Chapter 219 Contention for the Top Tier (Part V)

 Chapter 219 Contention for the Top Tier (Part V)

However, in the next moment, Xiu Yi shook his head and thought to himself, 'Fang Xingjian is not an idiot. If he really can't handle it, he'll definitely give up.

'But that's good too. If he were to fail the Regional Selection, he won't be able to go through the second transition and become a Conferred Knight. When that happens, it'll be easier for Lord Adri to deal with Fang Xingjian when he comes.'

Lilia, Kirst's City Lord, Ferdinand and the others were all wearing astonished expressions when they saw this scene.

Most of the people in the spectator stands did not think that Fang Xingjian would turn out well either.

"One level 21 and four level 20 ferocious beasts... Fang Xingjian is done for."

"But if he were to use that move from yesterday, shouldn't he have a chance to kill the Colossal Armed Ape?"

"So what if he can kill it? Did you guys see how tired Fang Xingjian was after using that move yesterday? How would he be able to deal with the remaining four level 20 ferocious beasts with his remaining physical strength?"

The Colossal Armed Ape was truly too powerful. With just a punch, it could cause more than ten ferocious beasts to explode at a distance. With a casual dash, it would be able to leave the passageway, which spanned over a hundred meters in length, without a single trace of corpses or bones. All the ferocious beasts it passed by would simply be smashed into paste.

It ran furiously all the way. There was not a single ferocious beast which could delay the Colossal Armed Ape by even a single second.

Its body was as sturdy as an Empire's Divine Weapon. It had a terrifying strength of over 200 points, and its hands were covered with layers of crystallized material, which meant they had a toughness comparable to an armor at the level of the Inferior Divine Weapon.

This was a level 21 ferocious beast. They might not have the unfathomable and powerful Killing techniques Conferred Knights had, but they had the most terrifying and most violent physical attributes and tenaciousness.

Looking at how the Colossal Armed Ape knocked away the waves of beasts before it as it headed toward Fang Xingjian much like a tank charging recklessly, Kirst's City Lord, Lilia and Ferdinand all had their countenances turn grim.

Additionally, as the spectators on the platform saw the Colossal Armed Ape's performance on the way, they thought even worse of Fang Xingjian's ending.

In that moment, the Colossal Armed Ape went up to the four level 20 ferocious beasts. One of them had three heads: a lion's; a tiger's; and a wolf's. It also had claws like that of a lizard. It was a terrifying monster which was over six meters tall; this was the level 20 ferocious beast, Lion Tiger Beast.

However, such a massive creature, when faced with the Colossal Armed Ape, actually retreated while shivering. The Colossal Armed Ape did not let it go and instead, charged right up to it with its palm spread out, reaching out to grab the Lion Tiger Beast's tail.

Faced with such an attack, although the Lion Tiger Beast was terrified, there was no way that it would stay there and await death's arrival. With a furious bellow, all three of its head opened their big mouths, shooting out fire, cold wind and acid respectively.

The Colossal Armed Ape merely let out a huge bellow and let the flames and cold wind brush across its body as if it had merely taken a shower. The acid dripped on its body but did not leave a single wound either.

Instead, the Colossal Armed Ape grabbed the Lion Tiger Beast's body with a fierce tug. As its arms swelled up, it tossed the over fifty ton Lion Tiger Beast into the air, throwing it away from out as if it was rubbish.

A huge boom rang out. After being tossed violently, the Lion Tiger Beast was slapped down onto the ground like a flat pancake. A series of explosions burst from its body as its three heads wailed, spitting out large mouthfuls of blood.

Its tail had also been torn into two pieces, unable to withstand the Colossal Armed Ape's tremendous strength.

Just one move alone and a level 20 ferocious beast was settled. After the Colossal Armed Ape had injured the Lion Tiger Beast heavily, it let out an excited cry and tossed away the broken tail in its hand as it pounced onto the Lion Tiger Beast.

