Chapter 296 Joining

 Chapter 296 Joining

Upon hearing Fang Xingjian's words, everyone fell silent.

Fang Xingjian had only just entered the Regional Academy, yet he was already thinking of participating in next year's National Selection.

Moreover, what was the situation like for next year's National Selection? A level 30 Divine Remains Equipment was being put up as a reward, which would affect the Regional Academy's budget. Countless young experts as well as old monsters, who had been cultivating for many years, had all come out, vying for first place.

One would be able to know just by thinking with their toes just how fierce the competition for next year's National Selection would be. It would probably be the National Selection with the toughest competition within the last few decades.

Yet, Fang Xingjian, someone who had just become a Conferred Knight, was thinking of participating in this very National Selection one year later.

When the people present heard Fang Xingjian's words, the first thought which came to their minds was that he was crazy. If he was not crazy, then he must be too arrogant, too ignorant of just how big a world was out there.

Hoult, Norman, and the others, all looked at Fang Xingjian as if they were looking at a madman.

Just when everyone was thinking that James, the Head of Department, would reject Fang Xingjian's arrogance outright, he spoke out with much deliberation, "There isn't a lot of time left till next year's National Selection. There are only about a 11 months and a few more days?

"The competition for this National Selection is also very tough. If you don't have the abilities of someone at the peak of level 29, you can forget about being in the top ten.

"Xingjian, with your talent, you can train for four more years and take part in the next National Selection. I'll guarantee that you'll be able to come out first in that National Selection."

Fang Xingjian was unfaltering, causing Rota to be so anxious that it was as though fire was burning in her eyes.

However, Fang Xingjian simply said, "I'll definitely take part in next year's National Selection. And I must definitely come out first."

James rolled his eyes and wanted to continue persuading Fang Xingjian, however, he suddenly thought of the system which had been set up for the National Selection. Smiling, James said, "Xingjian, whether or not you can participate in the National Selection isn't something which we can decide just like that. The National Selection is intended to select the top ten existences.

"As long as you can enter the top ten of the academy, even if you don't wish to participate in the National Selection, you'll still have to do it. We'll naturally give our full support to the students who will be participating in the National Selection."

James made himself very clear. As long as Fang Xingjian was able to enter the top ten ranks in the academy, he would naturally be able to participate in the National Selection, and they would naturally support him.

Therefore, regardless of whether Fang Xingjian's goal was the National Selection, he would just need to make himself stronger and win against the students in the Regional Academy.

Hoppes added on, "Xingjian, if you were to join my sword arts team, all the Killing techniques that we've collected will be open for you. So, you can continue to cultivate and synthesize sword techniques to make yourself stronger."

Fang Xingjian nodded and said, "If I can still have free rein of my time and schedule even after I've entered the team, then I'll do it."

"Of course." Hoppes smiled. With the talent Fang Xingjian had shown today, even if he were to just train with the sword techniques they have in the team, it would be able to bring an improvement to the progress rate of their research. It was because the rate at which he picked up sword techniques was simply too fast.

Fang Xingjian gave it some thought before speaking to James, the Head of Department, once again, "Recently, I've been wanting to publish a book, but I am afraid of encountering any political restrictions. I hope that you can stand by me."

"Publish books? It's good to publish books. With the standard of your sword techniques, you can certainly publish your own books. It's fine. I'll help you personally when the time comes. I am also in contact with many schools, and I can get all of them to use your books for their lessons."

Just as Fang Xingjian continued the conversation with James and Hoppes, and even went on to discuss about the research areas, the others started to realize that they could no longer keep up with the conversation.

Norman did not cultivate sword arts to begin with, so when he heard their conversation, he felt increasingly lost.

At the beginning, Hoult had wanted to try to understand the conversation, but soon after, he could not keep up with their lines of thought. Instead, he gradually retreated and headed outside.

Norman followed after him and asked, "Aren't you going to listen to see what they have to say?"

"There's nothing to listen to. I'm going to learn the Thunderbolt Sword Technique." Thinking of Fang Xingjian's talent and learning speed, a sense of pressure Hoult had never felt before in his life pressed down on him.

Simultaneously, a thought appeared in his mind.

'If you're participating in next year's National Selection, then I'll do the same. In what way will I, Hoult, lose out to you?

'So what if you have slightly more talent than I do?'

Thinking of how Fang Xingjian had been surrounded by James, the Head of Department, Hoult, and the many other teachers, like how stars surrounded the moon... the gloom on Hoult's face grew even darker.

James continued to say, "Xingjian, how about this? Since you've joined the sword arts team to conduct research in sword techniques, I'll need to budget some research funds to you. I'll give you fifty thousand first. Use it sparingly. When you've come up with new results, I'll give you more."

A teacher at the side could not help but say, "Head of Department, this year's budget has been planned out long ago. Where are we going to get the additional fifty thousand?"

"We'll just have to squeeze some out." James blew on his beard and said, "With Xingjian's talent, even if it's just cultivating Killing techniques, he'll be able to bring a lot of results.

"How can our academy not support a talent like this? Go review the budget. If it's insufficient, I can just go ask from Devitt (Governor)."

Hearing the words of James, the Head of Department, everyone felt secretly excited. This was the advantage of someone with high seniority. A person like James, a Head of Department capable of dashing straight to the Governor's office to ask for money, was a person whom everyone would like to fawn up to.

Fang Xingjian heaved a sigh of relief as he thought about that fifty thousand gold. With this, he was halfway to his target of reaching the ten thousand gold required for him to cultivate the first level of the Mystical Prints.

The few of them then continued to discuss the concrete arrangement for the research. One day every week, Fang Xingjian would have to report to the Sword Tower where the sword arts team was located. He would then pick a project, in which he was interested, to participate in. He would also have free access to all the Killing techniques amassed by the sword arts team.

After the discussion, Fang Xingjian returned to his training room in the Sacred Land and continued his cultivation.

The news of him clearing all four stages of the Killing Techniques Palace in a day had gradually spread outside. He believed that Ferdinand would grab the opportunity to help him raise the hype and sell the book.

Right now, he needed to make good use of his time to train his sword techniques. After all, he now had five sword techniques he needed to work on: the Ninety Thousand Godly Demon Flash; Thunderbolt Sword Technique; Mountain Shifting Sword; Aquatic Sword Formation; and Lightless Sword. He would need to work hard on cultivating these sword techniques and then synthesize them into his sword technique.

At least for the next month or two, he would not be lacking in Killing techniques to train with.

The first sword technique Fang Xingjian worked on was the Ninety Thousand Godly Demon Flash. He worked hard to cultivate this sword technique, hoping to train it to the maximum level as soon as possible before synthesizing it to his current technique.

For the few days Fang Xingjian had been cultivating, many small push carts started appearing along the streets of the Great Western City, each of them filled with many books for sale.

They tended to appear outside various academies, including aristocrat academies, dojos, and Knight Academies. When they came across Knight apprentices, they would start shouting to grab their attention in order to sell the books.

In the north of the Great Western City, at a school known as the Five Star Aristocrat Academy, which had a long history and had created countless Knights, Lilia was sweating profusely as she trained in her sword arts seriously.

Right now, Lilia was wearing a set of training clothes which included a short sleeved top and short pants. She had a slightly muscular figure, yet she did not give off an intimidating feeling. On the contrary, coupled with her tanned skin, cute face, and twin ponytails, she gave off a healthy and lively feeling.

Moreover, she was very pretty and exquisite to begin with. So, as she cultivated on the training ground, she attracted the gazes of many.