Chapter 257 Density

 Chapter 257 Density

Sauron pressed on quickly as he said, "Don't saying that, Nina... We're all Conferred Knights. Have you forgotten that other people had also taken care of us when we first came?

"Now, a tremendous amount of information is surging into his brain. If his brain can't take it and he enters a state of frenzy, he may become a complete lunatic, and his whole life would be ruined."

Nina shook her head, channelled more force on her feet and sped up, "Alright, alright. Let's quickly chase up to him and bring him back. Thank goodness that this lad is just a new student, so it won't take us much effort. Let's hurry."

The two of them were Conferred Knight from two selections ago. Currently, they were both at second transition level 24. To them, catching a new student was as simple as an eagle trying to catch a little chick.

They sped up furiously, bringing along streams of strong gales and whistling sound waves. They continued charging forth, but Fang Xingjian was nowhere to be seen.

A hint of astonishment flashed in their eyes. Then as they exchanged a glance, a series of loud booms rang out under their feet, and air currents soared. They continued to increase their speed, and in the blink of an eye, they were already at five times that of supersonic speed. However, Fang Xingjian was still nowhere to be seen.

Sauron let out a loud shout and turned into a tornado, sweeping deep into the Sacred Land. At the same time, he shouted out from the front through the trembling air created by his Reduced Force Field.

"I'll go up first and check it out. I'll wait for you at the front."

With a tremendous boom, he stepped explosively onto the pathway under his feet, leaving deep footprints. Countless amounts of sand, dust, and shattered rocks flew up as Sauron gradually disappeared from the purple-haired Nina's sight.

However, their speed was already very fast. Although Sauron continued to speed up, Nina had caught up with him not long after because he had come to a stop.

Nina shouted, "What's wrong? Where's that guy? You didn't manage to catch him?"

Sauron frowned and pointed to the front. Nina was just about to continue on when Sauron pulled her back.

"What's wrong? Weren't you the one who wanted to save him?" Nina could not understand and asked Sauron, "Why aren't we giving chase?"

Sauron pointed to the sign in front and said, "We're now at the area with sixty-nine times the density. If we were to proceed, it would be the area of seventy times density or more. We don't have the approval to enter."

"What? We're already at sixty-nine times the density?" Nina looked at the sign and said in astonishment, "But we didn't catch up with that guy on the way! Could it be that he had dashed into the forest?"

Sauron shook his head and said, "Not possible. If he were to dash into the forest, he'd be immediately struck by the powers left behind by the previous generations. We'd have long seen him if he had done so."

"Then, he has found a house and has hidden in it?"

"The area with fifty to seventy times the density is the most popular one. There are very few empty houses, and he'd need to dash coincidentally into an empty one. Moreover, we've been chasing so closely behind him. How could it be possible that we didn't see him going through the handover procedures?"

If a person wanted to enter an empty house in the Sacred Land, the individual would need to go through the handover procedures with the guardian ferocious beasts in the area in order to let them affirm the person's identities and understand the individual's intent for entering. Only then would they remember the person, protect the person, and chase away other people who wished to enter. This would, thus, ensure that the person would not receive any disruption from his cultivation.

Nina said impatiently, "This is impossible, that is impossible. So, what on earth is it?"

"There's only one possibility. That guy's speed is so fast that he was able to lose us with great ease, and he also has the rights to enter the areas in the Sacred Land beyond seventy times the density." Sauron smiled helplessly and said, "This newcomer is really not simple. We've shown our concern to the wrong person. He's much stronger than us."

"Hmph, the new students these days know how to play a fool at their young age?" Nina spoke with spite. "Do you remember how he looks like? When we get back, let's check out just who he is."


Elsewhere, Fang Xingjian was charging on furiously by himself, into the deepest area in the Sacred Land. He was going into an area at the center, where the density of ether particles was the highest at one hundred times the density.

The area had a stretch of scenic mountainous valleys with lush greenery. There were many small lakes in the mountain valleys, and ten villas had been built here.

With an ether particle density of one hundred times, the ether particles here contained even more information. This was especially so when top notch Conferred Knights had been cultivating here over the years. When he took in a breath, Fang Xingjian could even feel theories for sword techniques and fist techniques gushing into his body.

"Sword in hand, swinging as I picture it... but without a source of power, how do I execute the moves..."

"Fist of mine, press on boldly. Have no regrets even through a hundred deaths..."

"Loyalty! Convictions! Honor! Courage!"

"When the enemy is in front, there's nothing to fear! Be resolute, have courage, be loyal, and have a clear conscience! Be righteous and rather die than submit! Protect the weak and have a strong sense of justice!"

Various ideas, martial arts, and martial art theories turned into streams of information and surged into Fang Xingjian's mind.

He had no choice but to get rid of those which he did not suit him, and leave those which were useful to him.

The Sacred Land had been maintained for two hundred years, and during these two hundred years, countless outstanding and talented Conferred Knights had cultivated here. As they absorbed information and power from the ether particles, they would also leave behind their own information and power.

This place was like a great treasure chest, accumulating the experience and powers of countless top notch experts.

Fang Xingjian felt as though it had only been a few minutes before the bottleneck, which he had been stuck at with his sword arts for a long period of time, started to shift.

It was no wonder that so many Conferred Knights wanted to enter the area of the Sacred Land where the density was one hundred times stronger. This was simply a paradise for cultivators.

Fang Xingjian lifted his head to look toward the villas. Each of these villas were encompassed with a layer of power from ether particles. The layer of power could absorb the ether particles in the entire Sacred Land endlessly for attacks and defenses, and thus, ensure the safety of the person in the villa.

When each Conferred Knight was cultivating, they would be in a seemingly entranced state. All their consciousness would be focused on their cultivation, and thus, they would require many layers of protection.

There were a total sixteen villas in the entire area. According to the academy's estimation, this was a number which would neither waste the land area nor reduce the density of the ether particles due to there being too many people cultivating.

There was a limit to the number of people which could be allowed in each area throughout the Sacred Land.

Fifteen of the sixteen villas here were encompassed by various light. Clearly, defensive powers had been activated, and ether particles were being taken in and sent out endlessly, creating a change to the waves frequency. Thus, various lights were then produced.

The last remaining villa was naturally left for Fang Xingjian. Fang Xingjian entered the villa and discovered that although the villa had not been maintained for a prolonged period of time, there was not a hint of dust, and there were no signs of old age.

Fang Xingjian had been told by the maid previously that the maintenance of cleanliness and serving of food were all done by the guardian ferocious beasts.

Therefore, although no one came in often, the Conferred Knights who came here to cultivate would not have to waste too much energy on the trifle matters.

With a quick glance, Fang Xingjian found the training room in the villa and sat down. He started adjusting his breathing, gradually accepting the information from the ether particles, and looking for information related to second transition.

As his mind calmed down, he slowly started to capture the information about second transition jobs. One by one, they streamed into his mind.