Chapter 291 Picking Up

 Chapter 291 Picking Up

As Fang Xingjian's sword fingers moved about, the Heavenly Waterfall, which was plunging down from the sky, actually changed its direction.


'How can this be possible?!

'The Heavenly Waterfall was left behind by the second generation Headmaster. Even the Aquatic Sword Formation is not able to control it.

'If it's not because the Fifth Prince created the Heavenly Waterfall Slash based on the flow of the Heavenly Waterfall Lake and the principles behind the Aquatic Sword Formation, even I won't be able to control the Heavenly Waterfall. How on earth did Fang Xingjian do it?'

Many thoughts began flooding Ada's mind at a very fast speed, but they were unable to stop the plunging Heavenly Waterfall, which cut across the sky and fell down toward Ada's direction.

Before the Heavenly Waterfall even got near, strong gales gushed forth, making it hard for Ada to breath. The water vapour in the air arrived before the waterfall itself, and it was as if there was a heavy rainstorm.

Behind Ada, that female student in a swimsuit was already pale-faced and screaming out loud. With her abilities, there was no way she could fend off the impact from the Heavenly Waterfall, and she would probably be crushed into pieces.

Ada let out a fierce bellow and condensed streams of Aquatic Sword Qis, incessantly absorbing the water from the lake to encompass her body. She directed the Aquatic Sword Qis with sword fingers on one hand while pointing her other hand to the ground. Then Ada's aura suddenly changed, and it was as if she had turned into a majestic mountain, standing there aloft.

As the guard for the third stage, Ada had naturally learned the Mountain Shifting Sword from the second stage. Suddenly, she performed the Mountain Shifting Sword and connected herself with the surrounding terrain, hoping to fend off the plunging Heavenly Waterfall.

In the next moment, it was as if the Milky Way had plunged down, and the Heavenly Waterfall collided against Ada's sword formation. However, just like how it was as easy as to break an egg, the water sphere was immediately crushed despite having the ability to stand up against a battleship's main canon. Thereafter, the waterfall then continued to hit against Ada's body mercilessly.

Feeling as if a mountain had smashed down against her body, Ada's bones let out a series of woeful creaks as she puked out a mouthful of blood. At the next moment, Ada was completely devoured by the water and had fallen to the bottom of the lake.

Simultaneously, the earth trembled like there was a grade 5 earthquake. It was the result of Ada channeling the impact she had received down into the earth through the Mountain Shifting Sword.

The Heavenly Waterfall went back to normal, and Fang Xingjian gradually returned to the shores. Rota and the others were all struck with fright.

Just then, a series of explosions abruptly appeared in the lake, and Ada dashed out while grabbing the female student. With a few steps, they landed on the shore.

The female student was still in a shock and completely drenched. Next to her, Ada was panting heavily with a pale face. There were many parts throughout her body including her organs which were suffering from internal bleeding, and even her spine was severely injured.

In fact, if it had not been because she had channeled away majority of the impact with the ingenuity of the Mountain Shifting Sword, her body would have been smashed to smithereens.

Despite this, Ada's injuries were still very serious. However, she persisted and lifted her head, then she looked at Fang Xingjian and mumbled, "You... How on earth did you manage to control the Heavenly Waterfall?

"This is the Heavenly Waterfall created by the second generation Headmaster. Even the Aquatic Sword Formation can't control it. How did you do it?"

Fang Xingjian said calmly, "Didn't you manage to do it? I imitated you."

"Imitated me?" Ada's expression grew agitated. "That's the Heavenly Waterfall Slash, not the Aquatic Sword Formation. You haven't learned the Heavenly Waterfall Slash before, so how could you imitate me?"

"Didn't you use it right in front of me? I learned it after seeing you using it once."

"You learned it after watching me using it once?" Ada looked at Fang Xingjian in a daze, with doubt filling both her eyes. "How is that possible?"

Fang Xingjian said casually, "There's nothing impossible about it. It's just an application of the Aquatic Sword Qis. By tapping into the force of the rising hot water vapor and using the theory of sinking cold air, I caused the Heavenly Waterfall to break through its limits temporarily

"It's easy to understand with just one look."

These words made Ada's countenance change. She had not expected that Fang Xingjian would be able to bring up the principles behind the Heavenly Waterfall Slash so easily. The Fifth Prince had told her about the principles previously, but she had spent a few days trying to comprehend them before she gradually understood the Heavenly Waterfall Slash.

To think that Fang Xingjian had learned it after seeing her use it just once?

In that instant, an immense feeling of frustration surged within Ada.

She suddenly thought of how even the Fifth Prince had meditated before the Heavenly Waterfall Lake for one day and one night before he created the Heavenly Waterfall Slash. However, Fang Xingjian had been able to pick it up with just one look.

Although the Fifth Prince trained in the area of bare-fisted arts, it was still much harder to create a technique than learn one after just looking at it. However, Ada's confidence in the Fifth Prince was still dealt with a blow.

The Fang Xingjian right before her seemed to overlap with her image of the Fifth Prince. Suddenly, Ada's confidence in the Fifth Prince was not comparable to what it had been before.

'I must tell the Fifth Prince. I'll send him a message right away. Fang Xingjian's talent is not to be undermined...'

However, Fang Xingjian merely asked, "I can head to the fourth stage now, right?"

Ada lifted her head and took a long look at Fang Xingjian. Then she said, "You don't need to rush. There's no one on guard for the fourth stage in the Killing Techniques Palace... After all, the purpose of defeating the people on guard for the first three stages is to allow the students to head to the next stage to learn the next sword technique.

"The fourth stage is the final stage. You can leave directly after learning the sword technique. There's no need at all for you to defeat a guard."

Hearing Ada's words, everyone was struck by realization and turned to look at Fang Xingjian.

This meant that Fang Xingjian was considered to have broken through all four stages of the Killing Techniques Palace.

The students, who had followed Fang Xingjian from the first stage, murmured, "Clearing the Killing Techniques Palace within a day... Has something like this occurred before in the history of the academy?"

"No. No one has done something like this before. Fang Xingjian has made history..."

"We've all just become witnesses to the making of history."

Ada took a a few deep breaths before leaving with the female student to have their injuries treated. Meanwhile Fang Xingjian and the others headed to the next stage for Fang Xingjian to learn the final sword technique in the Killing Techniques Palace.

Simultaneously at the entrance of the Killing Techniques Palace, another group of people walked over. It was Hoult. Dressed in the clothes and accessories of nobility, he looked suave and handsome. As someone who was under the wings of a Divine level expert, Hoult was the one who had unfortunately come in second place in the Regional Selection after being defeated by Fang Xingjian.

Next to Hoult, there was a guy with big, intelligent eyes and a thin figure.

The guy looked at Hoult and smiled, saying, "Hoult, this time around, you'll definitely be able to create a new record in the Killing Techniques Palace. You were able to step into Heaven's Perception and complete the second transition within a month... There hasn't been anyone else in history who has done this.

"Even that Fang Xingjian who is in the same batch as you... I've heard that he's still training day and night in the Sacred Land? I've also heard that he has even wasted time creating his own Nurturing sword technique.

"For us to create Nurturing sword techniques... It's too much of a waste of effort.

"Today, you're going to start breaking through the Killing Techniques Palace. With your talent, you'll be able to clear through all four stages within half a month at most. By then, you'll definitely be able to defeat that Fang Xingjian."