Boom, boom, boom, boom! It landed punch after punch on the Lion Tiger Beast. Its fists were like two piledrivers, smashing onto the Lion Tiger Beast's body in a crazed manner. Under such a tremendous force, it was as though there was a magnitude 5 earthquake within a hundred meter radius. If it were not for the fact that the maze was sturdy enough amidst the crazy tremors, a large part of it would have collapsed.

After smashing up the Lion Tiger Beast's body into a paste, the Colossal Armed Ape bellowed excitedly. Covered in meat sauce and blood, it banged on its chest continuously with its fists.

In the next moment, it charged toward Fang Xingjian with a light leap.

On Fang Xingjian's side, the ground between ten to twenty meters away from him was already covered in pools of blood, with the corpses piling up to three meter high. The many beasts all continued to step on the corpses and pounce toward Fang Xingjian.

Then when the new pile of corpses had piled up high enough, the monsters behind would be able to pounce toward Fang Xingjian from a closer distance.

These beasts were using their lives to create piles of corpses as they inched toward Fang Xingjian bit by bit.

At the same time, the Colossal Armed Ape charged in recklessly at an increasing speed. In the blink of an eye, it had surpassed the speed of sound, but it continued to accelerate, charging over as if it was a missile.

Fang Xingjian changed his will and ten streams of Ether Sword Ripples, with 2.5 times that of his strength and ten times that of supersonic speed, slashed out in all directions, turning all the surrounding corpses into dust. The effect of the high temperature had even set most of the corpses alight in that instant, gradually turning them into a pile of ashes.

As he cleared up the surrounding corpses, Fang Xingjian then continued to swing the Styx in his hand slowly. The casual movement was in fact extremely fast. Any ferocious beast which appeared within a ten-meter radius would all be slashed and killed instantaneously without any exceptions.

This area within the ten-meter radius was where his Heaven's Perception was active. To him, every subtle detail was extremely clear. With such a powerful sensing ability and his amazing speed, Fang Xingjian allowed nothing to surpass this line of defense.

However, on the other end, the Colossal Armed Ape's speed had accelerated to reach three times that of supersonic speed. It had covered a lot of ground within 0.3 seconds, and it only took a short instant for it to appear before Fang Xingjian.

When it transcended the speed of sound, all the spectators gasped.

They all became conscious of a problem-Fang Xingjian was blind. If the Colossal Armed Ape transcended the speed of sound, it would be able to dash within Fang Xingjian's ten-meter radius before he would be able to discover it.

This meant that Fang Xingjian would only be able to notice the Colossal Armed Ape when it entered his ten-meter radius.

It was a ferocious beast with a height of three meters and could send something which weighed tens of tons flying with just a casual slap. It also had a body which was impenetrable by blades and spears, as though it was an Empire's Divine Weapon. How dangerous and terrifying would it be to have such a creature enter within his ten-meter radius at a speed that transcended sound?

Moreover, how difficult would it be for him to react within these mere ten meters, then push back and kill the Colossal Armed Ape? Would Fang Xingjian really be able to do it?

In the 0.3 of a second in which the Colossal Armed Ape had surpassed the speed of sound, the entire audience tensed up. However, the time was too short and only a brief change appeared in their expressions. They had not had the time to say a single word before the Colossal Armed Ape was already just about to enter Fang Xingjian's ten-meter radius.

Lilia's gaze was filled with worry while Kirst's City Lord's gaze was filled with solemnity, and Ferdinand appeared to be slightly lacking in confidence.

Elation started to fill up the gaze of Tresia Clan's Xiu Yi.

Even Governor Devitt, who was in the air, was fully prepared to save Fang Xingjian.

However, in the next moment when the Colossal Armed Ape had reached four times that of supersonic speed and was about to enter Fang Xingjian's ten-meter radius, at a speed which would allow it to tear up a Knight within 0.1 seconds, Fang Xingjian showed everyone just what true speed was.