Chapter 277 Killing Techniques Hall

 Chapter 277 Killing Techniques Hall

"Excuse me, may I ask for the directions to the Sword Arts Department's Killing Techniques Palace?"

A maid, face flushed red, pointed out the way for Fang Xingjian before anxiously heading off.

Rota walked up behind Fang Xingjian, revealing an ambiguous smile, saying, "Recently, you've been quite popular with the ladies."

"Is that so?" Fang Xingjian turned to 'look' at her, asking, "What business do you have with me?"

"You're heading to the Killing Techniques Palace? To pick up Killing techniques? But the Killing techniques in the Killing Techniques Hall..." Rota was suddenly struck by realization and she stared at Fang Xingjian in surprise, asking, "You've completed your second transition?"

Seeing Fang Xingjian nod, her gaze was filled with curiosity as she immediately asked, "What job did you transition to?" However, a thought immediately struck her and she added, "If it's not convenient, you don't have to tell me."

Fang Xingjian did not find it inconvenient. For him right now, he no longer had to keep many things hidden. On the contrary, he should bring them out to astonish his enemies or to attract potential investors.

Therefore, he said, "Heavenly Sword Sovereign. It gives an additional 10 points to each of my five main attributes." As for the specialties, they were considered private and he had no plans of sharing them.

"Heavenly Sword Sovereign? Why haven't I heard of it before?" When she heard that it gave him an additional 10 point increase to each of his five attributes, Rota immediately said in surprise, "An average of 10 point increase to each of the attributes? The second transition job that I know of with the highest increase is only at an average of 8 to 9 points."

She nodded. "It's no wonder that you want to head to the Killing Techniques Palace. Having completed the second transition successfully, you are eligible to pick up the Killing techniques for Conferred Knights."

Seeing that she continued to follow him, Fang Xingjian asked, "You're going as well?"

Rota's brows twitched, unleashing a valiant aura, "Why, you have a problem with that?"

Fang Xingjian shrugged. It did not matter to him. Although the two seemed as if they were chatting leisurely as they walked, they were in fact moving at subsonic speed, arriving at the entrance of a huge manor.

Just the door to the entrance was over five meters tall, and there were many rooms and walls behind it.

This was the Sword Arts Department's Killing Techniques Palace. The Killing Techniques Palace had many pavilions and buildings and looked like a Royal Palace.

Rota seemed to have been slightly overwhelmed by the majesty of the Killing Techniques Palace, letting out an exhale, "The Regional Academy is really rich. Just this Killing Techniques Palace alone would probably be worth more than the entire Kirst Academy."

Fang Xingjian replied, "One is for prefectural Knights while the other is for Conferred Knights of a great region, led by the number one character in the Great Western Region. Of course they would be worlds apart."

As the two of them chatted, they had already entered the door and arrived at the first hall in the Killing Techniques Palace.

Before he went in, he saw a huge gold colored sword standing upright in the middle of the hall. The huge gold colored sword was pierced into the ground, appearing as if it was going to split the ground into two, releasing dreary killing aura.

And beneath the huge sword, there was an elegant looking middle-aged man with a moustache draping down from both sides of his mouth. The man was seated there, holding onto a book and studying it in great detail.

In front of him, there were two Knights holding swords and practicing a set of sword technique. The two of them appeared to be very familiar with the stances, sending out sword lights as they practiced. What that was most terrifying was that as their longswords moved, streams of gold colored light were gathering around their swords, occasionally unleashing streams of thunderbolt.

This was clearly a sword technique which allowed one to control thunderbolts and use them against the opponents.

The elegant looking middle-age man seemed to have sensed that someone had entered. He threw a glance at Fang Xingjian before saying, "There are four stages to the Sword Arts Killing Techniques Palace. At each stage, you'll pick up a sword technique. When you've defeated the mentor on duty, you'll be allowed to proceed to the next stage."

With that, he pointed to the huge sword behind him and said, "The Thunderbolt Sword Technique for the first stage is recorded on it. You guys can just take a look for yourself."

