Chapter 268 Registration and Cultivation

 Chapter 268 Registration and Cultivation

Leon was a member of Hoppes' sword arts team and was also considered to be Hoppes' disciple.

To have this identity, it naturally showed that the level of his sword arts had far surpassed that of most ordinary students.

Additionally, the reason why Hoppes was not the one who came to check the manual himself was because he already had to attend to heaps of work daily.

A sword arts master like Hoppes would have to research countless sword arts theory daily, conduct numerous experiments, and look through loads of documents. There was no way he would still have the time to check through every student's discovery.

Most of the time, the checks would be conducted by the students under him, and only the manuals which were exceptionally outstanding would be submitted to him.

In fact, after enrolling into the academy, other than when the students picked out one of the Eight Prized Techniques of the West to learn, most people would not be able to see the great masters like Hoppes for many years.

However, although Leon was also a member of the sword arts team, he was not as busy as Hoppes and still had some time to concern himself with the matters in the outside world. He knew that Fang Xingjian was this year's Regional Champion and the person who had comprehended the seven levels of the Pantheon Monument's mysteries.

Therefore, Leon patiently took a glance through the sword arts manual Fang Xingjian had written. However, upon one look, a hint of disdain flashed in his eyes, and he came to the same conclusion as Zhou Xingwen.

Leon had come to the conclusion that this was a sword technique which had been pieced together using a collection of many parts and had drawn reference from countless other techniques.

Straightening up his expression, Leon looked at Fang Xingjian and said, "I've received this new sword technique. I'll take a good look through it and check against the materials in the library during the next week or so. If there aren't any problems, I'll register the sword technique for you.

"However, as for whether anyone will pick up this new sword technique or even purchase the rights to use it, I won't know."

With that, Leon threw a look at Fang Xingjian before saying subconsciously, "But, young man, it's still better to be down to earth in your training and take one step at a time. It's meaningless to do something like try to increase the number of self-created sword arts."

After saying that, Leon left.

Fang Xingjian fell into a short daze. However, he had confidence in his Rebirth Sword Technique. Even if the person who checked it did not like it, as long as it entered the sword arts archives, then all the academies and certain special factions in the entire Empire would be notified.

This meant that after new techniques appeared and were accepted into the Empire's archives, they would first be seen by the Headmasters of various academies and the leaders of certain unique groups. They would then decide if they wished to bring in or purchase the techniques.

Fang Xingjian believed that there would definitely be someone who would recognize its value. Furthermore, he had no time to grab onto every single person who did not recognize the value of the Rebirth Sword Technique, and convince them of how amazing it was.

Sword arts was something in which it was hard for one to find people who would share the same sentiments. It was impossible for one to request for everyone else to be capable of understanding top notch sword arts.

Therefore, he paid no heed to Leon's attitude and merely left with the caviar.

Upon returning back to the villa, Fang Xingjian then started to practice the Luminous Heaven Soaring Slash. As he waved his wooden sword about, a large spread of white, incandescent glow soared upward and turned into streams of light, filling up the entire place.

It was as if a sun had risen up from the land, with streams of sword light soaring into the skies. Fang Xingjian was surrounded by light.

Level 30 Luminous Heaven Soaring Slash... When it was activated, the impact was truly tremendous, and it startled almost all the other cultivators throughout the Sacred Land.

However, why would Fang Xingjian care about these? It did not take him very long to enter a deep state in his cultivation as he continued to push the Luminous Heaven Soaring Slash toward level 40.

The light seemed to grow increasingly stronger, and one could even see multi-colored light rays appearing around the training room. It was the slight materialisation created from the light glows when countless ether particles underwent frequency changes ceaselessly.

On the other end of the valley, there was a man with silvery hair and red lips, looking like a spirit of the mountains. The man lifted his head to look in the direction where there was a light pillar soaring high up into the air.

He said with indifference, "Radiant Light Sword Technique? No, that's not right. It's also synthesized with other stuff. It can refract and control light... Has it been synthesized with the Supreme Mistwind Sword? There shouldn't be anyone like this in the Sacred Land. Which Elder Martial Brother has picked up a new sword technique?"

