Chapter 283 Malicious Intent

 Chapter 283 Malicious Intent

Seeing that Fang Xingjian had drawn out his longsword, the two students looked over once again. Rota was also staring at him with interest, as if waiting for something to happen.

'The Thunderbolt Sword Technique from the first stage controls thunder and lightning.

'The Mountain Shifting Sword in the second stage, on the other hand, is for changing the geomagnetism.

'Electromagnetism and geomagnetism... both of them complement each other.

'The people in Miracle World do not have natural science like on Earth. However, considering their outstanding martial arts and abilities, as well as their complementation with things like the Heaven's Perception and ether particles, the comprehension ability of some experts of the natural world may not lose out to the best scientists on Earth.'

As Fang Xingjian contemplated the profoundness of the Mountain Shifting Sword, the Demoness' Howl in Fang Xingjian's hand started to dance about, as if it was a ladle mixing up a pot of porridge. The entire space seemed tremble slightly.

Everything in the world was formed by ether particles. This was the case for mountains and rivers, and this was also the case for the human body.

The Mountain Shifting Sword was a sword technique which passed through two sides, both formed by ether particles, and let the two fields affect each other. Then along the natural course of development, the sword technique would move around mountains and seas.

For ordinary people, such disturbances and changes formed from the interactions of physical substances were transformations to one's aura.

Therefore, what that was important in the Mountain Shifting Sword was not the ingenuity of the sword move but rather, in one's aura. One needed to display an imposing sword aura to guide and move the terrain!

With a slash of his sword, the aura throughout Fang Xingjian's body changed. Then as he slashed out time and time again, the aura in his body continued increasing, as if he had turned into a majestic mountain, standing tall before everyone else.

Although his movements were slow, his power and aura grew increasingly stronger. Even though the others were tens of meters away from him, they were able to sense that each movement of Fang Xingjian's longsword caused disturbances in the air, like they were the disturbances in the seas. They hit against the ground and released tremendous booms.

Then as Fang Xingjian's aura grew stronger, the valleys and cliff walls in the surroundings seemed to tremble slightly. This was the Mountain Shifting Sword, changing the geographical landscaping slowly.

Fatty Ronan, who had previously been deep in sleep, suddenly opened his eyes. He shot out a vicious glare as he watched Fang Xingjian perform the Mountain Shifting Sword.

'He really has succeeded in picking it up?

'But how is that possible? Could it be that somebody broke the rules and taught it to him outside?

'Who would be so audacious?'

A series of doubts went through Ronan's mind. Regardless, he was unable to believe that Fang Xingjian had almost succeeded in learning the Mountain Shifting Sword within about one and a half hour. Back then, when he had been trying to pick up this sword technique, how much time had he taken? Had it been half a month or one month?

Ronan was not able to believe that someone would be able to pick it up within one and a half hour.

He shouted at Fang Xingjian, "Have you managed to learn the Mountain Shifting Sword?"

Fang Xingjian threw him a glance and said, "This sword technique is truly complicated and profound. I had to spend some additional effort to be able to say that I've really managed to learn it."

Hearing this, Ronan felt unhappy, especially after seeing how tall and young Fang Xingjian was. A burning jealousy bloomed in Ronan's heart.

Ronan said in a loud voice, "Fang Xingjian, there hasn't been anyone in the world who has been able to pick up the Mountain Shifting Sword in such a short amount of time. Rather than believing in the possibility of this happening, I'm more inclined to suspect that there has been a Conferred Knight who leaked out the information about the Mountain Shifting Sword and committed the crime of treason."

Although he appeared as if he was on the side of justice, the words he spoke were extremely vicious. If Fang Xingjian was really related to the crime of treason, being involved with someone, who had spread information about the Mountain Shifting Sword without authorization, would ruin his future.

The Empire clamped down hard on things like spreading around the Empire's martial arts without authorization. Even if it was done by a Conferred Knight, the person would be punished with death.

Therefore, when Fang Xingjian heard Ronan's words, he frowned deeply with hints of fury spread throughout his body.

He did not know if Ronan's words were intentional or not, but if such rumors were to spread out... Even if Fang Xingjian was deemed innocent in the end, he would have been dealt a heavy blow. In that instant, a killing aura surged out from his body, and he did not plan to step back.

Of course, at this moment, Fang Xingjian must not step back. Instead, he must strike back hard to defend himself. Otherwise, he might be thrown into a quagmire, bugged down by countless investigations and troubles.

Especially as Fang Xingjian's talent continued to reveal itself, the information about how quickly he picked up sword techniques would be known by more and more people. Therefore, he needed to harden his stance in such matters. He could not afford to have anyone slandering his talent, especially when it involved things like spreading around the Mountain Shifting Sword without authorization.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian glared at Ronan coldly and said, "This is just how my sword arts talent is.

"The things that Divine level experts can't do... and the things that mediocre people like you can't do... It doesn't mean that they are things I can't do."

Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, Ronan was extremely infuriated, and there was nothing that he dared not do now. The fats on his face trembled, and he pointed his thick index finger at Fang Xingjian, saying, "What an arrogant junior. Today, I'll put you down and hand you to the association for them to conduct a thorough investigation."

Ronan was openly declaring war, starting his attack without giving Fang Xingjian a chance to train.

As he spoke, his body trembled slightly and his disposition changed immediately. Although Ronan still appeared very fat, he did not give off the feeling that he was actually so. On the contrary, he gave off an aura of vigor, heroism, loftiness, and great zeal.

The bones in his body trembled vigorously, knocking against each other, while his vital energy and blood gushed crazily, as if they were part of a gushing river. Then as his aura rose, the entire valley was filled with tremendous sounds of rumbles and kachas. The sounds were extremely terrifying, giving off the feeling as though the entire heavens and the earth were being torn apart by a giant.

When Rota and the two students felt the tremors coming from under their feet, they were stricken with panic.

This was the level 15 Mountain Shifting Sword. Just the initial kickstart would cause the terrain to move, the mountains to collide, and the earth's crust to tremor. It was like the earth was quaking and the mountains swaying.

Ronan was not even holding a sword at all. He had merely put his fingers together to form a sword, and as his sword fingers first began moving, the walls of the mountains had started to tremor furiously.

Looking at panic-stricken expressions of Rota and the others, Ronan appeared to be very proud of himself. However, when he saw Fang Xingjian's calm demeanour, he began to feel infuriated again.

On his fat face, his eyes squinted, looking like a pair of small dots. He glared viciously at Fang Xingjian and said coldly, "The Mountain Shifting Sword emphasizes on the aura and not the moves. What's the difference if there's a sword or not?

"Today, I'll teach you how profound the Mountain Shifting Sword truly is."

With a swing of his sword fingers, he slashed out toward Fang Xingjian across the space. Concurrently, the huge sword underneath his feet trembled vigorously, and a wave of tremors was sent out.