Chapter 228 Compare (Part I)

 Chapter 228 Compare (Part I)

Seeing the door open, Devitt smiled and said, "Alright, as per the regulations, you guys can take turns showing us your results, starting from the one with the most comprehended to the one with the least."

Things were arranged this way to allow the examiners to compare and judge the students' degrees of comprehension more easily.

In the hall, everyone turned their gazes to Fang Xingjian. By right, he should be the first one to go out.

However, the old man waved his hand and said, "It's fine. The rest of you can go first. Let me talk to this lad." He looked toward Fang Xingjian with a burning gaze and said, "You're really not going to consider it? Let me tell you, I have a set of Killing technique that allows one to become four people, easily increasing the practitioner's battle prowess by four times."

Hoult and the others smiled helplessly. Eventually, Hoult was the first one to step out.

Amidst everyone's gazes, Hoult was the first to appear. This represented that he had attained the highest level of comprehension this time around. Everyone took this as the natural and logical order of things.

Having inherited the teachings of a Divine level expert, there was no doubt of his talent.

Devitt also smiled as he watched Hoult in anticipation, saying, "Great, Hoult, you have not disappointed me. Quick, show us how many levels of the mysteries you have comprehended."

Hoult's countenance was a bit off, but he did not say anything. He merely nodded, his thoughts twitching slightly, and spots of light appeared all over his body and four circles of light appeared on his back.

As the many circles of light appeared on his back, everyone's expression turned from mild surprise to utter astonishment.

"Four circles of light? Doesn't that mean he has comprehended five levels of the mysteries?"

"He attained a breakthrough to the fifth level of the Pantheon Monument's mysteries? God, the highest record was Governor Devitt's fourth level, right? To think that he has reached the fifth level?"

"Hoult is truly favored by the gods. This is amazing, too amazing..."

A commotion broke out amongst the crowd.

Looking at this scene, a hint of delight flashed past Devitt's face. He smiled and said, "Excellent, excellent, excellent. The Heavens has shown its blessing on Sinkoda. To think that after I had attained a breakthrough to the fourth level, there would be someone who would reach the fifth level, breaking the record once again."

He looked at Hoult, full of admiration, and said, "Hoult, you really have not let me down. Your talent is so great, it leaves one speechless. Amongst all the geniuses in the world, you're already considered one of the best. How is it? Is the fifth level the last one?" He looked at Hoult with a face full of curiosity and agitation.

Hearing his words, the other three examiners also nodded as they looked at Hoult in admiration. It was if they were looking at an unrivalled piece of raw jade, hoping to take him under their wings and carefully polish him so that he could exude a brilliant dazzle in the future.

They had initially thought that, with so many geniuses stimulating and competing with each other in this year's Regional Selection, there might be people who would be able to attain further breakthroughs under the pressure. However, they had thought that it would be amazing enough to be able to match Governor Devitt's fourth level. How could they have possibly known that there would be people who could reach the fifth level? It was simply miraculous.

However, thinking about how he was the grand disciple of the Astral Ancestor, they shook their heads in pity.

'It's a pity... If only he didn't have a Master...'

Hearing that and thinking of Fang Xingjian who had yet to come out, Hoult smiled bitterly and shook his head, "Lord Devitt, you're too generous with your praises. However, there are still mysteries after the fifth level... I, myself, was not able to comprehend them."

"These praises are all well deserved." Devitt thought that he was acting humble as he waved his hand, saying, "You've done well to be able to reach the fifth level. There will probably be no one capable of surpassing you in a long time. You're truly deserving of the first place in this stage."

Hoult's expression was awkward, but he did not say anything. He merely smiled bitterly and shook his head.

A large group of young girls cheered from the crowd, shooting burning gazes as if they wanted to roast Hoult.

"Young master Hoult is the best!"

"That's of course! Otherwise, how could he have been accepted under the wing of a Divine level expert? His talent is definitely the best in this year's Regional Selection."

"Fifth level? This has broken Lord Devitt's previous record! It's a new record! And how old was Lord Devitt back then? He was almost forty! How old is Hoult now?"

These girls were all young, aristocratic ladies who adored Hoult. They were now cheering loudly, as if there was no one around them, causing great dissatisfaction to the people around them.

However, they did not care about this. It was as if they eyes were filled with nothing but Hoult. No one noticed that Hoult appeared to be slightly awkward.

Devitt frowned, but continued to ask, "Since you've already comprehended the fifth level, Hoult, let me ask you... Are you willing to share your explication with us? We will exchange the information with something of an equivalent value."

Toward this, Hoult had long thought of the perfect reply. He shook his head and said, "I'm sorry. This method concerns my master's and grandmaster's martial arts secrets. I can't share it."

All of the spectators outside the hall had expressions of shock and envy as they looked at the four circles of light behind Hoult.

Tresia's Xiu Yi sighed, "To think that he has comprehended the fifth level of the Pantheon Monument's mysteries. To be accepted under the wing of a Divine level expert, this Hoult is truly a genius blessed by the heavens. This has become the highest record in the past two hundred years."

Next to him, his younger martial brother, Zhou Yong, also said, "Seems like Hoult is the one with the greatest rewards from the Pantheon Monument. Fifth level of the Pantheon Monument... just how talented is he?"

Kirst's City Lord also sighed and shook his head. "Amazing, really amazing. Back then, I was already seen as a genius for comprehending the second level. Now, compared to Hoult, the difference is truly enormous.

"I wonder what level Xingjian was able to comprehend. With his talent, the third level should not be a problem. I'm just curious if he was able to reach the fourth level. It's a pity, truly a pity... If Xingjian had inherited the legacy of a Divine level expert as well, he would probably be able to catch up to Hoult."

When he said this, a young, golden-haired aristocrat lady looked over and said to Kirst's City Lord with a displeased expression, "Aren't you thinking too highly of Fang Xingjian? How can he compare to our Hoult?"

She then looked at Hoult adoringly and said, "Hoult is the grand disciple of a Divine level expert, comes from a distinguished background, and has a strong foundation. The difference between his talent and Fang Xingjian's is practically the distance of ten streets! What right do you guys have to compare our Hoult with Fang Xingjian?

"Do you know how much hard work Hoult puts in? Do you know how difficult it is for him?"

Kirst's City Lord frowned and said, "You're Hoult's kin?"

"How could I possibly be Young Master Hoult's kin?" The young lady continued, "As long as he can cast a glance in my direction later, I'll be satisfied."

Lilia immediately turned and glared at the golden-haired young aristocrat lady, but Kirst's City Lord stopped her and shook his head. He could not be bothered with that young aristocrat lady. He knew that it was useless to say anything to die-hard fans like her.

When the audience heard Hoult mention that he had used the Astral Ancestor's legacy to attain a breakthrough to the fifth level, a hint of understanding and acceptance flashed in their eyes.