Shaking his head, he did not seem to pay much heed to that overwhelming sword light and turned to look toward the north.

"There's another year to the National Selection.

"Northern Ice Region's Rehlings...

"Southern Flame Region's Victor...

"And that person from the Imperial Capital...

"Each of them has great talent, and each of them is a rare find even from amongst ten thousand people. They're all people with strong foundations and have luck and talent that surpasses others. There are still many obstacles if I wish to become the National Champion."

After saying this, he suddenly broke out into a confident smile, "But I'll still prove it to the world that only I, Xiao Tianxia, am the strongest."

A surge of powerful and sharp aura spread out from his body ceaselessly, and the various objects around him, including the floor, walls, tables, and chairs, all started to crack and shatter.

On Fang Xingjian's end, he still continued to submerge in his training. His mastery of the Luminous Heaven Soaring Slash grew increasingly proficient, and the streams of light seemed to be instigated by his arms. Additionally, he could even control the frequency of the light beams, transforming into various colors.

After training for two hours, it was finally time for his meal.

Putting his sword aside, the white sword light gradually dissipated, as if the sun had landed on earth, and the white-colored world once again turned back to normal.

Then Fang Xingjian walked toward that box of Ice Shuttle Sturgeon's caviar. Upon opening the box, a gush of cold air welcomed him. Looking at the caviar, which were clearly distinguished and exuding a bright glow, Fang Xingjian suddenly felt that his mood had turned better. Even his fatigue from his sword arts practice had eased a little.

He carefully spread the caviar onto white bread. Usually, Fang Xingjian would not eat something like bread since the nutrients it hold were too little and it would waste his digestive system's energy to digest it.

However, he specially got himself a piece of bread to go with the caviar.

As Fang Xingjian took a bite, a refreshing and fresh taste exploded on his tastebuds. The corner of his lips curled up slightly, and he finished this caviar and bread with no effort at all.

He then took a look at the other ingredients, picked up a large butter lobster, and spread it with a layer of caviar, combining the caviar's freshness and the lobsters tenderness with some lemon juice and butter.

Fang Xingjian was no connoisseur of food, But he merely tried out the caviar together with many different ingredients.

In a short while, he finished up the food which was two times that of what he usually eats. He then looked toward the food stock in the kitchen and discovered that they were almost all gone. Fang Xingjian immediately put up a sign outside to request for the food supply to be replenished. There would be either guardian ferocious beasts or staff who would send more food over.

It was obviously impossible for the people who cultivated in the Sacred Land to have excess time to waste on cooking. Therefore, the food here were all prepared daily and then placed in the kitchen.

If there were any requirements as to the dishes and amount, they would just need to leave a message in the kitchen.

For example, Fang Xingjian had requested for a meal every two hours, with ten dishes for each meal. Each dish must have medicinal herbs and ferocious beasts.

Even if he was not in an environment with a hundred times the ether particles density, just the food provided in the Sacred Land was worth a lot of money.

After finishing the caviar, Fang Xingjian triggered his organs to digest it. He then sensed a hint of cold air spreading out on the surface of his skin, as if slowly strengthening his skin bit by bit, increasing the toughness and tenacity.

He knew that this should be the effect of the Ice Shuttle Sturgeon's caviar. However, the surface of his skin was already covered by the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor, and he did not really care how strong his skin was.

After digesting all the food, Fang Xingjian put on a serious look and then continued on with his practice. If he were to take any breaks, he would also try to write books. He would also record some of his sword arts experience and the areas one needed to pay attention to for basic sword techniques, in preparation to publish books.

Time passed and two days later, his Luminous Heaven Soaring Slash had finally reached level 40, and he was given the special effect of being able to control the frequency of light.

While Fang Xingjian was practicing unceasingly, in Hoppes' sword arts research room at the southeast area of the Regional Academy, a small matter was brewing.