Chapter 276 Departure

 Chapter 276 Departure

If most people were to know Titan's thoughts, they would only be able to sigh. The students around them showed expressions of pity as they looked at Titan, who had collapsed. It was too horrible to be attacked by the residual martial will of a level 29 expert.

The corners of Rota's lips curled up slightly as she snickered in her heart.

Fang Xingjian also understood now. An attack through a flow of information should be about the same as what he had experienced when he withstood Domirov's willpower impact.

He secretly decided that in the future, he would spend some time every day to stimulate the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor and thus train up his ability to resist willpower impact.

It was at this moment that the dim-witted Angelina finally had a reaction. She left Titan and looked at Fang Xingjian in astonishment while saying, "You're Fang Xingjian?"

The other students also turned to look at them. Some of them had managed to recognize Fang Xingjian before this, and now, they were all looking at him with gazes of envy.

There was no other way about it. The level 29 Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor was something that all of them were jealous over. With just the information impact it brought, if one did not have the ether synchronization rate of someone who was either level 28 or level 29, they could forget about trying to suppress Fang Xingjian with their will.

Fang Xingjian nodded to Angelina and said, "That's me."

Angelina immediately went up and walked in a circle around Fang Xingjian like she was looking at a rare animal. She mumbled, "You're that Fang Xingjian who solved all seven levels of the mysteries to the Pantheon Monument and defeated Hoult, who's a disciple of a Divine level expert?"

Fang Xingjian nodded. Angelina immediately grabbed Fang Xingjian's palm and started stroking it.

"What you're wearing now is the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor? It feels so comfortable to the touch." She sniffed at Fang Xingjian's palm, and it was as if there were stars twinkling in her eyes.

To Angelina, the attraction of the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor was too great. She had put up several requests to the Royal Weaponry to get this level 29 armor but had never succeeded.

This was because the thing she was most interested in was still the forging of Divine Weapons. She was extremely conversant with powerful Divine Weapons, especially those level 29 Superior Divine Weapons and level 30 Divine Remains Equipments.

Angelina's face was covered with an excited blush, and her hands started touching Fang Xingjian all over. She wore an infatuated expression as she said, "The Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor... Twelve years ago, when the Empire was at war with the Sand Country, His Majesty had stepped out in person to slaughter the top warrior of the Sand Country, Domirov, the national hero.

"Domirov's corpse was later on handed to the masters in Weaponry, who extracted all the blood, bone marrow, and other essences from his body. These were then fused with over 4,000 heavenly and earthly treasures. The masters had spent ten whole years working on this before they were able to succeed in forging it."

As Angelina looked at the layer of skin on Fang Xingjian, her saliva was almost dripping out due to her strong longing for it. "This texture... it's perfect. This tenacity... perfect. This glow and color... to think that it's exactly the same as a real human's flesh... perfect. It's simply too perfect."

Rota moved Angelina's hands away with a cold look and said, "Teacher, please mind your manners."

"Ahh, right, right, right." Angelina wiped the corner of her lips in embarrassment. She then looked at Fang Xingjian with bright, shining eyes and said, "Erm... Xingjian... Do you want to join my Divine Weapon research team? We have the best masters in the entire Great Western Region who can create the best Divine Weapons in the entire Great Western Region."

Hearing that, Rota's initially cold expression changed slightly, and she spoke with glittering eyes, "It's the Divine Weapon team led by Governor Devitt?"

"Hmmm? How did you know?" Angelina looked at Rota and asked, puzzled.

Rota smiled with her straight eyebrows rising up as she said, "Lord Devitt himself is the greatest master in forging Divine Weapons in the Great Western Region. Of course, the academy's Divine Weapon team is led by him."

With that, she stared at Fang Xingjian, as if urging him on to give his reply.

Entering the Divine Weapon team would allow him to not only get closer to Governor Devitt but train his ability to forge Divine Weapons as well. Moreover, the research team led by the Governor would definitely have no shortage of money. After entering the team for one or two years, one would probably be able to get their hands on a few sets of Divine Weapon equipment.

"That's right, that's right. Lord Devitt is there too. His level is very high!" Angelina looked at Fang Xingjian in great anticipation and said, "When you join us, we'll definitely study you in great detail... Oh, I mean, we'll definitely be able to work together to study Divine Weapons."

All the other students, including Titan, all looked at Fang Xingjian enviously.

Regardless if it was the slender, capable, and valiant looking Rota, or the mature looking, dim-witted female teacher with a curvy figure, Angelina.... both of them were great beauties who were hard to find.

Moreover, one of them was a senior Conferred Knight, while the other was someone who was on the way to becoming a Conferred Knight... As the other students watched Fang Xingjian being surrounded by two such beauties, how could they not be envious?

Moreover, Fang Xingjian was also tall and handsome, a genius amongst geniuses, and wore a level 29 Divine Armor. He could really be said to be a winner in life.

That being the case, it could also be said that as Conferred Knights, everyone present was a winner in life. However, when Fang Xingjian appeared, they experienced how their companions had looked at them in the past. This guy was really the winner amongst winners.

However, there was no way for Fang Xingjian to agree to Angelina's invitation. With him being strapped for time and feeling that he had not gained enough power, how could he waste time on studying the forging of Divine Weapons?

Moreover, he already had the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor. Fang Xingjian did not believe that, after joining this team, he would be able to get equipments which were better than the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian shook his head and said, "I can't. I don't have the time for it. Sorry."

"Ah." Angelina's brows furrowed slightly as she looked at Fang Xingjian with her pair of large watery eyes, appearing like she was a young lady being bullied.

"You really can't join us? Why don't you give it more thought first?" She grabbed Fang Xingjian's palm and kept stroking it, as if she was looking at her beloved toy. "After you join us, I'll definitely teach you well. Divine Weapons are really very interesting."

It was as if the sounds of breaking glasses could be heard coming from the other male students' hearts.

Titan was so angry that he trembled once again, feeling as if his consciousness was being thrown into more chaos.

Rota let out a cough and then gently pried Angelina's and Fang Xingjian's hands apart again. Simultaneously, she glared at Fang Xingjian.

Fang Xingjian rubbed his brows, feeling this was absurd, but he still spoke with persistence, "I'm sorry. I really don't have time to participate in research teams. Oh, right. I still have something to attend to. I'll take my leave first."

With that, he took a few steps, while creating a few streams of sword Qis, and headed for the direction of the Killing Techniques Hall. After attending the class and understanding the willpower impact of Conferred Knights, he could consider it as having gained new information. Fang Xingjian then decided to carry on with his initial plan on taking a stroll in the Killing Techniques Hall.

Rota let out a cold snort and followed behind him.