Chapter 245 Duel (Part II)

 Chapter 245 Duel (Part II)

This move, Snake of Engulfment, seemed to hold an image of world destruction and all living things in this world being engulfed.

Although Hoult's demonstration still seemed slightly immature and was incapable of harming the four examiners, the examiners were people with great insight and could see the charm in this move. There was a faint throbbing reflected in their gazes.

"Great lad!" Luke, the oldest amongst all the examiners, exclaimed. "This is powerful, really powerful. It has both the magnificence of the starry sky as well as the concept of chaos. It also has the image of perishing of all living things and the exchange of ether particles, as well as the incorporation of the rationale of some sorcery and divine arts. It's amazing, really amazing."

Governor Devitt squinted too as he stared at the Snake of Engulfment, which had been born from the stars and continued to sway non-stop. He mumbled, "Looking at this snake will allow one to see the glory which the Astral Ancestor cultivated for many years to obtain. Seems like he still can't get over the ranking from thirty years ago."

Armstrong looked toward the arena as well and said, "None of the Divine level experts have been wasting their time. Let's also be on the ready to make our moves. Otherwise, if they were to carry on like this, at least half the people in the battle coliseum will die."

Although all the spectators, who were below Knight-level, had left, most of the spectators who had remained behind were Knights. From the looks of the Snake of Engulfment, it was clear the tremors from the aftermath of the upcoming battle would not be something ordinary Knights would be able to stand up against.

In the arena, the Snake of Engulfment, which had finally fully emerged, now faced upward with its mouth open wide. It released hissing sounds which rang out across the entire Regional Academy.

With the Snake of Engulfment at the center, the temperature was decreasing ceaselessly, at a speed which could be seen by the naked eye. Frost was starting to appear on the arena.

On the other hand, although the body of the Snake of Engulfment continued to glow even brighter as it continued to absorb heat, its surface was in fact extremely cold.

This was a weird contradiction. Although it was something which appeared to be scorching hot, it was actually turning increasingly cold.

With a loud cry, the Snake of Engulfment looked to Fang Xingjian and said, "Xingjian, this technique is called the Snake of Engulfment. Although I'm only at level one because it is something that only Conferred Knights can cultivate, it's still not something that ordinary Knights can withstand against.

"However, I can't use this technique for very long. That move you used to wipe out Meng Hao can't be use many times either, right?

"Since we tied in our earlier exchange, it's clear that we're very close in terms of techniques, battle prowess and the level of our Killing techniques. If we're to continue on like this, there's not much point. Why don't we both unleash our full powers and decide the victor in a single move?"

Clearly, Hoult had used the Astral Bodies Projectile Killing technique on the Snake of Engulfment as well.

With that, his entire body was wrapped up and protected by the Astral Tempest, and his consciousness had entered into the Snake of Engulfment, ready for the battle.

Fang Xingjian agreed with what Hoult had said. If this were to carry on, even if he could keep up until the time for the Snake of Engulfment was up, his opponent would also be able to rely on the Astral Tempest to fly and defend himself. Additionally, Hoult would be able to use the Astral Bodies Projectile and other techniques to hold Fang Xingjian off.

Fang Xingjian even guessed that Hoult probably still had the means to combine the Astral Tempest and the Astral Bodies Projectile, which could disguise the fake body, the Astral Tempest had created, as his true body.

Additionally, the most important thing was that there was also a time limit to Fang Xingjian's Boundaries Negation. On the contrary, his opponent's Snake of Engulfment would have a greater damage on the arena and to the surroundings as more time passed.

Therefore, hearing Hoult's proposal, Fang Xingjian nodded and said, "It's true that there's no point for us to continue on like this.

"Since that's the case, let's decide this with a single move.

"Let's see you receiving this sword attack from me."

With that, the Styx in Fang Xingjian's hand was raised up slowly, and streams of sword Qis gushed forth. Those streams of Ether Sword Ripples attached themselves onto the Styx.

This was the new way of using Ether Sword Ripples which Fang Xingjian had come up with. As streams of sword ripples encompassed his sword, an extremely sharp aura was emitted, and it flowed around his body,

With him at the center, cracks started to form on the arena. The cracks came in various forms, as though they were all created from the slashes of a longsword.

A loud explosive boom rang out in the sky. No one knew if it was just a coincidence, but a great crack appeared in the clouds. It was as though a longsword had soared up into the air and torn the cloud layers apart.

Then when the two of them were talking to each other, Devitt and the other three examiners exchanged nods as each of them took their positions in a corner of the arena.

With a move of his palm, Devitt created up to a hundred ice dragons, encompassing the entire arena. The other three examiners then put their hands on the ice dragons, turning them into a thin layer of fog. The powers of the four examiners were absorbed, and the entire arena was shrouded.

Looking at the solemn actions of the four examiners, all the spectators present started to feel nervous too. The spectators in the front rows also started to back off under the protection of their guards. Other than a few Conferred Knights, the rest of the spectators, who were only at Knight-level, had now backed off to the furthest section of the battle coliseum's stands. They looked out toward the arena carefully.

Simultaneously, over four hundred streams of Ether Sword Ripples had covered Fang Xingjian's sword. Next, the level 4 Ether Effulgence Weapon was activated. It was as though even the sword ripples were trembling because of it.

Four hundred streams of sword ripples... If it was said that they represented 1000 times of Fang Xingjian's strength, and that he had an astonishing prowess when combined with the Effulgence Weapon... Then when Fang Xingjian performed the Terra Ingurgitation once again, the whole world changed. It had already exceeded the power the flesh and blood body could reach.

Being put into an environment where they had lost the gravitational forces acting on them for the second time, everyone had an even greater understanding of how horrifying this surge of power was. The entire world seemed to have been flipped over in this instant, and everyone felt as though their lives were not in their own hands.

Countless powerful forces had been mixed together and adhered onto Fang Xingjian's sword. When he thrusted it out forward, there was no one else who cared about air waves, air current explosions, or sound waves.

It was because, at this moment, 99% of the people only felt like they had been placed in darkness and had lost their sense of hearing. They could neither see nor hear, as though the entire world had really collapsed.

The power from this sword attack was so strong that it had robbed people of their five senses. Itt caused the weak to subconsciously want to protect themselves, forgetting about time and space completely.

Confronted with Fang Xingjian's sword attack, the Snake of Engulfment, controlled by Hoult, suddenly turned extremely bright. However, what absolute light brought forth was absolute darkness. When the body of the Snake of Engulfment shone to its brightest, it was when it was absorbing heat crazily.

The entire Snake of Engulfment, with the image of the perishing and destruction of all living things, charged forth head on toward Fang Xingjian.

Every area it passed by in the arena would freeze up completely, and even the atmosphere was absolutely silent. When anything met the Snake of Engulfment, they entered into a state of eternal darkness and silence.