Chapter 213 Rest

 Chapter 213 Rest

At first, both the people in the training grounds and those in the stands were all astonished by the earth-shattering impact caused by Fang Xingjian's attack. Each of them were considering how, had they been on the receiving end of that move, they probably would have died.

Following that, hearing the examiners' comments for Fang Xingjian, it was as if waves of explosions were continuously shaking them up.

Perfect! Would definitely become Divine level! Future grandmaster of sword arts! Looking forward to his performance in the National Selection!

They all sounded exaggerated, but only such praises without any hints of smooth talking could match up to Fang Xingjian's performance. Because such was the damaging prowess Fang Xingjian had instantaneously unleashed with more than a thousand swords.

Lilia waved her fist excitedly and said, "Teacher is really too cool!"

Kirst's City Lord sighed. Looking at the gleaming green eyes of the young aristocratic ladies around, he thought, 'Lili, with his, you'll have even more competitors now.' However, when he looked at Fang Xingjian, his gaze seemed to turn more and more into that of a mother-in-law who was looking at her future son-in-law. He felt more and more that Fang Xingjian was a good candidate.

Ferdinand exhaled and said, "This is really satisfying! To think that Xingjian still has this hidden up his sleeves. City Lord, if you were to be hit with this, would you be able to handle it?"

Kirst's Conferred Knight snorted disdainfully, replying, "Of course I can. But its prowess is sufficient to deal with some of the freshly transitioned Conferred Knights."

On the other end, Anderson was looking at Fang Xingjian in disbelief, shouting out crazily in his heart.

He could accept Hoult surpassing him, since Hoult had received the legacy of a Divine level expert, and since he also had a level 29 Superior Divine Weapon.

However, to think that Fang Xingjian suddenly jumped out and threw him far behind! Anderson, who was used to always being in the first place, felt emotionally unbalanced.

Ever since being old enough to know better, he had never once lost to anyone of his age. After he had transitioned into a Shadow Death God, he had not lost to any Knight. And for the past year he had been able to defeat any first transition opponent with a single move.

All of these had given him reasons to feel proud of himself. He had felt that no Knight would be able to face even a single attack from him. And even if there were any who could, they would already be considered as having earned the right to keep their lives.

However, to think that Fang Xingjian had won him overwhelmingly in terms of both damaging and explosive powers, the two areas he was the most proud of...

To Anderson, someone who had gotten used to the feeling of winning since young, and who was always the one to suppress others, this was too infuriating.

He only felt that everyone's praises for Fang Xingjian were mocking words targeting him. The four examiners' praises made him feel even worse.

'Hmph, just you wait. It's not as if the one with the strongest damaging prowess is the best.' Anderson snorted and thought to himself, 'See how I'll deal with you during the arena battle.

'One-on-one fighting is what my Shadow Death God excels in.'

Hoult, on the other hand, showed an unfathomable smile as he looked at Fang Xingjian and thought to himself, 'To think that I've come across such an interesting character this time around.

'It's a pity, a pity that he rejected the Holy Orison's invitation. Otherwise, he would have also had a chance to join our ranks.'

Even Wei Leng, who always looked as if nothing else in the world mattered to him, was looking at the scene before him in astonishment.

Let alone Rota, Hamil, Ralph, Manny and the others.

David clenched his fists tightly. Each comment given by the examiners made him feel horrible. He looked at the two Knights behind him, who were wearing strange expressions, showing signs of faltering, and then said coldly, "I'll add another one thousand gold for each of you and send all of you safely to the Sand Country in the west. Moreover, I'm not asking the two of you to flout the rules, nor to kill anyone. What are you so scared about?

"And don't forget, your families are in our hands."

Hearing his words, the two Knights exchanged a glance, then nodded helplessly.

David looked at Fang Xingjian coldly and thought viciously, 'You can stay arrogant for now, but you not for long. I'll get you well and truly eliminated when tomorrow comes.'

He then turned to look at Kirst's City Lord and Lilia who were on the stands, more hatred growing in his heart, 'Just you guys wait, you'll regret this, all of you. No one can remain unscathed after offending me.'

With that, the first stage ended with Fang Xingjian in the first position, Hoult in second, and Anderson in third. Only those in the top one hundred remained. They would stay in the Regional Academy for a day, and move on to the second stage tomorrow.

The remaining four hundred and twelve people were all eliminated, overcome by grief.

Some people dropped to their knees, falling on the floor with a thump. Others broke down in tears as they pleaded with the examiners.

There were also people who broke into laughter, taking a whole bag of money with the intention to flaunt it all through the night.

And people who quietly disappeared into the crowd.

Examinee number one walked up to his children in disappointment, touched their heads and said, "I'm sorry. To think that daddy couldn't even make it past the first stage. I'm really getting increasingly useless with age."

"That's not true, daddy." The young lady hugged the middle-aged man in tears and said, "In our eyes, you're the strongest!"

The young man said, "Father, don't worry. I'll participate next time around. I'll definitely make it past the Regional Selection."

The middle-aged man smiled and said, "Alright, alright, alright. Let's go back to the inn. Your mother must be getting anxious."

Four hundred and twelve people left dejectedly as the remaining one hundred people excitedly entered the building that the academy had prepared for them.

There was a total of three storeys in the building, with the accommodations on the second and third storeys. There was a total of fifty rooms, and two people would be sharing each room.

The first level was the bathroom and dining hall. Three meals would be provided each day.

Manny, Rota and the others all followed behind Fang Xingjian. Manny smiled and poked Fang Xingjian's chest, asking, "Dude, how did you do that? Don't tell me that you've started skill syntheses when your Heaven's Perception is only at a 10% ether synchronization rate?"

Fang Xingjian had long prepared his reply for such questions and said, "I did try a bit, got lucky and succeeded in a few."

Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, Manny and the others were all stunned. If they were in his shoes, with a mere 10% success rate, they would find it impossible to risk using the skills they had been cultivating for many years to go through skill syntheses.

Manny stuck up his thumb at Fang Xingjian and replied, "You're good."

When they reached the dormitory's entrance, Manny said, "Let's go and get some food. This is the Regional Academy's dining hall. Each of their dishes is made from ferocious beasts."

Hearing about food, Fang Xingjian's eyes lit up. His interest was piqued and he nodded, saying, "Then we'll have to taste them carefully."

Rota looked at Fang Xingjian, feeling weird. She could not see him as one who would have a desire for delicacies. She had always seen Fang Xingjian as a cultivating rock. She felt that in his life, there was nothing else but cultivating and killing for him.