Chapter 270 Crowding Around

 Chapter 270 Crowding Around

In the Sacred Land with fifty times ether particles density.

Zhou Xingwen stood there, looking toward the deeper parts of the Sacred Land. Various schemes flashed in his eyes, as if he was waiting for someone.

However, after waiting for a short while, a silhouette gradually approached where he was. It was a guy with black hair and eyes, wearing the Knight attire and exuding a strong sense of inhibition and elegance.

He was the person ranked ninth in the academy, the level 26 Conferred Knight, Wang Tiangang.

Right now, Wang Tiangang was filled with confidence and appeared extremely capable.

As one of the top ten in the Regional Academy at the age of thirty-five, he was considered a young talent with a bright future. Since he would have at least twenty to thirty years to try to work for Divine level, his expression was that of confidence.

Looking at Zhou Xingwen, he spoke calmly, "It's been half a month. Haven't you settled it yet?"

Zhou Xingwen smiled bitterly and said, "Brother Tiangang, that Fang Xingjian is really too tight-lipped. It's really hard to negotiate the price with him. Moreover, he has only come out twice after so many days and is a cultivation freak. It's not easy to even get a chance to speak with him."

Wang Tiangang frowned. As the person ranked ninth in the academy, he was definitely a person of great confidence, but how could he not wish to challenge the eight people before him?

However, before he could challenge people, he would first need to have enough power. Especially now that there was only one more year until next year's National Selection, everyone was furiously bringing out their fullest potential, hoping to stand out amongst the competition. What Wang Tiangang needed was to have more cards in his hands.

For example, a cultivation area with one hundred times ether particles density. With such an advantage, he believed that he would be able to enter the top five and might even be able to shake the three monsters at the very top.

However, Fang Xingjian was now asking for the price of one million gold. To Wang Tiangang, this was an outrageous amount and it was impossible for him to obtain and pay such a huge sum of money.

As for the other fifteen people in the Sacred Land with a hundred times density, all of them were of great seniority and came from influential backgrounds. Other than those ranked in the top eight of the academy, the remaining seven people were the great masters of the academy, and none of them were people Wang Tiangang could replace.

He could only try his luck with a new student like Fang Xingjian, but he could not use force either.

Hearing Zhou Xingwen's words, Wang Tiangang frowned and said, "After he came out, what did he do?"

Zhou Xingwen replied, "The first time was to look for a few of his friends. As for the second time, it was to register his sword technique."

Wang Tiangang was astonished, "Register sword technique? He has created a Killing technique?" No matter the method used, creating one's own sword technique was not an easy feat. It required a high level of mastery of sword arts, and although Wang Tiangang had thought of creating his own sword technique before, he had not succeeded.

However, Zhou Xingwen shook his head and said, "It's a Nurturing sword technique."

Wang Tiangang nodded. So it was a set of Nurturing sword technique. He could easily create a few sets of Nurturing sword techniques at any time. After all, they were martial techniques that train and nurture the physical body, and it was a simple feat for a Conferred Knight like him to be able to come out with several methods to train the body.

"Nurturing sword technique? Then it's nothing much." Wang Tiangang said. "If it's really impossible, I'll find a way to lure him out in a few days time. said that he had gone to register the Nurturing sword technique he created? He likes fame?"

"Maybe." Zhou Xingwen had also thought about this before. "However, I've seen the sword technique he created. It's just piecing in jumbled parts from everywhere and was not anything much. It's quite hard to gain fame from it."

"Anyway, it's already been too long. I've submitted a request to the teachers to get permission to visit Fang Xingjian. I can stay in the area with one hundred times density for half an hour. Come along with me.

"This time, we must get this settled."

Just as the two of them were exchanging conversation, two other people came over at a rapid speed along the path like a strong gale. An elderly was grabbing onto an equally wild looking man who was like a lion, appearing before Zhou Xingwen and Wang Tiangang.

They were the slovenly dressed Hoppes and Leon whom he had dragged over with him.

Hoppes came to an abrupt stop when he saw Wang Tiangang. As he did so, the strong gale, falling leaves, and dust and sand which were flying everywhere came to a stop. The scene had a mysterious feeling to it.

When Wang Tiangang saw Hoppes, he immediately bowed and said, "Master Hoppes, why have you come to the Sacred Land?" His impression of Master Hoppes was a person who was obsessed with sword arts and would tend to not cultivate in the Sacred Land. He would instead spend his time in the research rooms outside, endlessly researching newer and more powerful sword arts.

It was only when he heard Wang Tiangang's words, that Hoppes took a long look at him and said, "Oh, Wang Tiangang?" He then immediately asked, "Did you see Fang Xingjian coming out?"

"Fang Xingjian?" Wang Tiangang frowned and said, "I didn't see him. You have something to talk to him about?" Suddenly, a bad feeling rose in his heart.

"Didn't he create a set of sword technique?" Hoppes said, "I've a lot of questions to ask him about this sword technique. It's good that you haven't seen him, it's good that you haven't seen him."

There was only one path which served both as the entrance and exit to the Sacred Land. Since Wang Tiangang did not meet Fang Xingjian, it meant that the latter was still inside.

With that, Hoppes took another step, creating a storm again. The strong gale, fallen leaves, as well as the sand and dust once again followed behind him, leaving behind the baffled Wang Tiangang.

Wang Tiangang frowned and said, "Master Hoppes is looking for Fang Xingjian?"

Zhou Xingwen then looked toward the direction leading to the deeper areas of the Sacred Land, saying, "Let's follow them."

As a master in the academy, Hoppes had great authority, and thus did not come across any obstacles even though he had Leon with him. In the blink of an eye, they had already appeared before Fang Xingjian's cultivation house.

At that moment, Fang Xingjian had just completed his practice for the Luminous Heaven Soaring Slash, reaching level 40 and gaining the ability to change the frequency of sword light, unleashing lights of various colors, or even making them invisible to the eye.

And although he did not put much focus into practicing the Nine-Headed Dragon Sword Technique, he had used this Training technique to temper his potential daily after he had completed his job transition. After a few days, he had also reached level 40 for this sword technique, once again increasing the efficiency at which he was tempering his attributes, reducing the practice time required.

Fang Xingjian was holding on to a pen and paper, writing out the last page to the outline of his book. He was planning to send it out tomorrow and get Ferdinand to find someone to continue work on it before publishing and selling it for a profit.

However, just then, a voice rang out. "Is Fang Xingjian around? I'm Hoppes. I'd like to discuss something about the registration of your newly created sword technique."

Hearing the name Hoppes, the image of the sloven old man who seemed to have no care for worldly possessions and focused only on sword arts once again appeared in his mind.

He opened the door and saw Hoppes standing there, holding onto Leon. When Hoppes saw Fang Xingjian coming out, he immediately grab Fang Xingjian on the shoulder and asked, "The Rebirth Sword Technique... This sword technique is something you created?"

"That's right." Fang Xingjian lifted his head and saw that Wang Tiangang and Zhou Xingwen were also heading over from the distance. The impact of the Sacred Land for Conferred Knights was really not that great and they were able to easily follow behind Hoppes.

Hoppes then stared at Fang Xingjian and asked, "How's the effect of this set of sword technique? How much potential can one get at level 10?"