Chapter 243 Start of the Finals

 Chapter 243 Start of the Finals

Each of Hoult's words was like a big vat smashing down onto the ground, and all the spectators in the battle coliseum could hear them clearly.

Then, the palm smashed down.

The giant palm, formed from the myriad stars, was the size of half the arena. Each finger had been created with great detail and a life-like feeling, as though it really was a hand belonging to some giant.

However, this was not just in appearance. Such details displayed Hoult's mastery in the Astral Tempest. Every single star was within his control, and each minute strand of force was within his grasp.

Therefore, he was able to explode all of his force within that instant, slamming down such a terrify attack.

If it were said that what Hoult had displayed earlier was his technique and experience, then this palm attack displayed fully his overwhelming powers, which would allow him to be amongst the best Knights.

Pure and blatant strength pressed down, and the exploding waves of air currents released explosive booms, as though all the air had been compressed together forcefully and then pushed out. Wei Leng even felt as though he was suffocating, like he could not breathe.

Hoult's palm attack made it seem like the whole world had collapsed. The explosive pressure from the air currents gave Wei Leng no chance of escaping. So, all he could do was block.

In that instant, Wei Leng let out a furious bellow and finally displayed the powers he had been holding back.

A hint of starlight came out from the tip of his sword, as though a bright guiding star had appeared in the endless darkness.

This was the new Killing technique he had gained after comprehending the third level of the Pantheon Monument-Guiding Star in Darkness.

The Melancholic Monarch had created this Killing technique in order to restore the starry sky.

That was true. Back then, in order to attain a breakthrough after the Divine level, the Melancholic Monarch had the thought of creating an artificial star system to recreate the starry sky.

The Guiding Star in Darkness was a Killing technique he had created in order to shoot the stars up into the sky.

How powerful and terrifying was the power which was required for sending artificial stars from the ground up high into the sky? This showed just how ferocious a power was held in the move, the Guiding Star in Darkness.

Based on the foundation of exchanging information with ether particles, he had progressed further to the exchange of energy, creating a series of reactions with explosive powers. It was an extremely brutal power.

If it was said that Hoult's palm attack could cause the world to turn into a state of chaos as though the skies had collapsed... then Wei Leng's Guiding Star in Darkness was a hint of light shining out from the darkness, attempting to pierce through skies and escape out of this world.

Both techniques were extremely violent. That moment when the tip of the sword met with the giant palm, the whole world seemed to quiet down for just a second.

As Wei Leng's body flew out, Wei Leng felt as though his entire body had gone out of control. He felt as though the entire universe had been torn apart and his soul had flown out of this world.

It was as though Hoult's palm had sent his soul flying.

Wei Leng's feet stomped down continuously as he tried to stop his body. However, aside from creating a series of cavities in the ground with consecutive banging sounds and sending large pieces of rocks flying, there were no other effects. Wei Leng was soon pushed out of the arena.

Wherever he passed by, countless cavities were left behind.

When Wei Leng finally opened his eyes with great difficulty and looked at the arena, he discovered that the entire arena had been flattened by Hoult's attack. In the previous match, it could be said that Fang Xingjian's stomp had struck a flaw in the arena's structure, causing the creation of a stone terrain when his force exploded.

Hoult's palm attack was a showcase of pure brutal strength, smashing down the entire rocky terrain and turning the arena back to how it had been originally. Or perhaps it was even to the extent of pushing the terrain down to make the arena more compact.

Wei Leng smiled bitterly and said, "I can't even take one hit? It's not even an attack he had put all his powers into..."

With a sigh, he returned his sword to its sheath, only to discover that the longsword had shattered into pieces, leaving just a bare hilt. Wei Leng shook his head in resignation and left.

Finally, the two names for the finals were decided. Hoult stood up, with sparkling stars still surrounding around him as though he was the king of all gods, the sovereign of all stars. He stood at the center of the arena and looked at Fang Xingjian.

"Xingjian, I've just warmed up. Let's ignore the break time and start immediately."

Naturally, Fang Xingjian had no qualms about that. With a single step, he appeared in the arena, swift as the wind and quick like lightning.

At last, it was the final stage of the Regional Selection. The results impacted upon the possession of millions of gold and Superior Divine Weapons, as well as the plans of countless academies and clans. This long-awaited moment had finally arrived.

Tresia Clan's Xiu Yi could not help but say, "Amazing. Hoult is really amazing. In terms of strength, technique, Divine Weapon, realm, and Killing technique... they're all flawless. Amongst all the Knights, he's already standing at the top..."

"Alright, quiet now. Let's look at how this match will end. If we look at just those in the Knight level, from the past to the present, there are definitely not many who would be stronger than the two of them."

The one who said this was the Imperial Guards' Deputy Commander, Adri. At present, he was also drawn in by the battle between Fang Xingjian and Hoult. Both of them had displayed their might, which placed them high above all the other Knights, far surpassing the battle prowess the first transition Knights held.

Kirst's City Lord sighed and said, "From the past to the present, even when the Divine level experts were Knights at Fang Xingjian's and Hoult's age, there are probably less than ten of them who would be stronger than Fang Xingjian and Hoult right now.

"To have reached this level at the Knight-level... they've already reached the extreme limits."

The pinnacle of all Knights and the peak of all first transitions... The battle to determine the top Knight of the Great Western Region, and in turn, the distribution of the countless riches and resources, was about to start soon. Even Conferred Knights like Kirst's City Lord could not help but be drawn in.

It was because in the next few decades, or even in the next few hundred years, there might not be even one Knight like Fang Xingjian or Hoult. It was really too rare and exciting.

Even David and his father, Mongul City's City Lord could not help but feel slightly agitated. They did not even blink when they watched the two people in the arena, as though they were worried they would miss out on any exciting scenes.

At the examiner seats, old Luke stroked his beard and said, "This fight is really a fierce struggle between two evenly-matched opponents. His Majesty's move has really forced out all the talents in the world. Between Fang Xingjian and Hoult, who do you think will win?"

"Considering the course of events, it should be Fang Xingjian. His speed far surpasses that of Hoult's, and he can attack and retreat with ease. If he can use that attack he used to defeat Meng Hao earlier, his winning rate will be 60% or higher." It was Governor Devitt who had spoken. "However, till now, Hoult has not displayed the martial arts he has comprehended from the Pantheon Monument. Adding on to the fact that he is the grand disciple of a Divine level expert, once Fang Xingjian shows leniency for fear of offending a Divine level expert, the tables will probably be turned against him."

What he said was the truth. When two parties were engaged in a battle, both their reputations and backgrounds would be part of their powers. A strong reputation and support could bind their opponents, causing them be capable of displaying 70-80% of their true abilities.

At that moment, the atmosphere in the arena had been pushed down to the extreme. Hoult then spoke out. As he did so, it was as though each of his words descended from high up in the milky way or beyond the skies-as though many gods had landed to spread their words.

"Xingjian, it's finally time for the two of us to fight against each other."