Chapter 251 Mystical Prints

 Chapter 251 Mystical Prints

The Second Prince's voice seemed like it was still resounding next to his ears. However, the middle-aged maid's gaze had regained its clarity, and she was now looking at Fang Xingjian with a stunned expression.

Fang Xingjian cast a glance toward her before leaving immediately.

The Second Prince's final words continued to repeat in his mind.

'Don't cultivate magic prints?

'Hmph, I came to Miracle World without even completing my first transition. When have I ever learned magic prints?'

Looking at the booklet in his hands, Fang Xingjian then kept it before heading for the examinees' dormitory.

He sat down cross-legged and started healing his wounds.

Although he craved dearly for power, he was also extremely curious about the booklet the Second Prince had handed to him. However, his stamina had been depleted, and he was injured. What was most important to him now was clearly to heal his injuries. Only thereafter would he be able to truly start his cultivation.

Just like that, the last day of the arena battle ended. Fang Xingjian had become this year's Regional Champion with Hoult ranked second and Anderson ranked third. However, their limelight had been completely covered up due to the First Prince. The most discussed topic in the entire Great Western City was still the news that the First Prince was about to attain the Divine level.

Currently in the dormitory, Fang Xingjian was the only one remaining. His furrowed brows started to relax as he let out a breath. He had finally healed all his internal and external injuries. However, his vital energy and blood had been sapped, so he would need to have a great meal to replenish them.

There was, of course, no problem for him to deal with this issue in the Regional Academy. Although he was not yet a Conferred Knight, Fang Xingjian was already this year's Regional Champion.

So, he called for a maid and gave some instructions. Twenty minutes later, a table of food was delivered to Fang Xingjian. He was in no mood to appreciate any good food and simply finished them in great bites. After circulating the forces in his organs and replenishing his vital energy and blood, Fang Xingjian flipped open the booklet and started reading the contents within.

The whole booklet described how various materials, such as medicine, the blood of ferocious beasts, and metallic powder, could be used to engrave a special type of prints onto one's body. These prints were called mystical prints.

Mystical prints did not allow one to receive power from the evil gods, like with the magic prints but from ether particles instead.

Fang Xingjian was aware that after a Knight had completed the second transition and become a Conferred Knight, exchanging information with ether particles and sensing the external environment were not all they would need to do. They would also need to exchange powers with ether particles in order to borrow tremendous powers from the heavens and earth and thus be able to unleash various powerful Killing techniques.

Moreover, the use of mystical prints was a method which provided support to the exchange with the ether particles. It could strengthen the cultivator's cultivating speed by many times over.

After reading through the entire booklet on the cultivation method for the mystical prints, Fang Xingjian let out a long breath. He had exceptional sword art skills and would be able to make great accomplishments in any sword arts with just a single step. The only area he was lacking in was his cultivation with ether particles. Now that he had the mystical prints, things were much easier now. He would have even greater confidence in the future when he would go up against the First Prince and when he would suppress Li Shuanghua.

'However, the mystical prints are split into ten levels. Each additional level will improve one's ability to exchange powers with ether particles to be two times the efficiency. However, the price for the materials required each time will be increasingly higher. If I wish to complete the cultivation for the mystical prints, I'll need to rake in a large sum of money.

'Moreover, although the cultivation of these mystical prints depletes a tremendous amount of wealth, considering the amount of efficiency it provides, any Conferred Knight would fight for it frantically. Before I become truly powerful, I must not reveal this to anyone.'

He thought through everything and kept the booklet. The cultivation of the mystical prints was not something which could be accomplished in a day or two. Fang Xingjian estimated that just the first level of the cultivation would cost him over one hundred thousand gold. This was comparable to half a year's budget for a Prefectural Academy. He still needed to think of a way to earn a large sum of money before he could start cultivating the mystical prints.

However, with mystical prints, he would be able to increase the progress rate of his ether synchronization.

