Chapter 252 Choice

 Chapter 252 Choice

Ripples formed in Fang Xingjian's heart. This year's Regional Champion could receive an entire set of level 29 Superior Divine Armor.

With just a level 29 Superior Divine Weapon, Crimson Fire, Hoult had been capable of unleashing the prowess of a Conferred Knight when he had been just a Knight. How powerful would a level 29 armor be?

The Headmaster nodded toward everyone. "In a while, someone will take you to pick out your Superior Divine Weapons and the Killing techniques which were secretly passed down by the royalty. From now onward, you are all students of the Great Western Region Regional Academy. I won't say much, but you must know that the Regional Academy will not be providing all this to you for nothing. If you're unable to attain Heaven's Perception and complete the second transition within three years, you'll be requested to leave the academy. Don't say that I didn't warn you."

Hearing the Headmaster's words, everyone understood. They knew that the Headmaster was not trying to scare them. However, although they had passed the Regional Selection, they had only gained the rights to be nurtured by the Regional Academy and the opportunity to attempt becoming a Conferred Knight. This did not mean they would definitely be able to become a Conferred Knight.

There had been countless people in the course of history who passed the Regional Selection but had not been able to attain Heaven's Perception after three years of hard work. They were then requested to leave the Regional Academy.

The examinees, who had been basking in happiness earlier, now felt an immense amount of pressure. The end of the Regional Selection marked not the beginning of a new life but the start of an even more important and persistent competition.

However, Fang Xingjian felt no pressure. He had already attained Heaven's Perception, and once he was fully prepared, he would be able to start leveling up and go through the second transition in the Regional Academy.

Hoult, Anderson, Rota, and Manny were all very confident since they had received the gift from the Melancholic Monarch and now had a hint of inspiration toward attaining Heaven's Perception. They were brimming in confidence that they would be able to complete the second transition within the next three years.

"Alright, you guys may leave now. Someone outside will attend to you. Fang Xingjian, you stay behind."

Amidst everyone's jealous or worried gazes, Fang Xingjian stayed behind in the Headmaster's office.

Devitt looked at Fang Xingjian and said, "Your reward for the Regional Selection is firstly a set of level 29 Superior Divine Armor. The prowess of this armor is tremendous. It's almost the same as getting 50% of the powers of a level 29 Conferred Knight. It's extremely powerful."

Fang Xingjian smiled. "When will I be able to get a hold of it?"

"There will be people who have been specially tasked to send it over. It'll probably take about another five days." Devitt looked at Fang Xingjian and continued saying, "When do you plan on going through the second transition? I've already applied for the highest level Sacred Land for you. The ether particles there have a density which is a hundred times that of the outside world, and it will be able to speed up your cultivation after you've completed the second transition."

Thinking of this, Devitt let out a sigh and said, "You also understand the current situation in the country. The First Prince has been applying pressure on everyone else and will probably to ascend the throne within one or two years. If you want to break out of his control, you must grab every single second and devote it to your cultivation."

Fang Xingjian nodded and said, "When can I head to the Sacred Land and go through my second transition?"

When Governor Devitt heard Fang Xingjian's words, he felt Fang Xingjian was rushing too much, "Transition? Already? Don't you need to prepare for a little longer? What job do you plan on choosing?"

Fang Xingjian said, "After I've looked through the information about the second transitions and find I meet all the requirements for the attribute, I should be going through it immediately."

Theoretically speaking, the second transition only required one to attain Heaven's Perception. So, after entering the Sacred Land with a sufficient level of ether particles density, one would be able to complete the second transition.

Knights were able to get information about second transition jobs directly from ether particles due to Heaven's Perception, and from there, they could select one from the many options.

However, second transition jobs had their own requirements. The more powerful the job, the higher the requirements. Fang Xingjian did not plan to continue spending too much time in the first transition building up his attributes or specialties. He would look through to see which was the strongest second transition job he could transfer into and just go through with it. If he was slightly short on certain requirements, he would make haste to improve in those aspects. There was no need for him to stay on level 19 for too long.

After all, he had his sword arts talent and mystical prints. He could synthesize Killing techniques crazily and receive a boost from the mystical prints. Additionally, the rate at which his ether synchronization was increasing was very quickly. Even if the job he chose was not as good, it would not hold up the progress of his abilities.

Moreover, with his current attributes, he believed Fang Xingjian would be able to complete most second transition jobs successfully.

Governor Devitt frowned. He had wanted to advise Fang Xingjian to build up his foundation first and then transition into a more powerful second transition job. However, Devitt began to think from another perspective, knowing that Fang Xingjian was under tremendous pressure and did not have that much time to build up his foundation.

