Chapter 295 Goal

 Chapter 295 Goal

Fang Xingjian looked at James, the Head of Department. Although he felt there was something strange, Fang Xingjian nodded anyway and said, "I've just learned the Lightless Sword from the fourth stage."

As he said this, the Mountain Shifting Sword was activated, and a rock spike appeared in his hand. He then swept out with the stone sword, causing everything within a one hundred meter radius to darken as if the sun in the sky had been blocked by a thick layer of clouds.

However, how could there possibly be any clouds in the sky right now? This was not a natural weather transformation but a result of the Lightless Sword Fang Xingjian had activated. It gathered the light from the sun, causing all the rays from the sun within a hundred meter radius to be sucked into the longsword he was holding.

Fang Xingjian's stone sword turned into a white-colored light sword. And under the high temperature, it continued to heat up the air, causing white steam to form.

Upon seeing this scene, James, the Head of Department, laughed out loud. His already wrinkled face now looked like a piece of old bark with trenches all over.

The eyes of Swordmaster Hoppes, the head of the Regional Academy's sword arts research group, had also lit up. "Excellent! To be able to break through all the stages of the Killing Techniques Palace... Xingjian, what you've done today will definitely be recorded into history. It won't be long before your name spreads across the world."

The other teachers next to him all revealed gazes of strong astonishment, envy, and admiration.

Although it sounded cool to be breaking through the Killing Techniques Palace within a day, only these Conferred Knights, the strong experts who had made their way through the Killing Techniques Palace themselves, would know just how difficult it was to accomplish this.

This achievement was not child's play which could be accomplished easily. The amounts of effort, hard work, preparation, talent, and strong foundation required were unbelievable.

They suddenly thought of what Head of Department James had said earlier. When Fang Xingjian reached their age, how far would he have progressed by then?

Hoult, Norman, and the others, who had been standing far away, also walked up and listened in on their conversation. When they heard that Fang Xingjian had actually cleared all stages of the Killing Techniques Palace within a day and acquired all four Killing techniques in each of the stages, their expressions were priceless.

Hoult could not help but step forth and stare into Fang Xingjian's eyes as he asked, "Fang Xingjian, you learned all four sets of Killing techniques in the Killing Techniques Palace within a day?"

Seeing Fang Xingjian nod, Hoult's tone was full of doubt when he said, "But for you to be able to learn four sets of Killing techniques in a day... I don't understand. How on earth did you do that?"

Although Hoult had appeared abruptly, his question was something which everyone present was curious about. Therefore, no one stopped him. They all looked at Fang Xingjian, as if waiting for his answer in great anticipation.

Fang Xingjian gave it some thought and said, "Talent. I'm able to pick up any sword technique after looking at it for a few times. If it's a Killing technique which is slightly more complicated, I'll be able to learn it within one to two hours at most."

Hearing this reply, Hoult's expression simply collapsed. The expressions of the other people present were no better.

Initially, Hoult had thought up of a bunch of theories and rationales to rebut regardless of what Fang Xingjian's reply would be, and even if he failed, he could try the method himself and think of ways to surpass Fang Xingjian.

However, Fang Xingjian's reply was very simple.

To Conferred Knights like them who had been going through endless tough trainings, wanting to pick up and synthesize Killing techniques, make up for their flaws, and strengthen themselves... Fang Xingjian's talent was like a cheat.

However, James immediately said in a low voice, "Alright, Xingjian, let's not talk about this anymore." James knew Fang Xingjian's words would attract a lot of hatred. People who had been cultivating their sword techniques for over ten years or even for several decades would feel extremely jealous and furious if they were to hear what Fang Xingjian had just said.

Therefore, James added, "One more thing. You all mustn't spread what you've just heard either."

Hoult could not really tolerate it as it was, so he asked again, "Usually, what is the maximum level for your sword techniques?" He stared at Fang Xingjian, as if he would charge at Fang Xingjian if he refused to answer.

Fang Xingjian had not planned on hiding as much as he had done in the past. Right now, he was equipped with Terra Ingurgitation, Boundaries Negation, and four new Killing sword techniques. Additionally, he even had the protection of a level 29 Divine Armor. Therefore, he had less concern to hold back. Moreover, he was still progressing at an unbelievable speed.

So, he eventually just gave a slightly lower number, "Usually it's around level 20 to 30."

Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, Hoult felt as though a loud explosion had rung out in his mind, as if streams of thunderbolts had swept by.

"Level 20 to 30?"

Hoult's current sword technique with the highest level was already at its max with level 20. However, Fang Xingjian was saying that he was able to reach up to level 30...? What concept was this? How terrifying was his talent?

The rest of the people also drew in cold gasps. They would not even dare to think about having the maximum of their sword techniques to be at level 20 to 30.

People like Ronan and Duolun, who had trained their sword techniques to level 15, were already rare talents, capable of entering the Regional Academy and becoming Conferred Knights.

Then for those who were slightly stronger, like Hoult or the top ten students in the academy, they would be able to train their techniques to around level 20.

By drawing such comparisons, one would be able to tell just how astonishing Fang Xingjian's talent was. Moreover, this was a number he had reduced by 10 when he shared it. The job which he had transitioned into, the Heavenly Sword Sovereign, had a job specialty, the Heavenly Sword Imprint, which could increase the maximum level of his sword techniques by a maximum of ten levels.

James, the Head of Department, let out a cough and said, "Alright, we'll just keep this within ourselves and not spread a word of it out." With that, his gaze suddenly turned sharp, "If I were to hear some related news outside, don't blame me for showing no leniency."

He had given the order that no one was to divulge the news of the level of Fang Xingjian's sword techniques.

After saying that with a solemn expression, James then looked at Fang Xingjian with a wide smile and said, "Xingjian, your result this time around is really out of my expectations. Once news of you clearing the Killing Techniques Palace within a day is spread outside, this will even bring fame to our Great Western Region Regional Academy.

"If you have any requests, just say it. If I have the authority to make the decision, I'll definitely promise to do it for you."

Hoppes also said, "Xingjian, although you've rejected me twice, I must still say this again. With your talent, if you don't join my sword arts team, it'll be too much of a waste."

Hearing that Fang Xingjian had actually rejected Hoppes twice, everyone's expressions were even more priceless than before as quite a number of them had actually wanted to join Hoppes' sword arts team.

However, right now, they could only look at Fang Xingjian in envy.

Hearing this, James, the Head of Department James, also said solemnly, "Xingjian, there are still many advantages to joining Hoppes' sword arts team. You can have access to the most advanced information and theories there. If you're worried that it'll take too much of your time, how about this? You can participate in the experiments selectively.

"If you have any other requests, just let me know. If I can do it, I'll definitely promise to do it for you."

Hearing James' words, everyone was once again astonished.

However, this astonishment was just the beginning. Fang Xingjian gave it some thought before saying, "I'd like to take part in next year's National Selection and come out in first place. For this, I'll need the academy's full support."