Chapter 234 Arena (Part III)

 Chapter 234 Arena (Part III)

Looking at the dazzling stream of stars expanding out around him, Hoult said calmly, "Did you know that long, long ago, there were countless dazzling milky ways in the skies above our heads? My Killing technique, Astral Tempest, was based on this."

A Knight's body and bones were extremely strong, many times more so than ordinary people. It was the same for their stem cells and osteoblasts.

Therefore, the rate at which their bones grew was much faster, and it was harder for them to suffer from fractures in comparison to ordinary people. Even if they suffer from fractures, they would recover faster.

Moreover, Hoult's stream of stars was formed from osteoblasts, the ones which were eliminated from his body daily. After going through tempering by the Astral Tempest, the powers of ether particles were being channelled in.

Hoult's Astral Tempest was being replenished by his osteoblasts daily, and after about every ten days, it would be swapped out completely. This meant that the strength of his Astral Tempest would continue to grow as he did.

Now, as a level 19 Knight at his peak, the Astral Tempest formed from Hoult's osteoblasts would naturally also be at the level of a level 19 Inferior Divine Weapon.

Although Manny did not know of the Astral Tempest's prowess, looking at that dazzling stream of stars, which filled up the place and was flashing a silvery white flow, made his brain send him signals of extreme danger continuously.

Standing at the center of the Astral Tempest, Hoult looked at the stream of stars surrounding him and said calmly, "Dance, stars."

Boom! The next moment, the entire Astral Tempest seemed to turn into a tropical tempest from a calm sea surface. The stars soared up, bringing along the majestic prowess of a tsunami as it smashed toward Manny.

Each of the light spots had the strength of a level 19 Inferior Divine Weapon, and the prowess of each light spot was comparable to that of a bullet. Packed tightly, their combined prowess was like the majestic mountains and seas. They were not something the flesh could withstand against.

With a tremendous boom, Manny's location was completely drowned by the Astral Tempest. However, with a turn of his head, Hoult looked toward his right, where Manny had dashed over to unknowingly.

A powerful palm hit out across space, and the violent gravitational field landed on Hoult, like a crane smashing down. Distinct air currents appeared all around Hoult's body, and all of the Astral Tempest stars were pushed down to the ground in that instant.

The ground under Hoult's feet broke into countless cracks, and his feet sank three inches into the ground. However, he was still unharmed. Let alone getting injured, he did not even bend his spine in the slightest.

"You attacked me again?" Hoult smiled. Then the Astral Tempest once again started to surround Manny again as though they had been summoned.

With a huge boom, countless silver spots of light clashed together furiously. It was as though Mars was colliding with Earth, but it was also as though several ten thousand thunder rumblings rang out all at once.

However, as the stars fell back, a dark black colored wall was revealed.

Before Manny was hit by the attack, he had released a punch and flipped up the ground's surface. He then reinforced it with gravitational force, using it to block Hoult's attack.

However, he had merely blocked off this one attack. Then in just a single second, the Astral Tempest shot out once again. Thrusting forth at a rate of a hundred thousand times per second, it crumbled the wall.

Manny leaped up, dodging the second attack from the Astral Tempest. However, Hoult merely smiled as he watched. From the beginning, he had kept his hands in the pockets of his Knight attire, watching on as the Astral Tempest attacked.

Manny leaped up high into the air, while countless spots of light gathered underneath him, waiting to launch the fatal attack when he landed.

"It's over!"

"The powers, scope, and speed of the Astral Tempest are too powerful! Jumping into the air is like heading into a dead end."

"These are Hoult's abilities? To think that just earlier, I had thought Fang Xingjian would become number one. I've taken the legacy of a Divine level expert too lightly."

Just as these thoughts flashed through the minds of the spectators, Manny, who had leaped into the air, curled his lips into a faint smile. He seemed to have also sensed the gazes of pity, astonishment, and ridicule from the countless people present.

As his speed grew increasingly slower and was about to reach the highest peak in his jump, he pushed his hands out to his sides and stopped suddenly in mid-air as though time had frozen.

Hoult smiled. "As expected, you're already able to control your own gravity. However, you won't be able to win me by just being able to float."

Manny said confidently, "Your Astral Tempest is truly amazing. If it were to hit me, I would definitely die. However, its flaw is also clearly visible."

Hoult looked at Manny and asked curiously, "Oh? What is it?"

"Its strength is high, but it doesn't have enough power! Otherwise, they would have been able to break through my defences earlier." As he spoke, Manny put his palms together, activating his Killing technique, Territorial Grandiosity. In that instant, the entire arena was encompassed by waves of gravitational fields, and amidst the air ripples, which could be seen by the naked eye, the gravity weighing down on the arena grew heavier rapidly.

The ground continued to crack, and the Astral Tempest, which had previously been very active, was now calming down gradually. It was as though they were being held down through their weakest spots and pressed down to the ground.

Perspiration appeared continuously on Manny's forehead. It was all thanks to his comprehension from the Pantheon Monument that he was able to perform this Weighted Territory skill from the Territorial Grandiosity.

While Manny was in mid-air, the Astral Tempest, which was suppressed by gravity had no way of attacking him. So, Hoult could only receive Manny's attacks passively.

'It's very difficult to truly attack him. But if I can continue to suppress him like this and then think of ways to push him out of the arena...'

Just as Manny was thinking this, he saw Hoult smiling once again.

"I see. Seems like you've misunderstood something," Hoult said calmly. Simultaneously, he flicked his bangs to the side as he smiled and said, "Did you know? When I was cultivating in the Myriad Star Palace, the basic status of the entire place had a gravitational force at least ten times stronger than gravity.

"Therefore, your attack is actually useless to me.

"As for the Astral Tempest's weakness..." The next moment, silver lights lit up in Hoult's eyes, as though a stream of stars had appeared there as well.

"I wasn't even controlling it earlier. If I were to truly control it, then it should be like this..."

Before he finished his words, the stars on the surface shot out silver light which was ten times brighter. It then shot up into the skies like a light pillar, completely encompassing Manny's body.

Amidst his terrified cries, Manny, who was now covered in blood, tried to land outside the arena. Before he did so, his fists clenched together tightly again.

Hoult's countenance turned slightly pale when his gravity was shifted to the opposite direction in that brief instant. He shot up into the air like a rocket.

Manny continued to float slightly in mid-air, and his bloody face broke into a smile.

Even if Hoult were able to come back at a later time, the strong gales high up in the air and the atmosphere had already have sent him flying out of the arena. It was impossible for him to return to his original position.

This was Manny's last resort.

"Have I won?" Manny stared at the black dot, which became increasingly smaller in the sky. He felt Hoult had already left his area of control.

Next, Hoult's speed would decrease gradually, and he would then start to descend. At the same time, he would be blown off course by the strong gales and out of the battle coliseum.

Just as Manny was thinking of this, a weird gleam flashed past Hoult's eyes while he was in the air.

The Killing technique, Astral Bodies Projectile, was activated.