Chapter 218 Contention for the Top Tier (Part IV)

 Chapter 218 Contention for the Top Tier (Part IV)

Hoult, as the Astral Ancestor's grand disciple, appeared very much at ease. Since he had the best skills among all one hundred Knights, the space he had chosen was also bigger.

The level 29 Superior Divine Weapon 'Crimson Fire' in his hand had transformed into a huge dragon made of high-temperature flames which were hundreds of meters long, and which had encompassed the surfaces around him.

Any ferocious beasts which came within a thirty meter radius of him turned into balls of fire, crying out in agony as they rolled on the ground. This was the power of a level 29 Superior Divine Weapon. It was almost as if he had the help of a Conferred Knight.

He could even see through the huge flame dragon's eyes, witnessing first-hand what was happening far away.

With this Crimson Fire Divine Weapon alone, Hoult could exercise control over it to allow it to move around through the entire maze, and could kill any of the ferocious beasts. He could even create unimaginable obstacles for the other examinees.

Moreover, Hoult had not even used his strongest Killing technique.

However, he did not do so. He merely stroked the head of the Crimson Fire, his lips curled upward as he smiled, and said to himself, 'This is how the Regional Selection should be, with people competing both physically and intellectually. How boring would it be if one were to clear everything in a single sweep?'


There were people who were handling the competition with ease and who could make it till the end even if they were to stand there without moving. However, there were also people who were going crazy while handling the waves of attacks from the beasts.


Bellowing, Shadow Death God Anderson swung his Shadow Tooth about, creating streams of black-colored afterimages, slashing down ferocious beasts one after another. His speed was extremely fast and he was very accurate. His weapon, the Shadow Tooth, also had the ability to transform energy into a spinning force. With just a light touch, immediately, any ferocious beast's skin and flesh would be badly torn, bloody wounds appearing all over their bodies.

Although he could kill tens of ferocious beasts with great ease just using his Shadow Tooth and basic techniques, Anderson did seem to be relaxed in the least. It was because he could see densely packed ferocious beasts from afar, jamming up the entire maze's passageways as they came over like strong gushing waves.

There were even various ferocious beasts which had climbed up onto the walls of the maze.

Level 12 huge wolf, level 15 violent big bear, level 19 clouded leopard... Densely-packed ferocious beasts were bellowing maniacally, charging ahead non-stop with glaring blood-shot eyes. What made Anderson broke out in cold sweat was that, behind the waves of monsters, there was a monster that looked like the combination of a lion and tiger, encompassed by electricity. It was slowly heading toward him. It was five meters in height and ten meters in length, and its head had already exceeded the height of the maze.

It was a level 20 ferocious beast - Thunderous Roar.


"What on earth is going on?!

"Why are all the ferocious beasts swarming in my direction?!"

Anderson obviously did not know that, because his spot was the closest to Fang Xingjian's, the pressure he was under was the greatest, following Fang Xingjian.

And since the Shadow Death God did not excel in combat against a group, he had to exert even more strength than usual when dealing with all these ferocious beasts.

The ice dragons in the air dashed toward the surface, one after another, able to, with just a fling of their bodies, turn a hundred or so ferocious beasts into meat sauce. They were retrieving a few examinees near Fang Xingjian.

In fact, other than Fang Xingjian and Anderson, all the other examinees who had been located near to the center of the maze had either lost their combat abilities, or had simply given up.

They were among the lower-ranked in the first stage to begin with, and naturally, it was impossible for them to fend off these waves of ferocious beasts.

On the platform, Lilia gritted her teeth and said, "This damned David, to think that he would use such despicable means! I'm going to cut off his balls and stuff them into his mouth!"

Cold sweat started dripping down the back of Kirst's City Lord's head. Ferdinand and the others also unconsciously took a step back, mumbling to themselves, 'Without Fang Xingjian around, this Lilia has once again become the violent girl she used to be. No... She's even more violent now.'

However, Ferdinand was starting to worry. He looked in the direction of the maze and saw that Fang Xingjian was holding onto Styx, and with a few casual swings, he kept sending hundreds of sword Qis in all directions, keeping almost all the ferocious beasts ten meters away from him.

If any of the ferocious beasts who were a bit stronger managed to get within ten meters from him, streams of formless slashes instantaneously cut them into pieces.

However, even so, everyone could tell that the spots where the beasts were getting killed slowly got nearer and nearer to Fang Xingjian. The area of a ten-meter radius around Fang Xingjian was also being piled up into small mountains of flesh as the tremendous corpses were piling up.

In the blink of an eye, the beasts' corpses rose a meter in height. If this went on, even if Fang Xingjian could persist, he would also be drowned by the corpses.

Moreover, everyone knew that Fang Xingjian's stamina was not limitless, nor could he casually perform that many formless slashes.

And what was worse was that a few hundreds meters away, four level 20 ferocious beasts were following behind the other beasts, observing Fang Xingjian as they drew closer and closer.

"Four level 20 ferocious beasts." Looking at this scene, even Ferdinand, who was extremely confident in Fang Xingjian, could not help but worry. "Four level 20 ferocious beasts... Even a level 20 Conferred Knight would probably need to spend quite a lot of effort to deal with them. Xingjian should be able to deal with one, but as for the other three...

"The most troublesome ones are the ferocious beasts which are level 20 and above, those which actually have some intellect, and are unlike ordinary ferocious beasts which only know how to charge and bite recklessly."

Just then, the crowd gasped again. A black-colored silhouette charged up into the air. Three ice dragons started to close in on it, and the black shadow collided against the them. With a loud Boom! as if a thunder had just rung out of nowhere, the three dragons were sent flying away, tumbling, only managing to stop once they were tens of meters away.

That black shadow had also landed onto the ground like a meteor, smashing onto the surface of the maze with a stifled boom.

If not because the maze had been made by the Divine level expert, the Melancholic Monarch, thus being indestructible, this attack would probably have resulted in an earthquake, and it probably would have made a large crater on the ground.

That black shadow touched its head, and in the next moment, fury flashed in its eyes as it leaped up the walls of the maze, banging on its chest furiously while facing the sky, bellowing furiously.

From its mouth, it released waves that were visible to the naked eye. Even from far away, the spectators on the platform felt discomfort in their eardrums.

It went to show what a great lung capacity that black shadow had, to exhale with such power!

And it was then when everyone recognized what it was. It was a monster fully covered in black-colored fur, and its appearance was very much like that of a gorilla.

The monster was three meters tall, each of its legs as thick and strong as steel pillars. One of the biggest difference between the monster and a regular gorilla was the fact that there was a circle of flames around its neck, like a scarf. Another difference was that it had a pair of extremely large and thick pams, covered with layers of crystallized materials.

"That's the Colossal Armed Ape! A level 21 ferocious beast! Is that the only level 21 ferocious beast in the maze?"

"It's so strong! To think that it can go against three of the Governor's ice dragons and still survive!"

"It must have wanted to escape earlier, but was stopped by the Governor."

Just then, the Colossal Armed Ape stopped its bellows, as if it knew that there was no way it could escape. Extreme fury flashed in its eyes as it turned toward Fang Xingjian.

With a deep sniff, it raged with a deafening bellow at the skies, then charged ahead furiously.

"Look! Its dashing toward Fang Xingjian!"

Tresia Clan's Xiu Yi could not contain his smile. It was as if he was already witnessing Fang Xingjian being torn up by the Colossal Armed Ape in his head.