Chapter 282 Disbelief

 Chapter 282 Disbelief

Seeing that Ronan still did not believe their words, the two students became even more anxious and shouted, "He is Fang Xingjian, this year's Regional Champion and the genius who has comprehended all seven levels of the mysteries to the Pantheon Monument."

"He really did reach level 10 in the Thunderbolt Sword Technique within an hour."

Looking at their serious expressions, Ronan frowned. However, he still found it unbelievable.

This was as if someone had told a high school teacher that a student had completed all the papers for the college entrance examinations within ten minutes and had even gotten full marks for all of them. Who would believe this?

Ronan, who was like a mountain of flesh, shook his head and said, "Even if he has comprehended the seven levels of mysteries to the Pantheon Monument, does that mean that he can reach level 10 in his Thunderbolt Sword Technique within an hour? Even Divine level experts have not accomplished such a feat before. Two hundred years ago, the Melancholic Monarch left the Pantheon Monument behind. Have you guys heard of him bringing a Killing technique to level 10 within an hour?"

The two students were struck speechless and simply could not respond.

That's true. This was something that even Divine level experts could not accomplish... and yet Fang Xingjian could do it?

The two students was immediately in doubt.

Looking at their hesitation, Ronan smiled and revealed a proud expression as he said, "That's why I'm saying that bringing the Thunderbolt Sword Technique to level 10 within an hour is impossible. I reckon that..." Stroking his double chin, he continued saying, "This fellow must have picked up the Thunderbolt Sword Technique earlier and brought it to level 10, before going over to act as if he had just picked it up."

"It's not just level 10. Based on what Brother Duolun said, it's at level 12."

"And what meaning is there for him to do this?"

"Meaning?" Fatty Ronan sneered. He thought that he had understood the whole situation, so his tone was now even more confident. "What could it be? It's to put up the farce of being a genius, of course. How many 'geniuses' have you come across who, since they were young, liked to pretend they were slackers, only to work hard through the night in secret? Fang Xingjian is just another guy who likes putting up a facade."

As he said his, Ronan looked toward the direction where Fang Xingjian and Rota were, and intentionally spoke louder, "Remember, the path of a Conferred Knight's cultivation is very tough. If you don't go through your cultivation one step at a time but choose to waste your time putting on an act and pretending to be talented, you're just treating your future as a joke."

The two students nodded, and the gazes they sent in Fang Xingjian's directions became clouded with contempt.

Rota could no longer tolerate it and rebutted, "What nonsense are you spouting? Moreover, Fang Xingjian just participated in the Regional Selection a month ago and only completed his job transition this month. Where would he have had the time to pick up the Thunderbolt Sword Technique in advance?"

Hearing Rota's words, Ronan was rendered speechless. He then said impatiently, "Why would I care how he cheated? At this level, he can only pick up the Mountain Shifting Sword dutifully. I'm not as weak as Duolun, and I'll definitely not go easy on him."

Ronan's rank was 34th, and he was a level 23 Conferred Knight. His Mountain Shifting Sword had also reached the maximum level of level 15, and his mastery of sword arts was above Duolun's.

However, no matter how much they said, Fang Xingjian did not pay any heed to their conversation. It was merely some gibberish. How could acting impetuously be more important than for him to pick up sword techniques? In a while, he would naturally speak with his sword technique.

Moreover, this Mountain Shifting Sword seemed more powerful and complicated than the Thunderbolt Sword Technique from the previous stage.

It was just as the two students had said. The four sword techniques in the four stages of the Killing Techniques Palace were ranked in order of difficulty.

The previous Thunderbolt Sword Technique was one which summoned the ether particles in space, transforming the powers drawn from them into electrical forces to use in attacks.

Additionally, the Mountain Shifting Sword was different. It used the power of the sword to guide the geographical positions, changing geomagnetism and the powers of the earth to guide the movements of the continental crusts. This in turn changed the terrain and created earthquakes.

How tremendous and violent was the force harbored by the earth? Once the various heat and kinetic energies exploded, it would be sufficient to destroy an entire city.

Furthermore, how complicated would the sword theories about the Mountain Shifting Sword be, for it to control and stimulate such powers?

Upon his first look, Fang Xingjian was almost instantly attracted by the ingenuity of the theories behind the Mountain Shifting Sword.

He went over each and every word with great detail. It was fortunate the requirements of the Regional Academy were splendid enough that there were many generations of experts who had written down a large number of annotations. All of the annotations were what generations of experts had understood and left behind. Naturally, all those who had been able to leave their words behind were not ordinary.

Fang Xingjian had even seen Hoppes' comprehension of the Mountain Shifting Sword. Hoppes had broken down some difficult parts and explained each part, making it more convenient for others to pick up the technique.

Even though Fang Xingjian was going over the words one by one, to the people present, the speed at which he was reading was still much, much too fast. It was unlike ordinary Conferred Knights who needed to spend half a day carefully studying each line of the Mountain Shifting Sword they had read.

For Fang Xingjian, it was like he had read one line, paused for a while, and then after comprehending the profoundness of that line, he would immediately move on to the next one.

When Ronan saw the speed at which Fang Xingjian was reading, he could not help but let out a cold snort, "Putting up a farce."

After reading closely for about over forty minutes, Fang Xingjian shook his head slightly and stopped looking at the manual.

The two students suddenly felt nervous upon seeing this scene. It was because this scene seemed to already have happened when Fang Xingjian learned the Thunderbolt Sword Technique. They looked at Fang Xingjian and thought to themselves, 'Has he learned it again? This time, he's even faster than before?'

Ronan frowned. Meanwhile, Rota asked directly, "Xingjian, have you learned it?"

"Learned it?" Fang Xingjian shook his head. "How is that possible? This sword technique is still quite complicated. How would it be possible for me to pick it up in such a short amount of time?"

"Then you..."

"I'm going to have my meal." Fang Xingjian looked toward Ronan and said, "Do you guys have to go out for your food? Is there noone who will deliver food here?"

Of course, there was a food delivery service. However, seeing how Fang Xingjian had the mood for food whilst learning the sword technique, everyone was speechless.

"Putting up a farce." Ronan let out a cold laugh while shaking his head. His disbelief that Fang Xingjian had picked up the Thunderbolt Sword Technique within an hour was increasing. He then said to the two students, "You guys can take him out to get food. I'm going to sleep."

With that, Ronan dropped down on the ground, facing upward. Soon after, snoring sounds emerged.

Fang Xingjian could care less about all these. He would have no other choice if he was in the wilderness, but since he was in the Regional Academy, he naturally had to ensure he ate every two hours. This would ensure that his various energies, essences, and nutrients were replenished.

Only with sufficient energy, would he be able to ensure that his body was capable of self-cultivating for twenty-four hours a day at all times, not wasting any single second of his time.

Helplessly, the two students had no choice but to bring him to the dining hall in the Killing Techniques Palace.

The Killing Techniques Palace welcomed all Conferred Knights to train there, and the cultivation of Conferred Knights could take days or even months. So, it was, of course, impossible for them to have to head out for their meals each time. The dining halls would prepare required the meals.

After Fang Xingjian finished his food, he returned to read the Mountain Shifting Sword again. Finally, after one and a half hour, he drew out the Demoness' Howl.