Chapter 224 Pantheon Monument Observation (Part III)

 Chapter 224 Pantheon Monument Observation (Part III)

Fang Xingjian tried once again to recall, bit by bit, the star charts he had seen in his geography class.

There had been a total of four star charts, with each representing the stars in each respective season: spring; summer; autumn; and winter. As the memory was from too long ago, Fang Xingjian's memory of many of the details on the star charts were not very clear.

Therefore, in order to complete the star charts on the Pantheon Monument, he had to recall the finest details of the Earth's star charts.

His brain started to circulate intensively as streams of bioelectromagnetic currents stimulated the nerves in his brain continuously, presenting the information from the many shattered pieces of his memory to him.

"You don't belong to our Fang Clan!"

"You're a b*stard illegitimate child!"

"Beat him up! Everyone beat him up together!"

Fang Xingjian's brows furrowed together. However, he did not stop and simply continued to dig through his memory, searching for the many pieces of memories left behind from his past.

"Grandmother, I'd like to pick up martial arts."

"Martial arts? Who brought up martial arts to you? Why would you have this idea?"

"I... I saw that Uncle keeps practicing his martial arts."

"... Forget about picking up martial arts. I'll send you to school from tomorrow onward. Study well and your future will be a hundred times better than if you were to pick up martial arts. Don't think about martial arts so often.

"One more thing. In the future, don't come to my study. You don't even have any basic manners."

Fang Xingjian let out a long exhale as he continued to dig through his memory shards. However, his fists clenched tightly without him realising it, and his breath grew heavier as well.

"Fang Xingjian, don't you change your clothes?"

"I... I only have this set of clothes."

"Haha, he stinks! Everyone, don't get close to him. Otherwise, we'll also stink from his stench!"

Fang Xingjian pressed down hard on his forehead and felt that the memory shards, which he thought he had long forgotten, were now gushing forth, letting him experience the sadness, anger and vengeance which he had been through in the past.

Finally, his consciousness seemed to enter deep into his memories, to a part which he had never attempted to recall so strongly before.

"Are you sure it's this?"

"The results for the seventh season have already been decided. What difference is it going to make even if we choose?"

Fang Xingjian clenched both his fists tightly as clashing sounds of blades seemed to be ringing out around him. 'Whose voice is this? Why is there this voice in my memory?'

The next moment, Fang Xingjian let out a deep breath, temporarily putting this strange memory in his consciousness aside. It was because he had completely uncovered the memories relating to the star charts of the four seasons, including all the details about all the constellations on the charts.

The time he had taken to recall everything took Fang Xingjian a whole two hours. To outsiders, he merely appeared as though he was standing before the Pantheon Monument, contemplating.

However, two hours had passed by, and Anderson had comprehended to the second level, while Hoult had approached the Pantheon Monument with his inherited Myriad Star Palace legacy and stepped into the third level. Streams of white light gathered on his back, forming another circle of light.

With the help of Heaven's Perception, Wei Leng had also stepped into the second level of comprehension.

Rota looked at the contents on the monument without panicking. Manny frowned occasionally and smiled occasionally, seeming to have entered at a crucial point for attaining a breakthrough.

David was breaking out in sweat but still showed no signs of attaining any breakthrough. However, he also calmed down gradually, even appearing to be slightly at ease. It was because although he had not attained any breakthrough with regards to the Pantheon Monument, neither did Fang Xingjian.

He saw Fang Xingjian standing there, feeling sad at times and feeling angry at times. Fang Xingjian was even clenching his fists occasionally, yet showed no signs of comprehending anything. Seeing this, David felt like laughing.

After all, even if he could not comprehend the Pantheon Monument, it would be fine if Fang Xingjian was in the same plight.

The old man, who was guarding the monument, also shook his head to himself when he saw Fang Xingjian. He had received news earlier that a seventeen-year-old genius, who had attained Heaven's Perception, was participating in this year's Regional Selection. However, looking at how things were now, this lad was still too anxious and was not calm enough mentally. When he noticed other people were comprehending the Pantheon Monument in turns, he appeared to feel grief, anger, and anxiety.

If this were to go on, he would only end up unable to calm himself down to focus on the comprehension, resulting in him failing the Regional Selection.

Therefore, the old man planned to advise Fang Xingjian and give him some pointers for him to keep a calm mind and try again.

However, just then, a hint of light appeared around Fang Xingjian.

Fang Xingjian had finally completed the last part of the star charts, and immediately, the image of the Pantheon Monument in his mind shone brilliantly as countless information gushed toward him. He seemed to be able to see countless stars circulating around their orbits for ten thousands, hundred thousands or even millions of years.

"Between heaven and earth, power rules.

"Between various powers, astral reigns supreme.

"Amongst all the powers between heaven and earth, the forces of the stars are the most violent, greatest, strongest, toughest, and the most supreme."

Fang Xingjian seemed to hear a man's voice, then a new skill appeared in his Stats Window gradually-Astral Powers.

"So, he ended up comprehending?" The old man looked at the spots of light around Fang Xingjian and nodded, breaking into a satisfied smile. He then wanted to turn to look at Hoult, eager to see if Hoult could breakthrough and reach the fourth level of comprehension.

However, at the next moment, his eyes were wide-open and his mouth agape. It was as if his eyeballs would pop out any moment.

Suddenly, a circle of light appeared above Fang Xingjian's head. He had broken through once again, stepping into the second level of comprehension.

Fang Xingjian then took a step forward and his body floated up slowly. Streams of light formed on his back, and he opened his mouth slightly, saying, "Between heaven and earth, power rules."

The next moment, a light circle formed behind his head. Fang Xingjian had suddenly broken through and attained the third level of comprehension.

"How is this possible?" The old man look at this scene in disbelief. He had never seen anyone able to break through three levels at one go.

From afar, Anderson, Hoult and Wei Leng also stopped what they were doing and looked at Fang Xingjian as though they were looking at a monster.

In his heart, David was screaming out loud. He rubbed his eyes continuously, as if he could not believe what he was seeing.

Rota, Manny and all the other examinees also looked over at Fang Xingjian because his rate of breakthrough was simply too astonishing. To think that he had managed to comprehend three levels of the mysteries at one go.

However, amidst everyone's horrified gazes, spots of light started to form at Fang Xingjian's shoulders once again.

Endless kacha kacha sounds could be heard. Those spots of light formed into a new circle of light as though they had shape and texture and floated on Fang Xingjian's shoulders.

He had broken through to the fourth level of the mysteries!

However, in Fang Xingjian's consciousness, countless pieces of information were still swarming into his brain. He then accepted them all with his astonishing talent, determination, and comprehension ability.