Chapter 266 Cultivation and Heading Out

 Chapter 266 Cultivation and Heading Out

Fang Xingjian then continued to discuss with Ferdinand about publishing books and setting up the martial arts class. Afterwards, he left the inn and headed back to the Regional Academy.

There were too many things he had to do following this.

One of them was that he had to come up with a cultivation method for the Rebirth Sword Technique. Another was that he had to raise all of his sword techniques to the maximum level, since they now had the potential to be trained and raised another ten levels higher. He also had to synthesize the Ninety Thousand Godly Demon Flash, come up with the outline for his book, and raise his ether synchronization rate.

If he had any spare time, Fang Xingjian was also thinking of spending some time attending some of the classes in the Regional Academy.

Fang Xingjian's transition into becoming a Conferred Knight seemed to be a brand new start. However, the things he needed to do had not decreased, but rather, they had gotten harder.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian once again returned to his training room in the Sacred Land. First, he started training with the Rebirth Sword Technique. He wanted to clear the remaining ten levels to the Rebirth Sword Technique and reached the unprecedented level 40.

Fang Xingjian casually picked up a wooden sword meant for training. In that instant, there seemed to be countless ether particles surging over from the void, causing the wooden sword to release a mercury-like glow.

He had already been strengthened by the Heavenly Sword Sovereign's specialty and become a level 19 Inferior Divine Weapon.

Then as Fang Xingjian held onto the wooden sword, he started performing the Rebirth Sword Technique, one move at a time.

The Rebirth Sword Technique had been created from Fang Xingjian's combination of over a hundred sets of Nurturing sword techniques and seemed to have incorporated all the Nurturing sword techniques in the world. It would train up each and every spot of his body. Regardless if it was his muscle, bones, organs, or nerves... they all continued to be nourished ceaselessly by various nutrients under his circulation.

Consecutive booms rang out from Fang Xingjian's body. The deep sounds were created because the blood flow in his body was being circulated incessantly, gushing about like a raging river.

Just like that, Fang Xingjian continued to practice his Rebirth Sword Technique non-stop, unceasingly comprehending all of its fine details. Moreover, as he was in an environment with a hundred times the ether particles density, he felt that it was almost as if there were sword theories gushing into his mind at all times, filling his mind with inspiration.

With every swing of his sword, he seemed to be able to gain new comprehensions toward sword arts.

With the boosts from his Heaven's Perception, one hundred times the ether particles density, his topmost sword talent, Genius Swordsmanship, Sword Specialist, level 1 Unparalleled Sword Intent, Darkness Sword Sense, and all the other series of advantages he held... Fang Xingjian's sword mastery advanced at a tremendous speed. His comprehension of the Rebirth Sword Technique also increased as he kept going.

He continued practicing just like this, having a meal after every two hours before stimulating his organs and blood to digest the food. Then, he would continue to practice the Rebirth Sword Technique for two hours, storing the nutrients, energy, and essence as potentials in his body.

Concurrently as Fang Xingjian practiced, he extracted the essence of the Rebirth Sword Technique. Starting from the second day, he would stop occasionally as he practiced and write down notes in a small book at the side, recording the cultivation method for the Rebirth Sword Technique.

The days passed by. At night, everyday after his training Fang Xingjian would be able to sense that the vital energy and blood in his body was stimulated by the training of the Rebirth Sword Technique. Countless potentials were contained within, as if he were a bomb which could explode at any moment. He was storing a tremendous amount of power.

Therefore, he would practice the new Nine-Headed Dragon Sword Technique a couple of times at night to convert the potential points into attributes. Then as his boiling vital energy and blood started to calm down, his attributes would continue to increase bit by bit.

In the end, after continuing with the cycle for twenty-four hours throughout five consecutive days, Fang Xingjian finally pushed the Rebirth Sword Technique to level 40.

At level 40, the Rebirth Sword Technique came with an exceptionally powerful effect.

When he practiced the Rebirth Sword Technique, not only could he circulate his vital energy and blood to accumulate the potentials, he could facilitate for exchanges of energies between the ether particles inside and outside his body. This would then increase the efficiency at which he accumulated potential points, and he no longer needed to rely only on food to gain nutrients.

