Chapter 271 Conversation

 Chapter 271 Conversation

At this moment, looking at his teacher's look of anticipation, Leon knew his judgement was wrong. Not only was Fang Xingjian's Rebirth Sword Technique not a rubbish technique, but on the contrary, it could be an outstanding Nurturing sword technique.

Usually, the checking and registration of the new sword techniques in Great Western Region Regional Academy was done by Leon. He would only recommend a new sword technique to his teacher, Hoppes, when he came across a more outstanding one.

After passing through their requirements, this was when the technique would then be submitted to the Knight Association in the Imperial capital. Once it was approved by the Knight Association, the new sword technique would then be entered into the sword arts archive and added into the Knight's handbook which the association gives out. The handbook would be distributed to every Royal Academy and various departments in the Empire for them to browse through before deciding if they wished to purchase the rights to it.

Of course, these people who browsed through the handbook would be able to pick up new sword techniques during the process, and they would not be charged since there was no need for that.

If there was a charge implemented even for the channels between top notch experts and researchers, it would not generate profits and would also delay the rate of development of martial techniques.

However, majority of them were too busy and would not have much time to acquire new techniques, unless the new techniques were especially outstanding or if they were very suitable for them.

Upon hearing his teacher's question, Leon turned to look at Fang Xingjian with curiosity. He was also very puzzled on how this sword technique, which seemed liked hodgepodge, could be amazing.

Behind Hoppes, Wang Tiangang walked over as well. Hearing Hoppes' question, both Wang Tiangang and Zhou Xingwen immediately understood that Hoppes had taken a fancy to the sword technique Fang Xingjian had created.

The two of them then exchanged a glance as they started to wonder what amazing aspects the Rebirth Sword Technique had that it could make a master rush over in a panic.

Fang Xingjian did not plan to hide much of the information. Since he wanted to sell this sword technique, he would naturally want more people to know just how amazing the Rebirth Sword Technique was. The more people knew about it, the better.

After picking up this technique, they would gradually realize just how powerful it was.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian chose his words carefully before saying, "I have some specialties which increase my potential, so I can't say for sure how much potential ordinary people would gain if they were to practice the Rebirth Sword Technique. But there should be at least 4,000-5,000 points."

"5,000 points?" Leon's eyes almost popped out. He criticized unconsciously, "Do you know that currently, the best Nurturing sword technique can only provide 800 potential points daily at level 10? You claim that yours can give 5,000 points... What a joke."

He turned to his teacher and said, "Teacher, there's no way..." However, he saw that Hoppes did not seem to be surprised or infuriated. Hoppes merely stroke his chin and asked, "5,000 points?"

Leon felt this was simply unbelievable. Could it be that Teacher really believed there was a Nurturing sword technique which could provide 5,000 potential points daily? When ordinary people practiced general level 10 sword techniques, they would only be able to gain tens or hundreds of potential points. It was already considered amazing if a sword technique could provide 800 potential points, and this was a miracle created by the Southern Flame Region Regional Academy's sword arts team.

Leon was still filled with disbelief, '5,000 points? How is that possible?'

However, Hoppes was looking at Fang Xingjian with great interest, and his eyes blinked like stars glimmering in the sky.

Hoppes had not said if he believed the Nurturing sword technique could provide 5,000 points. He then merely said,

"This set of Rebirth Sword Technique is truly very interesting. I've seen the traces of many different sword arts in it. In the beginning, I thought you had just randomly thrown some things together, but eventually, I realized that it was not the case.

"Every move and stance, every action to channel force, has been combined together perfectly. Even if the technique was just thrown together randomly, it has been done perfectly. It's just like using a fusion method of extracting the essence of many sword techniques and recreating them into a brand new sword technique.

"If this Rebirth Sword Technique was created through skills synthesis, it'll probably require quite a number of sword techniques, right?"

Fang Xingjian had long prepared the answer to this, so he replied, "That's right. I've fused a total of thirty sets of Nurturing sword techniques for this Rebirth Sword Technique."

Although he had reduced the actual number by a lot, it still astonished everyone present.

Leon said with disbelief, "Thirty sets of Nurturing sword techniques? You've reached the maximum level in all of them?"

Fang Xingjian nodded. Leon, Wang Tiangang, and the others fell silent again.

What kind of concept was this to require thirty sets of Nurturing sword techniques brought to their maximum level? It was something which ordinary people would never be able to do in their whole life. Even for people with the talent like Leon and Wang Tiangang, they would probably still need to devote all their time and effort into practicing these thirty sets of sword techniques for a period of twenty years before they would be able to reach the maximum level for all of them.

This was truly too unbelievable. Although Fang Xingjian did not seem to be lying, they still found it hard to believe.

Just then, Hoppes smiled and said, "Amazing. As expected of the genius who has comprehended all seven levels of the mysteries to the Pantheon Monument. You're only seventeen this year, right? To think that you've already mastered thirty sets of Nurturing sword techniques and created the Rebirth Sword Technique. I've also done a prediction after reading your manual in detail and felt it should be able to increase one's potential points by a lot. But I would never have thought that it could bring as many as 5,000 points.

"Mm... We'll still need to verify this. 5,000 points... it's too scary a number."

When the others heard Hoppes' words, they also understood the meaning behind his words.

That's right. For a genius who had resolved all seven levels of the mysteries to the Pantheon Monument... it was not unexpected for him to have this result.

Especially for Leon, when he thought of how he had only provided Hoppes with the information about Fang Xingjian on the way earlier, he realized that he had unconsciously neglected this point.

Well, thirty sets of Nurturing sword techniques at the maximum level was too spectacular.

However, compared to being able to comprehend the seven levels of the mysteries to the Pantheon Monument, it did not seem that astonishing anymore.

Hoppes immediately grabbed Fang Xingjian and asked, "There are traces of the sword techniques from the School of Sword Arts. I'd like to ask, how did you fuse the Grizzly Bear Sword Technique and the Eagle Sword Technique? Their concepts are slightly different, right?"

Fang Xingjian replied, "I just perform them together?"

"Perform them together?" Hoppes was confounded, and he asked, "Then what about the Mountain Sword Technique and the Universal Sword Dominance?"

"It's the same, perform them together." Fang Xingjian had no plans to discuss too much of the theory with him and said directly, "Just perform them concurrently in the body."

Hoppes was stunned, but he immediately thought to himself, 'Is this how geniuses do things?' Thinking of how he had been called a genius since young... To think that he had come across someone who was even more monstrous than him.

Hoppes and Fang Xingjian were still having an exchange when Wang Tiangang walked up to Leon and asked, "Can I have a look at it?"

Leon threw a glance at Wang Tiangang. Facing this Conferred Knight whose rank far surpassed his own... if it was an ordinary situation, he would definitely greet him properly. However, today, he did not do so. Leon was still immersed in the astonishment Fang Xingjian had brought him.

Wang Tiangang took Fang Xingjian's manual and glanced through it quickly.

Truth be told, Wang Tiangang was not one who would follow Hoppes blindly, with great trust in his judgement. Therefore, when he looked at the Rebirth Sword Technique, he had wanted to do so critically.

From the start, as Wang Tiangang glanced through it, he had wanted to point out its flaws. However, after reading through it once... he then started to read it again in detail right from the start.

Wang Tiangang's countenance turned increasingly grim.

Leon's expression was still filled with doubt. '5,000 potential points? Forget about 5,000 points. If it can give 3,000 points, it'll probably be able to change the state of the entire world...

'Is this really possible?'