Chapter 242 Obstacle

 Chapter 242 Obstacle

Anderson activated his skill, the Shadow Coffin, causing the shadows to spread out and encompass the entire arena as though they were alive. They were even heading toward Fang Xingjian in an attempt to wrap him up too.

These shadows were no longer purely shadows but shadows which contained some kind of weird power. Even the light Fang Xingjian emitted was unable to drive them away.

Moreover, with the entire arena wrapped up by the shadows, there was no way to dodge them.

Not only did the Shadow Coffin have the special effect of weakening material structure, but any living being the shadows wrap around would have their five senses removed, as though they were really dead and lying in a coffin.

Currently, this was a secret only Anderson was aware of.

After he wrapped Fang Xingjian up with the Shadow Coffin, Anderson shot out from the shadows, holding a black flat object in his hand and thrusting it out toward Fang Xingjian.

The flat object he was holding was very strange. It looked like a large shadow wrapped around Anderson's entire hand, but it then formed the shape of a blade and drifted about in mid-air. Anderson went on to exert some force, thrusting the shadow blade toward Fang Xingjian.

The skill to trap opponents was the Shadow Coffin, while the skill to kill them was the Death God's Dagger.

This was the Shadow Death God's ultimate killing technique-to trap the opponent in a coffin made from shadows before using the Death God's Dagger to kill them.

The legends of Miracle World said that the Death God stayed asleep in a coffin made from shadows. Each time he woke up, he would kill someone with a dagger.

Anderson's job, the Shadow Death God, seemed to have inherited this legend.

The Shadow Coffin weakened the opponent and cut off his five senses.

The Death God's Dagger was a shadow with neither any thickness nor physical form. However, it could cut through anything.

With the two together, it would result in death almost every time.

During the whole process of when Anderson activated the Shadow Coffin and then perform the Death God's Dagger to pierce toward Fang Xingjian, both his expression and actions were very solemn. It was as though he was not killing someone but rather, conducting a mysterious ritual.

Every actions and step he took held a mysterious aura, as though he was about to send Fang Xingjian toward eternal darkness, offering him as a sacrifice to the death god in the legends.

A crisp pfft sound rang out. The Death God's Dagger pierced the Shadow Coffin gently and penetrated through it completely.

It looked just like a magic performance where a live person would be put into a box and then cut open.

After one attack, the entire Shadow Coffin transformed into countless fragments, floating in the air. Even the shadows on the ground, which seemed to be alive, were starting to retreat.

It was obvious Anderson would not be able to sustain the shadows in that state, which defied reasonings, for long.

After all the shadow fragments disappeared, nothing was left, not even Fang Xingjian's body.

Anderson's heart leaped. The next moment, he felt a surge of energy at the back of his waist. Caught unaware, he was struck by a violent strength, and the impact flowed to every corner of his body. As it turned into tremendous pain, it sent him flying outwards as well.

With a light boom, Anderson noticed he was too close to the side of the arena. Although he had been kicked and sent flying a few meters away, he immediately tried to think of ways to land and stop his body's motion.

However, by the time he landed, he was already out of the arena.

Anderson lifted up his head suddenly and looked toward Fang Xingjian who was retrieving his leg slowly. Anderson shouted, "It's light? The reason you used light is not only to suppress my shadows but also to force me to use my best move? At the same time, you even refracted light to obstruct my vision, creating an illusion?"

Fang Xingjian kept his longsword and walked down the arena slowly.

Anderson shouted out loudly, "Was that it? Answer me!"

Fang Xingjian did not stop but said calmly, "You're relying too much on your eyes."

Hearing this, Anderson suddenly reached out to touch his eyes. That was true. As a Knight who needed to control shadows and deploy sneak attacks from the shadows, he was overly concerned over the changes between light and shadow. He was also overly reliant on what his eyes had told him.

Anderson threw a vicious glare at Fang Xingjian's departing silhouette. However, he no longer said anything and turned to leave.

In the stands, Ferdinand waved his hand strongly. Now, Fang Xingjian just needed to defeat Hoult in order to become the Regional Champion. Adding on to the bets he had placed with regards to the results of the previous stages, he would at least be able to get a profit of at least two thousand gold.

The Deputy Commander of the Imperial Guards, Adri from the Tresia Clan, looked at Fang Xingjian who had won the match. Adri said coldly, "He appears to be generous, wanting to win over Anderson in all aspects, and even provided him with a good battle environment.

"But in the end, he's still used light, not giving the opponent the chance to showcase his powers.

"This is because he still wants to save his energy and stamina for when he fights against Hoult. Hmph, seems like even he isn't very confident in winning against Hoult. That's why he has to save every ounce of energy to increase his chances of winning..."

Xiu Yi, who was beside him, asked, "Lord, between Fang Xingjian and Hoult, who do you think will win?"

"That sword attack Fang Xingjian used against Meng Hao earlier was very powerful, but so is Hoult's Astral Tempest when paired together with the level 29 Divine Weapon. It'll depend on who makes a mistake first and gets dealt a heavy blow." Saying that, he laughed. "If Fang Xingjian is dealt a serious blow, it'll be great for when we take action later.

"On the contrary, if he were to deal Hoult with serious injuries or even kill him, he would make himself an enemy of the Astral Ancestor's Myriad Star Palace. That would be even better."

Wei Leng and Hoult were already heading up the arena.

When the assistant examiner asked if they required for the arena to be cleaned up and fixed, both of them shook their heads.

Looking at Wei Leng, Hoult shook his head. Streams of silver light shot up into the sky, and the Astral Tempest spread out across the entire arena. It was like the mass of stars in the universe was surrounding Wei Leng.

Hoult did not give a hoot about Wei Leng. Compared to those Knights who were still fighting with their bare fists and techniques, his Astral Tempest was already at the level of a second transition Knight. He was fighting with extraordinary strength.

Although Wei Leng had stepped into Heaven's Perception, it did not change the fact that his foundations for the past few decades had been too shallow. Even if he had attained Heaven's Perception, it would still take him several years or over ten years of hard work to catch up to Heaven's Perception.

Now, in terms of a battle of techniques, Wei Leng had the advantage. With his observation skills from Heaven's Perception, he could bring forth greater potential from his illusionary sword techniques, creating an even greater effect.

However, before absolute power, these were all meaningless.

Hoult clenched his right fist, and countless stars gathered together, transforming into a fist which could cover half the arena.

"One move. Wei Leng, if you can take this attack from me, we'll take it that you've won."

As he spoke, Hoult's palm faced down, pushing down through space.

At the same time, the huge palm made from myriad stars, which was hovering in mid-air, slapped downward. Wei Leng could only feel that the sky had turned dark, and with the palm slapping down, his vision of the sky seemed to have disappeared completely.