With that, the level 40 Rebirth Sword Technique could now increase Fang Xingjian's potential points by 30,000 daily, which was a huge increase from before.

Therefore, after this period of cultivation, Fang Xingjian's attributes had now become:

Strength 83+6

Agility 192+6

Reaction 87

Endurance 60

Flexibility 60

Currently, Fang Xingjian was starting to pursue a balance in his attributes. After transitioning into the Heavenly Sword Sovereign, he would be relying solely on his sword arts talent in the future. He no longer pursued extremely high attributes and started to make up for his weaknesses instead.

By the time Fang Xingjian had trained his Rebirth Sword Technique to level 40, he had also finished writing his sword arts manual. Picking it up, he looked at the cultivation method he had recorded for the Rebirth Sword Technique. There were over 20,000 words, and it was much more complicated than any other Nurturing sword techniques.

This was because there were too many aspects involved with the cultivation method for the Rebirth Sword Technique. It included the control of one's bones, muscles, tendons, veins, vital energy, and blood... and it was not as simple as ordinary Nurturing sword techniques.

However, since he had succeeded, Fang Xingjian planned to register it and see if it could be sold, and then put it up for other academies to purchase and to pay him royalties.

After all, ordinary people would not be able to train it to level 40 like he had done. Selling this sword technique would not be a threat to him at all. Instead, it would bring him a tremendous amount of money. He could start cultivating Mystical Prints, increase ether synchronization rate, and even purchase another level 29 Divine longsword.

In order to put what he thought of to action, Fang Xingjian stood up, stepped out of the door, and headed out of the Sacred Land.

However, unlike how he had done previously, he was no longer slashing into the ground with just a few steps and, in turn, creating sword marks.

After a few days of training his Rebirth Sword Technique, not only had his potential increased and his attributes tempered, he had also gotten a better control and deeper understanding of his own body and strength.

Fang Xingjian moved forward at a dazzling speed, and in the blink of an eye, he appeared at the entrance to the Sacred Land. He walked about around the school casually, asking everyone he met for directions to the office for the Sword Arts Department and then headed over.

The Sword Arts Department was a two-storey building. Although it was an office, the teachers in the department were either just in name or were not in the school for most parts of the year. Otherwise, they were busy with their own cultivation and research for their own sword arts research group, with only a few coming back to handle the administrative work.

However, when Fang Xingjian arrived at the entrance to the Sword Arts Department, he saw the maid, Little Ru, who had delivered the message to him the previous time.

Little Ru was cleaning up the office, and when she saw Fang Xingjian, she blushed slightly. However, the blush faded off very quickly, and she took the initiative to walk up to Fang Xingjian, asking, "Lord Xingjian, what has brought you here to the Sword Arts Department?"

Before Fang Xingjian could reply, someone came over while shouting, "Xingjian! Xingjian!"

When Zhou Xingwen saw Fang Xingjian, he quickly greeted him. So, Fang Xingjian had no choice but to stop as well. He looked at Zhou Xingwen and asked, "You seemed to quite well-informed?"

Zhou Xingwen smiled and replied, "It's nothing much. I just have a few friends around."

Fang Xingjian could not be bothered chatting with him and went straight to the point, "Why, is Wang Tiangang willing to pay one million gold now?"

When he heard this, Zhou Xingwen's expression immediately collapsed. He said, "How's that possible? This isn't the reason why I've come to look for you today. Look at this."

He passed a small bag to Fang Xingjian. Then Fang Xingjian's nose twitched slightly, and uncontrollably, his throat quivered a little bit.

Zhou Xingwen smiled and said, "I've heard that you, Xingjian, have three things you love, namely collecting sword techniques, practicing sword arts, and good food.

"I bought this specialty specially from the Western Sea for you to try."

Little Ru looked at the two Conferred Knights with great curiosity as she listened in on their conversation. When she heard the words 'one million gold', she stared with her eyes wide open.

Even in the Great Western City, ordinary commoner residences would cost at most fifty gold.

Therefore, one gold was a huge sum of money to Little Ru. One million gold was simply an astronomical sum.

How could they possibly have so much money? One million gold... What item could be sold for such a huge amount of money?