Governor Devitt nodded. He then made arrangements to collect the Knight attire for Conferred Knights, the Scarlet Cape. It was a powerful equipment which had defensive abilities comparable to a level 19 Inferior Divine Weapon.

The blue and white Knight attire fitted nicely on Fang Xingjian. It would provide warmth during the winter and was cooling even in the summer. It was also extremely thin and light, like a pair of pyjamas made out of silk.

Draped around the back of Fang Xingjian's shoulders, the Scarlet Cape seemed like flaring flames. It had the abilities to guard against high and low temperatures, reduce the pull of gravitational force slightly, as well as increase one's speed.

This was the privilege of a Conferred Knight. With this armor, even if one did not take action, one would be able to have his own way in the entire Empire.

A maid smiled and said, "Sir, are the clothes fitting? Is there anything that needs to be changed?"

"No need." Fang Xingjian shook his head and walked out.

The other reward for the Regional Selection was to select a Royal Killing technique.

Royal Killing techniques were the powerful Killing techniques which were kept secret by the Empire's royalty. They were all reserved specially for second transition Knights, allowing the practitioner to borrow the tremendous powers from heaven and earth.

Second transition Knights had stepped into Heaven's Perception and gained the additional attribute, the ether synchronization rate. This allowed them to exchange information and power with ether particles.

The exchange of information could allow them to increase the practitioner's observational skills and talent, as well as expand the cultivator's path.

Whereas, exchanging powers with ether particles allowed Conferred Knights to tap into the tremendous powers of the heaven and earth for use in their battles, greatly increasing their damage prowess.

However, there was a limit to the number of such Royal Killing techniques stored in each Regional Academy. There was a total of eight sets of such Killing techniques in the Great Western Region Regional Academy, also known as the Eight Prized Techniques of the West. Some of these Eight Prized Techniques of the West were restricted to using with certain weapons, while others could be used with any weapons.

Respectively, they were: the Dragon Slaying Sword Technique; Titan Divine Power; Gates of Hell; Judgement of Evil; Ten Directional Unrivalled Attack; Ninety Thousand Godly Demon Flash; and Blood Rampage.

When each batch of new students entered into the Regional Academy, they were able to select one of the Eight Prized Techniques of the West as the Killing technique they wished to cultivate. Thereafter, they could synthesize with other skills to greatly improve their battle prowess.

Of course, the Eight Prized Techniques of the West was only the beginning of the cultivation for those in the second transition. Aside from the ether synchronization rate and attributes, the most important factor, which contributed to the battle prowess of a second transition, was how powerful their Killing techniques were.

The more Killing techniques succeeded in synthesizing successfully and the greater the quality was, the more suitable it would be for the individual and the stronger the battle prowess would be amongst those of the same level.

A maid handed Fang Xingjian an introduction to the Eight Prized Techniques of the West.

Fang Xingjian took a look through the introductions for each of the Ether Sword Ripples. Now, his three most powerful areas were his speed, his ether sword ripples, as well as Terra Ingurgitation.

If he were to select a Killing technique, he would naturally need to choose one which was a good match with these three areas. It should be able to power up or better perfect these three areas.

It was just like how it was sufficient for him to use the Luminous Heaven Soaring Slash in his battles now. If his opponents were stronger, he would then unleash his explosive speed with his Boundaries Negation. If it was still not enough, then he would use his Ether Sword Ripples, and if that was still insufficient, he would then use Terra Ingurgitation. All these joined up to form his current prowess.

His next step was very simple as well. After selecting the Killing technique he had been rewarded with, he would complete it in the shortest time possible and then complete his job transition.

Thereafter, he would continue to pick up Killing techniques in the Regional Academy and synthesize them to strengthen his skills.

The next point would be to earn money to cultivate his mystical prints and raise his ether synchronization rate. At the second transition phase, he would only be able to rise to the next level with every additional 10% increase of his ether synchronization rate. To move up from level 19 to level 29, he would need to increase his ether synchronization rate to 100%. Moreover, the ether synchronization rate also related to the amount of the tremendous powers from the heavens and earth which one could tap into.

Therefore, at the second transition phase, the ether synchronization rate was of extreme importance.

Furthermore, after earning money, he would be able to purchase various heavenly and earthly treasures in order to increase his attributes and specialties as well as strengthen his foundations.

In short, the focus of the cultivation in the second transition was on raising attributes, building up specialities, synthesizing skills, and at the same time, increasing the ether synchronization rate and raising his level.

As he thought of his plans to synthesize Killing techniques and earn money while raising his ether synchronization rate, Fang Xingjian's gaze gradually locked onto a Killing technique.