At the current moment, he was unaffected by this, and layers of silver fog started to flow out from his palms, allowing him to continue his cultivation.

From there, Fang Xingjian ignored the various matters concerning the Regional Academy. Regardless of whether there were any balls, celebration parties, meet-ups or private gatherings, he rejected them all. He once again sank deep into cultivation, quietly waiting to enter the Regional Academy as he started cultivating.

Three days later, he was informed by a maid and led to the Headmaster's office in the Regional Academy. Rota, Manny, Hoult, and Anderson had long since been waiting there. It seemed that the Regional Academy's Headmaster, Governor Devitt, had yet to arrive.

Rota and Manny waved at Fang Xingjian. Rota had turned out in sixth place, and Manny had come out eighth because of Wei Leng's departure.

Anderson propped up his legs and sat on the couch without a care for his image.

When Hoult saw Fang Xingjian, he followed Fang Xingjian over. The Crimson Fire longsword was attached at his waist, and he wore a set of formal attire which aristocrats wore, seeming to exude the luxurious aura of those in the upper class.

Hoult sat next to Fang Xingjian and said calmly, "I've asked my teacher. First Prince was already extremely close to attaining Divine level to begin with.

"And over at the Church of Universal Truth, he managed to snatch a set of Divine level expert's remains. Then he performed the Hell's Transmigration Technique from the Ancient Path of Hell and absorbed the Divine remains into his own body. He was already one step into attaining Divine level then. With his great talent, he will probably really be able to truly attain Divine level within a year.

"By then, in order to completely master all thirty-six Hell's Maps, he will probably still come looking for you."

Taken under the wings of a Divine level expert, Hoult was naturally unconcerned that the First Prince would lay his hands on him. However, Fang Xingjian was in great danger. After reminding Fang Xingjian of this, Hoult gave him a pat on the shoulder and left.

Rota frowned and said, "Why is the First Prince so obsessed with the thirty-six Hell's Maps? If he has cultivated and reached the Divine level, he shouldn't be bothered with how many top notch Knights he has under him, right?"

Manny shook his head and said, "It's not like that. It was said that the founder of the Ancient Path of Hell, Adam, was the only person who had successfully cultivated all thirty-six Hell's Maps successfully.

"And there were also some rumors in history that those who transcended the Divine level had lifespans that surpassed human limits.

"It was said that after Adam was buried, someone had opened his coffin secretly, only to discover that his corpse was missing.

"The faction, which cultivated the Ancient Path of Hell, thought that someone had stolen the corpse but ended up not finding anything.

"However, in the decades and hundreds of years which followed, there have been occasional rumors that Adam had been seen."

"I know." Rota nodded and said, "It was said that there were some people who looked like him. There were also stories about people who didn't grow old even after ten years or decades had passed. Aren't they all groundless hearsays? Why would the First Prince believe in them?"

Manny shrugged and said, "For someone at the First Prince's level, they would rather believe it to be true than not."

Just then, Anderson spoke coldly from the side, "If this guy dares to force me, even if I can't kill him, I'll assassinate his subordinates one by one."

The ten Knights, who had advanced past the Regional Selection, all fell into a daze at this. Fang Xingjian alone remained expressionless. Everyone else seemed to have been shocked by Anderson's impudence.

Anderson looked at Fang Xingjian and said, "Fang Xingjian, don't think that you're the only one who would dare to go against the First Prince. If he were to ask me the same thing during the arena battle, I'll definitely give a reply that's ten times stronger."

Manny grinned and said helplessly, "Who's trying to compare with you about this?"

A few minutes later, Headmaster Devitt finally arrived at the office. Upon entering, he got straight to the point, "The Regional Selection is over. The reason I've called all of you today is to go through the procedures for your enrolment into the Regional Academy. Additionally, it is to make good on the promise about the prizes to be given to the top ten of the Regional Selection."

Hearing the Headmaster's words, everyone's eyes lit up.