Chapter 286 Heavenly Waterfall

 Chapter 286 Heavenly Waterfall

Fang Xingjian got the two students to lead the way. After all, the entire stretch of valleys had been destroyed, and the cliffs and rocky paths had all disappeared. So, Fang Xingjian and Rota naturally did not know which direction to go.

Fang Xingjian might have previously had the plan to take a break first or even to return to the Killing Techniques Palace and clear all the stages within two to three days. However, Ronan suspected that Fang Xingjian had picked up the Killing techniques in the Killing Techniques Palace in advance. Although Fang Xingjian wanted to shut Ronan up with his sword, what he wanted to do more was to break through the Killing Techniques Palace within the shortest time possible. This would be able to prove that his talent really had allowed him to pick up a set of top notch Killing techniques within one to two hours.

The group of four proceeded forth, passing by many buildings and through many gardens. Not long later, they heard rumbling sounds.

"Is this the sound of water?" Rota's brows twitched and asked, "Is there a great river in the Killing Techniques Palace?"

The two students nodded with some hesitation, as if they had just thought of something. A hint of fear and the desire to hide flashed in their eyes.

They continued to walk for about a few hundreds meters, and the rumbling sounds got increasingly louder, to the extent that it was deafening. It was as though there was a great river and even a waterfall in the distance.

The four of them turned past a corner, and an endless vapor gushed forth toward them like a spray of rain. Then in the next moment, a huge lake appeared before them.

The lake was an emerald green, just like jade. It was huge, but what was even more amazing was that many one-meter-tall waves hit against the shore like waves from a sea. The entire lake seemed like it was breathing.

The rumbling noises they had heard earlier came from the center of the lake. It was as if a heavenly pillar or a pillar of water had fell from the heaven, smashing down on the lake.

The volume of the water pillar was massive, and it looked just like a waterfall, smashing down incessantly onto the surface of the water while creating rumbling sounds.

It was also because of this that a stream of water continued to smash downward with thunderous rumbles, causing vapor to fill the air.

Rota looked at the sky in amazement and asked, "Why is there a waterfall falling down from the sky?"

One of the students explained, "This is the Aquatic Sword Formation the second generation Headmaster created. It compacts the water vapor which falls from the skies and forms a heavenly waterfall that adds water into the lake endlessly.

"There is an eyelet right at the bottom of the lake's center, where water from the lake will flow through it continuously into the underground river. The lake will then continue to be filled up by the water vapor in the air.

"This causes the lakes to be full of huge surging waves, undercurrents, and whirlpools. Even if a Conferred Knight were to enter the water, he will have to be extremely careful at all times as he may be drawn down to the bottom of the lake.

"This is the third stage of the Killing Techniques Palace, the Heavenly Waterfall Lake, where you'll learn the Aquatic Sword Formation."

As Rota looked at the majestic Heavenly Waterfall Lake, which was like a divine miracle, her mind was completely refreshed. The scene had an indescribable grandeur to it. Even if ordinary people had seen it, they would also feel as if all the troubles in their hearts were resolved. If one were to stay here for a long period of time, they would become open-minded and be capable of handling things with great generosity.

Of course, the prerequisite was that the individual would need to be able to withstand the omnipresent vapor and humidity, as well as those deafening sounds.

Fang Xingjian asked, "Where do I go to learn the Aquatic Sword Formation?"

One of the students looked at the raging water in the lake with a lingering fear and pointed to a large stone tablet in a distance away. Then he said, "It's on that stone tablet."

Therefore, Rota and the others went over. What they saw there were densely packed words as well as various diagrams and annotations. This was the Aquatic Sword Formation which students had to learn for this stage.

Just as Fang Xingjian was reading the manual for the Aquatic Sword Formation, the surface of the lake suddenly became turbulent. A figure broke through from the water and landed heavily on the shore.

The figure was a lady who was completely drenched, had her hair tied up high, and was wearing a swimsuit.

The lady had long, black hair, and the curves of her muscles and bones were very distinct. Additionally, with her malt colored skin, she gave off a feeling of great vigor.

However, the moment she landed on the shore, she coughed up a mouthful of water and then looked at the direction of the lake with a weakly pale face.

Not long after she landed, the entire lake was like it was boiling. A huge whirlpool suddenly appeared and spread out, revealing a dark hole, which seemed as though it was connected to hell.

Then a more mature-looking lady rose from the whirlpool, with a layer of waves surrounding her body. She wore a Knight attire, yet she did not appear to be wet at all.

As she emerged, a hint of fury flashed across her face. She stared at the girl on the shores and said, "What are you so scared of? The most important part of cultivating the Aquatic Sword Formation is to enter the Heavenly Waterfall Lake and train up your sword formation through the lake's undercurrents and water flow.

"This Heavenly Waterfall was created back then by the second generation Headmaster. The water flow contains the profoundness of the Aquatic Sword Formation. As a cultivator, you must be able to press forward with an indomitable will; you must push through all obstacles, and slash out a path from the sword formation. Only then will you be able to pick this up successfully.

"You became careful the moment you entered the water, on guard against anything and everything. Without any determination to push forth, how are you going to cultivate the Aquatic Sword Formation like this?

"Hmph. When I was first learning the Aquatic Sword Formation, I tied a metal chain to myself and leaped into the center of the lake. The worst that could have happened was for me to be drowning and having to get people to pull me out. Without even this courage, how are you going to pick this up?"

When Rota and the others heard this, their hearts skipped a beat. This lady was truly vicious. To think that she had tied a metal chain to herself and just leaped down toward the eyelet in the middle of the lake. It was as though, before cultivation, one's life was totally unimportant. Her actions and disposition, as well as the fury reflected on her face all showed that this lady was a ruthless person.

After reprimanding the other lady on the shore, the mature-looking lady then turned to look down toward Fang Xingjian and the others. When she saw the two students, she frowned and said, "Aren't the two of you cultivating the Thunderbolt Sword Technique with Duolun in the first stage? Why have you come here?

"It's not allowed for people to walk around casually through the four stages in the Killing Techniques Palace. You two are seniors and should know this. Why are you barging in here today?"

Being stared down by this lady, the two students became like mice who had encountered rats. One of them straightened up smartly and said, "Miss Ada, we're here to show the Fang Xingjian the way. He won the previous two stages but isn't familiar with the way to the third stage, so we brought him here."

"Fang Xingjian?" The mature-looking lady by the name of Ada shifted her gaze to Fang Xingjian and asked, "You're this year's Regional Champion, Fang Xingjian?"

Ada was a female swordsman and a level 24 Conferred Knight ranked 25th amongst the students.

When Ada saw Fang Xingjian nod, she questioned doubtfully, "Shouldn't you have only entered the school last month? Yet you've already defeated Duolun and Ronan?"

Her tone was filled with doubt and disbelief.

The two students answered, "It's true. Furthermore, Fang Xingjian only came to the Killing Techniques Palace today, but he has already learned both the Thunderbolt Sword Technique and the Mountain Shifting Sword."

There continued to be doubt in Ada's eyes. She looked at Fang Xingjian and asked again, "I heard that the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor is in your hands. Is that true?"

If the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor was really in his hands, then it would explain how he had managed to get through to this stage.