Chapter 297 Book

 Chapter 297 Book

Next to her, a young man waved a stack of papers, smiled, and said, "Lilia, it's the latest newspaper. Do you want to read it together?"

Newspapers were also something which the Second Prince had started recently. Currently, they were only sold in the capital of the eight regions due to the limited numbers produced. For now, it was primarily targeted toward aristocrats and high level managements. Those who could get their hands on a copy of the newspapers had all the rights to boast about it.

However, Lilia did not even look at the young man but just continued waving the greatsword in her hands, going on with her training.

The young man did not think too much of it either and continued speaking next to Lilia, "The things reported in this newspaper are all major events that have happened within the Empire. It's said that the Second Prince had activated his great skill, Thoughts Across A Thousand Li, to be able to spread messages rapidly. Even if anything were to happen in Southern Flame Region, we would be able to know about it from here immediately."

Hearing the young man's words, Lilia let out a sigh, put down the greatsword in her hands, and said, "Kite, I've no interest in you. Stop pestering me."

This young man by the name of Kite was also a Knight apprentice from the Five Star Aristocrat Academy. He was the most outstanding Knight apprentice for the past few years and was also the most popular one amongst the students.

However, after Lilia had enrolled into the school, he discovered that Lilia was very different from the other young aristocrat ladies he had come across previously, and thus gained an interest in her.

Kite was not angry even after hearing what Lilia had said. He merely smiled and replied, "Lilia, I'll be attending the Prefectural Selection next year and will be becoming a Knight. As you know, I could have become a Knight long ago, but just wanted to train more to fight for the position of Prefectural Champion. This is why I've waited until now."

Lilia shook her head. Seeing that it was already late, she headed for the direction of the academy's gate.

Ever since Fang Xingjian had entered the Regional Academy, she got her father to enroll her into this academy in the Great Western Region. She had even rented a room outside the school.

Of course, Kite was not aware of all of this. It was impossible for Lilia to tell him about her background, status, and interpersonal relationships.

Therefore, to Kite, Lilia was just a young aristocrat lady from a remote district with a character which was hard to come by.

Seeing Lilia leaving, Kite immediately chased up to her and said, "Lilia, are you going back? Let me send you back. The security in the Great Western Region hasn't been good recently."

Seeing that Lilia continued to ignore him, Kite grinned, picked up the newspaper, and started reading, "Oh? Western Garrison is chasing after the people of Garcia. I heard that the people from Garcia had invaded up to the Western Garrison's territory. Hehe, to think that these black devils from Garcia dared to cause a ruckus in the Empire. They're really a bunch of fools.

"Oh? Rehlings from the Northern Ice Region has come out from seclusion. He has spread word that he'll be crushing all the other opponents in the National Selection next year, gaining an overwhelming victory and becoming the National Champion." Kite continued, "This Rehlings is amazing. He's said to be the number one genius in Northern Ice Region for the past two hundred years. He has been a level 29 second transition Conferred Knight for a very long time, and it's said that even the Northern Ice Region's Governor isn't his match.

"Tsk tsk, if not for the fact that the conditions Northern Ice Region gave him were too good, he would have gone to the central long ago. However, the reward for the upcoming National Selection is too great, and even Rehlings is unable to stay away."

Although Lilia felt nothing for Kite, when she heard him reading the newspaper and talking about the events happening in the world, she was still curious about the contents.

Kite snuck a glance toward Lilia and realized that she was really listening. This made him put in even more effort into reading the news.

"The famous swordmaster from the southeast, Sasa, has come. He's even going to become a teacher at the Regional Academy?" Kite's eyes immediately lit up as he said, "Sasa is said to have the name of Sword Saint in Eastern Sand Region. To think that he is also coming to our Regional Academy?

"In the future, it'd be great if I could receive guidance from him for my sword arts."

The two of them continued walking. Lilia did not say a single word, and Kite eventually stopped as well. He was a young man in his youth, after all, and did not have enough patience. He could not help but ask, "Lilia, what would it take for you to be willing to talk to me? Am I that detestable?"

Lilia looked behind Kite, and looking at her gaze, Kite could not help but turn around as well. He saw a book merchant pushing a cart and promoting his products.

"Unrivalled talent, Fang Xingjian! Cleared all seven levels of the Pantheon Monument in the Regional Selection! Broke through all four stages to the Killing Techniques Palace consecutively within a day! The secret record behind Fang Xingjian's sword training! Those who wish to buy a copy of it, please head over here! Don't pass this opportunity by! If you were to miss out on the secrets behind how Fang Xingjian got strong, you'll regret it for life!"

The merchant continued to shout out loud, and many students were queuing up to purchase a copy of the book.

Kite frowned. "Isn't this Fang Xingjian too arrogant, publishing a book so early? Unrivalled talent? Isn't he afraid of making a laughing stock out of himself to the people from the other regions?"

As his academy's top student, Kite was instinctively repulsed by other geniuses close to his age. He himself was seventeen years old, the same as Fang Xingjian. This made him detest Fang Xingjian even more.

However, Lilia smiled and said, "Then as long as you can clear all seven levels of the Pantheon Monument and get through the Killing Techniques Palace within a day, I'll talk to you.

"I'll be honest with you. The partner I hope to find in the future is a genius like Fang Xingjian."

Hearing Lilia's words, Kite was dumbfounded. Regardless of whether it was clearing all seven levels of the Pantheon Monument or getting through the Killing Techniques Palace within a day, they were both results which could not be surpassed. They were things that many level 29 Conferred Knights would not even dare to think of, let alone Kite.

It was one thing for Kite to criticize Fang Xingjian, but it was impossible for him to do what Fang Xingjian had done.

Kite was speechless and could only watch as Lilia ran over to the book merchant to get a copy of the book.

Kite let out a cold snort, crushed the newspapers in his hand instantly, and headed home angrily.

His house was also in the Great Western City's aristocratic district. Upon entering the hall, he noticed that his mother was already waiting for him. When she saw him, she waved him over, "Kite, come meet your aunt and your uncle. They came all the way from Harvest City."

"Oh, this must be Kite? He looks so handsome."

"What's the use of appearances?" Kite's mother smiled and said, "Who looks at appearances these days?"

Kite stood there while smiling, as if he was a statue free for others to appraise. He had long gotten used to such conversations.

"He's amazing even if we're looking at abilities. Kite should already have the ability to become a Knight, right? When will he be participating in the Prefectural Selection?"

"Next year." Every time this issue was brought up, Kite and his mother would feel extremely proud, "This child could have passed the Prefectural Selection long ago, but we're worried that he's too young and knows no restraint, thus we decided to put him through the mill for a few more years."

"Kite is really outstanding, unlike that son of mine who only knows how to get into promiscuous relationships with women. I should find some time to let him come over and learn from Kite."

Kite appeared to be slightly impatient, but in fact, every time the seniors praised him, he could not help but feel slightly proud.

However, in the next moment, his aunt suddenly took out a book and said, "Oh right,I bought this book on my way here. It's supposed to be the biography of Fang Xingjian. It even has the secrets to his sword arts mastery. You've heard of Fang Xingjian, right?"