Chapter 261 Lead the Way

 Chapter 261 Lead the Way

As Fang Xingjian ate, he continued to ponder.

With regard to the primary training for Conferred Knights, what he currently knew was how to synthesise Killing techniques, increase the ether synchronization rate, and increase his level.

As for the other areas, such as tempering attributes and cultivating techniques, these were no different than from first transition Knights.

'With regard to the training for Conferred Knights, I've only relied on my own conjectures and referred to past records. However, the Regional Academy can be said to be the frontline of the battlefield for Conferred Knights. The theories imparted here should all be the most advanced.

'I should look for the chance to attend some classes and understand more about the Conferred Knights in Regional Academies as well as how they train.'

As Fang Xingjian thought about these, he continued to take big bites out of a large ferocious wild boar, producing continuous munching sounds.

Fang Xingjian should first leave the villa, look for Ferdinand, and then look into how he could earn money.

After that, he should look for some classes to attend so that he would know how to allocate the time for his various training goals. These included training his Killing techniques, training in the Sacred Land, and training to increase his ether synchronization rate.

As he continued to think about these, Fang Xingjian had already finished three roasted ferocious wild boars, an entire Bear Seizes Buffalo dish, as well as three pots of vegetable salad made from countless medicinal herbs.

He wiped his mouth, and then with a slight movement, he appeared with a flash outside the door. The changes to his force, which his sword bones had created, caused sword Qis to form as he walked. With a single step, a long sword mark would appear on the ground, as if it was slicing through the ground.

Fang Xingjian continued to walk on like this and appeared out the Sacred Land in the blink of an eye. He felt the density of ether particles was decreasing rapidly, and the scenes in his mind seemed to have changed from a 1920×1020 resolution to a 640×480 resolution, causing him to feel slightly disoriented.

However, when he passed through the Sacred Land's entrance at the next moment, he saw a young maid standing there, waiting. When she saw him, she called out, "May I ask if you're Lord Fang Xingjian?"

"That's me. What's the matter?"

As though she had not met such a young and handsome Knight before, the maid blushed and said, slightly embarrassed, "Your Divine Armor has arrived. It's the reward for the Regional Selection. The Superintendent tasked me to wait for you here so that you can collect it when you came out."

"The level 29 armor has arrived?" Fang Xingjian asked, "Where is it?"

"Please come with me. It's in the Superintendent's office. When he knew what was inside, he didn't even dare take a single step away from it even when he's eating or sleeping. He has been waiting until you finally came out today." The maid then immediately led the way.

Her footsteps were light yet powerful, comparable to an olympic champion on Earth. Clearly, even the maids in Regional Academies had put in great effort into their martial arts cultivation and had taken great amounts of nutrition.

However, to Fang Xingjian, her speed was still too slow. The next moment, she suddenly felt her body become light. She also felt a powerful arm grab her around the waist, and she was soon flying forward at great speed.

Fang Xingjian's voice tremored softly next to her ear, "Point out the way."

The young maid only felt that the arm was extremely strong and warm. Thinking of how this person was the Regional Champion, who had comprehended the seven level of mysteries of the Pantheon Monument and defeated a genius who was under the wings of a Divine level expert, her heart began to beat faster. With a soft voice, she agreed.

Very quickly, Fang Xingjian went on his way while holding onto the maid. Within a mere two minutes, he had arrived before the Administration Building which was three stories high.

The maid in his arms was like a small squirrel, and her head buried into Fang Xingjian's arms.

Fang Xingjian's voice rang out, "Have we arrived? Is it here?"

It was like the maid had just woken up from a dream, and she replied in a soft voice, "Mmm."

Suddenly, she felt his arm move a little, and she immediately reacted. To think that she had been hugging onto his arm all this time... A flush of red quickly appeared on her face. She then took two steps back and said, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

However, when she lifted her head once again, Fang Xingjian was already gone.

Another maid came out and said to her with an evil grin, "Little Ru [1], who was that earlier? He's so handsome!"

Now that Fang Xingjian had completed the second transition, it was as though he had been reborn as a brand new person. With the addition of the one year he spent cultivating during his first transition, his disposition had improved. He was now like a drawn sharp sword, and with the great transformation to his bones and muscles, he was very good looking.

Hearing her companion's teasing, Little Ru lowered her head and said, "He's Lord Fang Xingjian."

"Huh? He's that Fang Xingjian? Oh, my god, why is he so good-looking?" The maid said with her mouth agape. "So young, so good-looking... and he is even a Conferred Knight! Sigh, if only he's willing to marry me..."

Little Ru covered her mouth and laughed, "What nonsense are you talking about?"

"Nonsense?" That maid pat Little Ru on the shoulder and said, "Hmmm, who was the one acting so lasciviously early? You were grabbing onto his arm, totally unwilling to let go... What a little vixen..."

Little Ru was clearly used to the jokes the other maid usually said, so she was not too concerned. She simply laughed and retorted, "You... you're the one who is a vixen..."

As the two of them joked around, Fang Xingjian had already entered the three-story Administration Building and went to the Superintendent's office on the third floor.

The Regional Academy's Superintendent was in charge various things, including: logistics; food; hygiene; maintenance of buildings and the plants; as well as rearing of ferocious beasts.

Although these were all miscellaneous work, since they all involved Conferred Knights, it was a job everyone would fight for. The person in charge would also be responsible for supervising thousands of people, such as: the maids; servants; chefs; and gardeners

That was right. Although there were less than a hundred teachers and students altogether in the entire academy, there were a few thousand servants serving them.

The only way they could assure that every corner in the entire academy could be cleaned at least three times daily and each meal would be filled with delicacies... was by having this many servants. No matter what the Conferred Knights asked for, the requests would be delivered within half an hour.

There might not be something called 'service spirit' in Miracle World, but all the servants would serve the Conferred Knights as if they were their masters. Moreover, they would provide greater service than anyone in the service industry on Earth.

When Fang Xingjian entered the Superintendent's office, he saw an elderly sitting behind the office desk. Beside him, there was a large metal box which was around the height of a human.

Seeing that Fang Xingjian had arrived, the old man let out a deep breath and said, "You're finally here. With this thing in my office everyday, I didn't even dare to sleep and even needed to get someone to keep watch when I go to the washroom."

The old man was the Regional Academy's Superintendent, a Knight in his sixties. He no longer had his mind on advancing his skills and had been working diligently and conscientiously on his job.

However, a couple of days ago, two Conferred Knights sent over the rewards for the Regional Selection. One of them was the level 29 armor, a Superior Divine Weapon, which was meant for Fang Xingjian.

What kind of precious item was this? It was worth a fortune.

Logically, it was extremely safe in the Regional Academy. However, the Superintendent was still had not been at ease while he guarded this armor.

Unfortunately, Fang Xingjian had been immersed in his training, and no one had been able to call him out. Therefore, the Superintendent could only stay in his office everyday, guarding the big metal box next to him.

How torturing had this been? He had needed to restrain his curiosity toward the Divine Weapon, and yet, he had been constantly worried that someone would have their eyes on it. The Superintendent had been rather afraid the Divine Weapon would be lost while in his possession.

So, he had requested for Governor Devitt to send Conferred Knights to guard the item for a number of times. However,t Governor Devitt was very assured by the Regional Academy's security and had not given his approval.

It just showed how much pressure there had been for such a precious treasure to be guarded by a mere Knight, like him, alone.

[1]: The word 'Little' is usually added before a person's name to make it sound more endearing.