unknowingly, over ten commoners started surrounding Rebecca, listening to her read the story.

When the leader of the group of kids saw Rebecca stop, he immediately shouted, "Why are you stopping? Continue! Tell us what happened next!"

Rebecca took a deep breath and continued, "Fang Xingjian defeated Kaunitz in a single sword stroke. In that instant, thunderous loud cheers filled the place, and Vivian's face turned pale..."

Although Rebecca's posture was rigid, she read the entire story expressionlessly, as if she was chanting a mantra. However, in the story, the young male commoner was extremely talented. The story of him defeating the vicious and terrible aristocrats and advancing forward was extremely attractive to the commoners.

As Rebecca read out loud, more and more people started gathering around her. In this world where there were no televisions, no telephones, and no internet, it was a rare enjoyment to the commoners to be able to listen to stories and think of themselves as the main characters.

They clenched their fists tightly when the First Prince appeared, looked worried when Charlie was conducting the interrogation, and cheered when the Governor appeared.

"Charlie let out a howl, dropped to his knees, and wailed as he hugged Fang Xingjian's thigh, 'Xingjian, Lord Xingjian, I beg of you, please let me off. Everything was the First Prince's fault. I had eyes but failed to recognize a talent like yourself. Please let me off.'"

When Rebecca was reading this, the fury in her heart calmed down slowly and what remained was only cold laughs. In her eyes, the stories in this biography were totally illogical and were just random gibberish. How could Charlie be as weak as what was depicted in the stories?

However, the many listeners next to her cheered loudly.

"This is so satisfying!"

"There are too many of such corrupted officials in the Empire."

"This Charlie really deserves to die!"

Seeing the commoners' reactions, Rebecca no longer felt angry, shaking her head at their ignorance.

However, since this book was edited by Ferdinand and other people, the commoners could feel a stronger sense of connection for Fang Xingjian as well as all the antagonists in the story. Or rather, it could be said that it was more suited for the present people's taste.

More and more people were gathered here, and Rebecca started reading increasingly faster, hoping to finish the story soon. However, fury once again appeared in her eyes.

"That Rebecca let out a cold laugh, saying, 'Fang Xingjian this b*stard neither has respect nor show any modesty, going against all values and ethics. So what if those Great Warriors of Garcia have run away? What matters is that we surround and focus on Fang Xingjian.'

"Just like that, Kaunitz, Rebecca, and the others, for their own selfish reasons, paid no heed to the Empire's safety and let Garcia's Destined Warrior Mumukeya escape... Slander, this is all blatant slander!"

Halfway through the reading, Rebecca abruptly stood up with a furious face as if she wanted to tear Fang Xingjian into pieces immediately.

However, another strong man snatched the book over immediately and said impatiently, "I've long felt that this old hag has been reading too slowly. Let me read."

Rebecca was overcome with fury and unable to react in time. However, she subconsciously tolerated everything. After all, she could not create a fuss in Great Western City. Moreover, she had tolerated for half a year, and tolerating had become instinctive.

That strong man did not know that he had made a narrow escape from hell. He picked up the book and continued reading, "Rebecca and the others walked over toward Fang Xingjian proudly. Fang Xingjian picked up his sword and wanted to chase after Mumukeya. However, he suddenly spewed out a mouthful of fresh blood and said furiously, 'Rebecca, when the country is in peril, how could you guys possibly let Mumukeya escape for your own selfish motives?'

"Kaunitz laughed out loud, 'Fang Xingjian, so what if we've let him escape? This day next year will be your death anniversary. You're better off worrying about yourself.'

"Rebecca also laughed and said, 'B*stard, to think that you would have a day like this too. No matter how important the country and people are, they aren't as important as me. I'll skin you today. No one will be able to stop me'..."

"Shut up!"

Rebecca let out a loud bellow and snatched the book from the strong man.

Seeing that the story was interrupted at the most exciting point, the others immediately started shouting their heads off in anger. The few triad members from earlier who were still listening happily even stood up and were about to walk toward Rebecca to teach this old hag a lesson.

The group of people headed up, as if they were going to surround her. However, at the next moment, a tremendous surge of power scattered outward from Rebecca.

A loud, deafening sound rang out. After a series of bone breaking sounds, countless terrified cries rang out.

The commoners in the surroundings were all struck and sent flying by Rebecca's Reduced Force Field. She let out a furious bellow, and the book turned into small pieces of paper, scattering in the air.

She had only wanted to buy a copy of the book to see if Fang Xingjian had written any secrets in it. However, right now, she was overwhelmed with fury, 'To think that the part about the biography are all preposterous lies which sully my name. Fang Xingjian, you and I are irreconcilable!'

Knowing that she could no longer stay in Great Western City after exposing herself, she soared into the air and landed in an alley, attempting to flee.

However, she had only moved a few hundred meters when she heard a lady reading, "Rebecca stood in the arena with her old face covered in wrinkles as she pointed at Fang Xingjian and scolded, 'You little b*stard! To think that you dare to think about killing Kaunitz in the arena! Are there still any laws and regulations around here?

"'Headmaster, this is the Prefectural Champion you guys have taught? This little b*stard...'"

Veins popped up on Rebecca's forehead and she dashed out into the darkness, not wishing to hear this voice anymore.

However, after making a few turns, someone else was creating a commotion, "Kaunitz and Rebecca are really inhumane. To think that they thought of betraying the country and inflicting harm upon Fang Xingjian for their own selfish motives. Thank goodness they didn't succeed."

"Haha, thank goodness Kaunitz was killed by Fang Xingjian and even Rebecca was made a fugitive. You reap what you sow."

Rebecca stomped down on the ground, leaving a small crater. Her expression became extremely twisted, but she continued moving forward in hopes of secretly slipping out.

She progressed very carefully and did not come across any accidents. Based on her estimations, Knights should already have arrived at where she first attacked.

'It's fine. Even if they were to find the place, they won't be able to know that it's me for now. As long as I hurry up...'