Chapter 235 Arena (Part IV)

 Chapter 235 Arena (Part IV)

The Astral Tempest in the air condensed together suddenly, turning into a silver silhouette in a brief instant. The silhouette looked just like Hoult.

The Killing technique, Astral Bodies Projectile, allowed its user to move their consciousness into an object, they had been into contact with for a long period of time, and in turn, control it.

Manny looked at this scene in shock. The Hoult, the Astral Tempest had constructed, made a dash, and his silver palm pressed down onto Manny's head, smashing Manny down onto the ground outside of the arena.

From there, the Astral Tempest then once again turned into a milky way. It cut across the sky and caught Hoult, who had lost his consciousness. It carried Hoult's physical body carefully into the arena.

Finally, the Astral Tempest scattered. Hoult regained his senses once again and opened his eyes.

He nodded to Manny, saying, "Your Killing technique, Territorial Grandiosity, must have already exceeded level 10? Otherwise, you would not be able to execute a gravity reversal.

"You're truly an expert in controlling gravity. However, we, from Myriad Star Palace, are greater experts in this area. Although I do not specialize in controlling gravitational forces, I've gained a lot of experience in this area. If this wasn't the case, your chances would've been higher."

Manny exhaled and said, "What's the point of saying so much? A loss is a loss. I'll wait to see you fighting for first position with Xingjian."

Hoult had won in the fight against Manny. This battle once again displayed how powerful, Hoult, who had inherited the legacy of a Divine level, was. His two Killing techniques, the Astral Tempest and the Astral Bodies Projectile, as well as that strong physique which could withstand a pressure ten times that of gravity... All these showed the strong foundations of a Knight who was at the top.

"Amazing." Adri let out a long breath. This second transition level 25 Conferred Knight could not help but comment when he saw Hoult's performance. "To think that a Knight could be so powerful. As expected of one who has inherited a Divine level expert's legacy, Myriad Star Palace's ultimate skill. I've gained new insights today."

In this battle, everyone witnessed Hoult's strength. This caused everyone to feel anticipation over how Fang Xingjian would perform in the next arena battle.

Adri glared at Fang Xingjian as he went up and mumbled, "Let me see what abilities you have."

Mongul City's City Lord was doing the same, casting all his attention on Fang Xingjian. He wanted to take a good look at this genius, who had wiped out his son's aspirations, and see just how powerful he was.

After Fang Xingjian went up, a Knight with black hair, black eyes and yellow skin continued to take deep breaths.

This Knight was over fifty years old and was a senior Knight who went by the name Meng Hao. Although he had entered the top 16, his performance in the previous three stages had been far from eye-catching. It could be said that he was practically an invisible existence.

However, knowing he was about to battle against one of the strongest contenders for first place, he now felt as though all the blood in his body was boiling.

Feeling the gazes of all the spectators in the entire battle coliseum focused on him, Meng Hao laughed coldly to himself.

"Haha, go ahead. Look down on me.

"Take me lightly, view me in contempt. It's fine if you look down on me.

"I'll give all of you a great surprise, and let all of you know what true power is."

Half a year ago, Meng Hao had been an ordinary Knight. However, half a year ago, he had encountered a few black-clothed men, who spoke a language he did not understand and wore clothes he had never seen before. They had grabbed him and brought him to a place for manufacturing and processing metal.

They had cut his head open, added some things into his brain and told him that if he did not listen to what they said, they would use the objects inside to turn his brain into cooked beancurd.

At the start, Meng Hao, naturally, had not complied. However, after several punishments of experiencing headaches so strong, which made his head feel like it was about to burst, he started to give in.

Then five months ago, those men in black carved layers of complicated prints on his chest and back. They were like tattoos, but they were many times more amazing than tattoos.

These were Magic prints, the powerful sorcery which allowed one to receive diabolic energy in the Miracle World.

Meng Hao took in a deep breaths, feeling as though his entire body was swelling up. His skin turned increasingly tough and shiny, as though he had been covered with layers of crystals.

Pitter patter sounds of explosions emerged from his body. These sounds were from the trembling of every one of his bones, as though steel bars were knocking against each other.

Amidst the series of explosions, Meng Hao's body became about over three meters tall, as though he was a mighty god who had come down to earth. The muscles all over his body glowed like titanium alloy, giving out the feeling of exceptional strength and tenacity.


Meng Hao let out a loud bellow as his strength soared furiously. Heavy pants gushed out from his mouth, producing a tremendous force which caused countless spectators to be struck by a bout of dizziness.

Meng Hao's Knight attire swelled up with him but showed no signs of getting torn. Under the Knight attire, the prints on his chest and back were exuding hints of red light.

The evil gods' energies were being channelled into his body.

Taking a step forward, Meng Hao made a hole which was one meter deep. He then headed toward the arena, walking forward step by step. His feet were like two bombs, creating explosions as he stomped down on the ground. The spectators had the illusion as though the earth was trembling, and the mountains were swaying.

He then stomped down hard onto the ground, creating a sonic boom. A hole ten meters deep appeared in the ground below him, and he appeared in the arena instantly.

Meng Hao then took another step, putting a stop to his extreme speed. However, the arena seemed incapable of withstanding the force from his movement. The arena cracked from the impact of his stomp and turned into over ten boulders.

This strength and this aura were so overwhelming that it did not seem human. In this moment, all the spectators understood that not only was Meng Hao not a novice but that he was a strong expert. Meng Hao was a strong expert, who had tempered his body to far surpass that of Knights, and could even be said to be comparable to a Conferred Knight.

"Excellent. This match is going to be interesting," Adri said. "Meng Hao's explosive powers are already at the level of some Conferred Knights. To think that he could temper his attributes to this level... This Regional Selection is truly filled with hidden talents and experts."

With Meng Hao's explosive appearance, his aura shot up, and everyone's interests were piqued. They were all very curious about how this battle would come to an end, and how Meng Hao and Fang Xingjian would perform.

They felt that even if Meng Hao was not as strong as Fang Xingjian, he was not too far away. Meng Hao should be able to let Fang Xingjian demonstrate a large portion of his battle prowess.

On the stands, there were a few black-robed men who were also looking toward the arena. One of them was holding onto a notebook and taking notes.

"Has it finally started?

"Then let us see what it means for the diabolic energy to be neutralized."