Hearing his words, Rota frowned and asked in a soft voice, "Why is it that you can only pick up the next technique after defeating the mentor? Can't you pick whichever one you wish to learn?"

Although her voice was very soft, the people present were all second transition Conferred Knights and it was impossible for them to not be able to hear what she said. One of the guys who was practicing the Thunderbolt Sword Technique could not hold it in, threw a sideward glance toward the two of them before saying in an arrogant tone, "You guys must be new? Since when is the Killing Techniques Palace something that you can comment about as you wish?

"These are the four sets of sword techniques which the great masters in the Sword Arts Department had spent many years to intensively develop and refine after extracting the essence from thousands or even tens of thousands of sword techniques. These four Killing techniques have been ranked in terms of difficulty, starting from the easiest. After mastering the first technique, one can then pick up the second technique. And when the second technique has been mastered, the person would be able to synthesize the techniques together before picking up the third technique and synthesizing them again. All of them are great complements of each other.

"With every new sword technique picked up and synthesized, the sword technique's prowess would increase by multiple folds. And when all four sets of sword techniques have been synthesized together, one would be able to learn the ultimate technique of the Killing Techniques Palace, the Ninth Heaven Deity Exterminating Slash.

"Hmph, if you don't know, then don't make random guesses. The Great Western Region Regional Academy has been through the establishments and transformations of many generations of seniors. Each inch and each step has their own reasons for existing. You guys are better off talking less and working more. This is the true path of cultivation."

With that, he stopped looking at Fang Xingjian and Rota, and went back to practicing his Thunderbolt Sword Technique by himself.

Rota's countenance turned a little grim, but the other party was stronger than her and what he said also made more sense. There was no way that she could rebut. She could only let out a cold snort and then turned her attention to that huge gold colored sword.

She squinted slightly and could see there were were many densely packed words carved out on the huge sword. They were the cultivation method of the Thunderbolt Sword Technique, listed out in detail. There were also many diagrams and human silhouettes.

Fang Xingjian also walked up to it and started reading the Thunderbolt Sword Technique. With one look, he discovered that this Thunderbolt Sword Technique was truly much more complicated than ordinary Killing techniques. Not only did it incorporate the principles of using the muscles, vital energy and blood, between each and every stance, one would need to ceaselessly exchange energies with the ether particles in the surroundings, thus gaining the powers of the thunderbolt.

There were other sword techniques that tapped on lightning, but those required one to transform their own powers in exchange for the power of lightning.

However, this Thunderbolt Sword Technique was a sword technique which transform a portion of one's powers to create a thunderbolt that was ten times stronger. It was truly one which tapped into the tremendous powers of the heaven and earth.

Fang Xingjian read the introduction. This Thunderbolt Sword Technique started from stimulating thunder to summoning lightning, and eventually, when one reached level 10, they would be able to reach the state of being able to summon destructive thunderbolts. Its prowess basically went from an ordinary electric baton to blasts of lightning, creating an astonishing damaging force.

Each swing of the sword, each stance, would allow one to absorb the powers of the ether particles in the surroundings, turn them into lightning, and then appear as tens of thousands of thunderbolts. It would be able to melt iron and steel easily at high temperatures that could reach tens of thousands degrees. The explosion caused from a single attack would be sufficient to wipe out half a street.

'This Thunderbolt Sword Technique is truly powerful.'

Fang Xingjian nodded. Although this Thunderbolt Sword Technique was very powerful and complicated, how could it stump the Fang Xingjian of today? Just his Genius Swordsmanship, Sword Specialist, Unparalleled Sword Intent and the Darkness Sword Sense specialties had already increased his senses and understandings of sword arts and ether particles by multiple folds. Furthermore, he had the world's topmost sword arts talent.

This Thunderbolt Sword Technique was the first sword technique in the Sword Arts Killing Techniques Palace, the simplest one of the four. Compared to the Ninety Thousand Godly Demon Flash from the Eight Prized Techniques of the West, it was also much simpler.

It only took Fang Xingjian about five minutes to read through the Thunderbolt Sword Technique and to get a general grasp of it. In addition, a new technique appeared on his Stats Window-Level 1 Thunderbolt Sword Technique.