Chapter 269 Seen

 Chapter 269 Seen

Since Hoppes was a sword arts master who was considered one of the pillars of the Regional Academy, his sword arts team would always be allocated a huge budget from the academy.

After all, research in sword arts was not all talk.

There were four methods of researching martial techniques. The first method was through putting into actual practice. In other words, by synthesizing techniques, one by one. It was an established fact that this method was the most time-consuming and money-draining of them all.

The second method was a fusion method-through studying and breaking down the traits of various skills and techniques, they would then be combined to create a new technique.

The third method was through inference-analyzing different techniques, studying their unique traits and data, and from there, extracting an inference of the results of the synthesization of different techniques.

The fourth and final method was through originality-similar to how people from the ancient times had gone about it, by using different principles such as that of wind, rain, thunder and lightning, feelings of vengeance in the stand of their own countries and family, or based on various legends, and then applying them to their own martial arts cultivation in order to create their own set of technique.

Although it was said that there were four methods, when put into practice, it was usually a combination of the four methods. The process was not actually clear-cut.

For example, in order to use the inferential method, one would need to first put into practice and then go through the final check. One could also achieve the same end result via the fusion method as one who used the method of originality instead.

After all, it was impossible for the creation of a set of technique to be based on nothing. It could be inspired by various theories and phenomenons in the world, or by other techniques.

To sum it up, regardless if it was for accumulating sword techniques, for the experiment materials required to study various natural phenomenons, or for the students to search for and put conjectures into practice, then carefully research and analyze the traits and effects of various techniques... All of these required a tremendous sum of money.

The inferential method was not one which could appear out of nowhere in one's mind just by thinking of it. Any conjectures would require countless attempts of putting it into practice. Each test, each new sword technique to learn, each movement to change, and each changes to how one circulated the vital energy and blood, required a large number of people to experiment, and thus a great investment. The faster one wished to attain results, the higher the requirement for monetary investment.

Of course, other than money, a person's abilities and the cultivation of their martial arts would also be an advantage. For example, as a level 29 expert, the success rate of his skill synthesis was at 100%. This would save countless money and time.

That night, Hoppes was staying in a five-storey building in the southeast area of the academy, researching sword arts.

This building was known as the Sword Tower, and it was where Hoppes' sword arts team was located.

Hoppes was a level 29 expert to begin with, and thus did not need to stay in the Sacred Land for his cultivation. Moreover, he did not wish for his sword arts research to be affected by the high-density ether particles in the Sacred Land.

Hoppes let out a breath and looked at the paper that had covered the entire table. Looking at the many inferences and the densely written information, he could not help but rub his eyes and sigh, saying, "Flying Dragon Sword Technique and Darkness Slaying Sword... I've already understood their traits clearly. However, the result of the simulation is not outstanding enough.

"The Flying Dragon Sword Technique's ability to allow one's muscles and bones to unleash an explosive prowess, and together with the Darkness Slaying Sword's ability to expend one's potential... Based on my estimations and experiments, the special effect it brings is only a 10% possibility of changing one's form. I could consider further synthesizing it with other sword techniques."

Hoppes had been trying to find a new synthesis combination for a while, a new sword technique that could increase a Knight's ability to fight in the air.

Therefore, after hundreds of consecutive failures, fatigue started creeping up on him.

As for whether he ought to be investing money and time to synthesize the Flying Dragon Sword Technique and the Darkness Slaying Sword, completing the special effect of changing one's form before further synthesizing it with other techniques to get the expected results... Hoppes was still hesitating.

This was how important the person-in-charge of a research team was. Based on their own experience, their martial arts mastery, and their cultivation level to determine the direction, the goals and the processes for the research study.

However, in research, failures tended to be more frequent than successes. Across history, the birth of man-made powerful techniques were all results of countless failures.

Hoppes shook his head, not wanting to continue contemplating this problem. He stood up and headed out, planning to relax.

Passing by many research rooms, Hoppes observed the progress of his subordinates.

Some people were comparing the data of different sword techniques at different levels, verifying the growth curve of the technique.

Some people were studying how slight differences to the human body would affect various sword techniques if they were people of similar talent.

They were all people working under Hoppes' instructions. After all, he wanted to get the general gist of the direction they should be moving toward, but could not always be attending to various trifling issues himself, such as collecting data and repeating experiments.

Just then, he passed by Leon. Leon was reading the manual to the Rebirth Sword Technique which Fang Xingjian had written. There was nothing but contempt and annoyance reflected in his eyes.

For the past few days, he had been reading through Fang Xingjian's manual and comparing it with the data in the library, verifying that there had not been a sword technique like this. However, he still felt that Fang Xingjian's sword technique was a jumbled up combination of various sword techniques.

But even so, it was actually considered a new sword technique. He would just register it. After all, even if others saw it, the disgrace would only be Fang Xingjian's own.

Just as Leon was thinking of this, Hoppes had already appeared behind him. Leon immediately stood up and bowed, saying, "Teacher."

Hoppes threw a glance at the manual Leon was holding, picked it up, and asked, "What is this?"

Leon said, "A newly created Nurturing sword technique." As if he was trying to clear away any affiliation to it, Leon added, "It was written offhandedly by a new student. He forcibly threw in a huge pile of sword techniques together, but the force exertions have been smoothed out, allowing the techniques to flow together. I wanted to register it for him.

"But thinking about it, I still feel that it's too much of a disgrace to our Great Western Region."

He had not finished his words when he realized that Hoppes was staring at the Rebirth Sword Technique manual in a daze.

At first, when Hoppes saw the introduction to the technique, his eyes were filled with contempt. It claimed to combine the forces of countless sword techniques, whilst being able to achieve a hundred times the effects of ordinary Nurturing sword techniques... Hoppes had merely read on with the intention of looking at a joke.

However, after flipping through a few pages, his gaze turned to a reflection of suspicion and astonishment.

Ten minutes later, Hoppes was still reading the manual for the Rebirth Sword Technique, his countenance grim. He understood that this was a sword technique that was worth to be studied in great detail.

Half an hour later, Hoppes was sitting on Leon's seat, still reading the manual for the Rebirth Sword Technique. There was no grief or happiness reflected in his eyes. Leon, who was next to him, was extremely confounded.

After another half an hour passed by, another student came by and said, "Teacher, the new data for the Slaying Sword is out. We have made new discoveries."

"Go back and wait for me for a while," Hoppes said casually.

This 'a while' took an entire one hour, and the student came by three more times, but was dismissed by Hoppes each time.

Five minutes later, Hoppes lifted his head, looked at Leon, and asked, "Who was the one who brought this sword technique?"

"Ah, it's Fang Xingjian, this year's Regional Champion."

"Fang Xingjian?" Hoppes' mind flashed and he immediately recalled the young man who had rejected his invitation.

"So it's him."

The next moment, Hoppes' face relaxed, revealing a smile which he had not worn for very long.

"Where is he? Get him to come over... No, wait, I'll go look for him."

With that, Hoppes passed by Leon, his gaze filled with anticipation.